Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Remember how I said I had a chook sitting on eggs and five weeks later there were still no chickens?    I left the shed door where I had her open and she came out and never went back in so I cleaned out the shed ready for next time.   That chook just went back in with the rest and wasn't wanting to sit any more.  As you would, after 5 weeks!   Anyway, in the meantime I had a grey chook sitting on some eggs and Baby, my raised from an egg Aracauna seemed to be wanting to get in that nest all the time too.  And the little black Aracauna was also sitting on a couple of eggs in another box... I wasn't sure about them though and kept taking them off, collecting eggs, forgetting for a bit and finally just left them to it thinking that I'd better move them out so that the other chooks wouldn't lay in those nest boxes...but I didn't, not for a long time anyway.  Finally last week I noticed that Baby was the only one in that box and she was very pecky when I went near her so in the dark of night I lifted her box and put her in the cleaned out shed and in my head wrote down a date a couple of weeks ahead.   The next day there were 2 chooks on the other clutch of eggs so I moved those 2 chooks and their 7 eggs into a nest outside of the main hen house.   Within a couple of days Baby had a chicken.  A couple if days later there were 2 more.  She left the other 4 eggs in the box and as they were cold and there was no sound coming from them I removed them.  Sowithin days of me moving her she had babies.  Seemed my dates were a tad off!  Then I notice 1 lone chick with the 2 black chooks.  It seemed to be with the Black Aracauna while the other chook stayed in the nest on 5 eggs.   This afternoon I was out there feeding them and there is another chicken.  One chook was still sitting on eggs and this new chicken was out with the first chicken.  There is a noticeable size difference, as there would be seeing as there is 3 days between them.  I'm hoping that over the next week a few more will hatch and survive but this is not a good way of doing things.  I need to keep a better eye on them and move the clucky chooks and their eggs out so that the eggs are the same age and not being added too over the weeks that I leave them.  That is not good.  Some of these eggs could be a week or more older than the ones that have hatched and it is possible that the chook will leave the eggs and the chickens may be left to die unhatched...I hope not but I haven't managed things very well at all.

But, as of tonight I have 5 chickens, 3 with Baby in the shed and 2 with the other Aracauna.  And some unhatched eggs in the same enclosure in the same nest ...but with a different chook sitting on them...Fingers crossed it will turn out alright for them all.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mowing and Marron.

We have had a productive day with mowing and whippersnippering getting done.  We are having another get-together here next Sunday and even though we had one at the beginning of December and I managed to get it all done then it was still a big job today.  Husband used the ride-on and did the dam area while I used the self propelled mower to do around the house and whippersnipped the edges.  This mower mucks my hands and arms up big time and I am real sore tonight but daughter and her fella were out here earlier and it gave her something to make fun of so it's not all bad.  

They, everyone but me, spent the evening catching marron and putting them in the purging tank so that they will be all clean for eating next week. We then had tea, supplied by T and a big thanks to her for that and then a few hands of cards before they left.  A good day.    Husband has just come in after a last pull of the nets and says that there are heaps of different sized marron out there so that's good.  He says that there are heaps of frogs around the dam too so it shows that the place is good and safe for wildlife and that is a main reason  I don't want to use poisons...I love having all the frogs in different areas even if they do make me squeal when they jump in front of me...Another reason for keeping the grass mowed short, when snakes come in for a feed of frog I want to be able to see them...

We're away for a few days soon so I am a bit worried about the seedlings I have planted...I will water and mulch before we go and keep my fingers crossed they survive a couple of days without a drink...With a bit of shadecloth over them they may be alright.  Fingers crossed anyway.  I'm hoping the new chickens will be OK too but will have to remember to set up extra water for them before we leave.  They should be right for food as they all have outside areas to scratch in and I will put out food for them but water is the important thing for them.    Might have to call on T to come out and check on things...If she reads this I might not have to call...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Today I Will Plant...

I am supposed to be outside getting the gardens ready to plant the seedlings I bought last week.  I'm not though.  I have been and will be but right now?  No.  Not there.  I am in here eating pavlova for breakfast.  I will make a veg smoothie soon so that I feel better about it. 

I keep thinking that the gardens are next to useless at the moment but I don't get out there and get them fixed.  Bad gardener!   But!  Today is the day.  Today I will get them sorted and the seedlings planted.    I need to if I plan on having my smoothies each day and if I don't want to take pills then I will need the potions. 

Looking around out there we can still get a decent feed from my unloved gardens.  We could have potato, sweet potato, onion, tomatoes, capsicum, chillies, cabbage.  Mix it all with eggs and we'd be feeding ourselves, no problems.  The problem starts when husband wants a salad or I decide that I want healthy smoothies and there isn't any spinach growing.  Nor silverbeet.  No kale either.  No zucchini, no cucumber, no salad stuff at all.  And it's Summer!  Where is all my salad food?   Luckily a friend gave us a box of veg as he was going to be away for a few days, husband brought some leftover veg home from his work and darling daughter left half a watermelon here.   We have a few apples that are ripe, a few ripe oranges still on the tree plus heaps in the freezer...the boysenberries are being picked every day as are the strawberries.  And some of the grapes are ready to pick too.  We have plenty of food and there is no need to go to the shops at all but there is a great need for me to get out and plant if we want to be eating from here next year.  So, in saying that...

What do you have growing?   Is there anything that you grow enough of and have no need to buy?   Tell me about your garden please.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busy Time Of Year...

I've not had a computer all week...don't ya hate that!  I thought that I would too but actually it was OK, boring at night with just the TV but I had lots of time during the day, when I was home, and managed to get quite a bit done.

One job I am happy to say is finished, or near enough, is the sorting of my shoes.  The basket has finally been sorted, only took me a few months.   Blimey, what a lot of shoes I had crammed in there.  No wonder it was an effort to get it in and out from under the bed where it is kept...much easier now.  I still have an outside cupboard with too many pairs in it and will work on that over the next few weeks.  Or months...Whatever.

I have been through a few cupboards and taken another pile of stuff down to Vinnies with another lot ready to go to the FreeMarkets on Saturday.  Still more to go of course and the decluttering will be an ongoing thing for quite a bit longer.   I can't really tell where the stuff has gone from which is a bit sad but I supose in time I will start to see the difference.

I've not done enough out in the gardens and feeling cranky with myself because of that, again still! but have promised myself that I wll get stuck into it again next year.    I've not done any of the sewing that needs doing and there is still too much cleaning to do but I am hopeful that some of it will be done before our next get together lunch here.  That gives me a couple of weeks...

The coffee and cake with some women from the Meetup group I joined last week went well.  I met some really interesting women and hope to get together with them again next month.  

The lunch we had here on the 8th went well.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and a few want to know when the next one will be...

Vinnies had their Hamper Day today so I have spend most of the day in town with a dozen others helping give Christmas Hampers out.  It was my first year doing this and seeing as I didn't get too cranky with it all I think I will help again next year.  After getting back from that I  drove down to Harvey to pick up the computer...Sadly, it looks like I am going to be on here too much again...

It's school holidays here and that means the childcare work is back on so that will keep me busy for a couple of weeks...seems like I am going to have quite a bit on for the next few weeks so for someone that says they never go anywhere or do anything...I wont be able to say that for the next month or so...

I want to do some write-ups on different places that we have been lately so hopefully I don't forget to do that.  It will be a record of where we go and if  we think it's worth going again.  I already have a list with a few places on it so need to get started on that soon.

And of course there is mowing, chook yards, weeding to do.  I broke *my* mower so that will make the mowing less enjoyable...I will need to use the ride-on and the self propelled one but I don't like them as much.  Still, it's what I have so will need to suck it up and just do it. 

I'm at Vinnies tomorrow, FreeMarkets on Saturday, out Monday, working all day Tuesday...Might be able to get stuck into it all sometime towards next week...

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I recently read on SS about a site called Meetup that is all about, wait for it... people meeting up.   Strangers meeting up with other strangers.  For coffee, dinner, a movie, walking, fun weekends, art and crafts, just about anything.  Some of the Meetup groups have hundreds of members, some only a few.  And I daresay, some of those strangers would become friends.  That can't be bad.

http://www.meetup.com is world wide but there are no groups in my town nor the 2 towns closest to me.  A few over in Mandurah though and I liked the sound of one of them so I joined up.  They are having coffee and cake in Barragup one morning soon and I am hoping that I get up enough guts to actually go.  I'm always whinging about having no friends and never going anywhere so if I don't take advantage of this group I'll have no-one to blame but myself.  The place where they are going, Decadent C's, is not on my list of places that I want to go to, I have actually read about it and heard from someone that has been and decided that it wasn't for me but this will give me a chance to give them a chance. 

Has anyone here heard of this site?  Is anyone a member?   Have a look at it and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What's Up? Not a lot...

I figure it's about time that I came on here and wrote something but my life is boring, my gardens are empty...what to write, what to say...
It's December already.  How did that happen so quick.   

I'm a bit cranky with myself, again.    I have been reading blogs, about people doing things, going places, growing stuff, living in tidy and clean houses, making lots of cool stuff to make their clean and tidy homes nicer...I read, want to do the same, don't.   So my house is not clean or tidy, I don't have enough food growing to feed us, I haven't been on any adventures...

So, what is happening here, what have I done......Not a lot. 
Apricots are falling from the tree and it is a constant job picking them up.  For the first time we have fruitfly in them and it's a bleedin' shame that more than half of the 2 trees we have will end up as chookfood.  The other half are being scraped of maggots fruit fly larvae, soaked in a bowl of water to get the hidden ones out and nuked in the microwave for me to eat.  Want some?  Seems that some people think that I am manky for doing this but I wouldn't get any if I didn't do this and that wouldn't be good.  The ones that are too maggoty are cooked up for the chooks.  

We're not eating much from the gardens, I didn't plant enough and what I did plant didn't grow as well as usual...Too many slaters, not enough looking after, the gardener was/is too slack...Next year she better be better or I might have to sack her and it's always sad when you have to sack yourself...

I have a clucky chook sitting on 7 or 8 eggs and I thought that they were supposed to hatch last weekend but she is still sitting so I now hope that I had the dates wrong.   And there are 2 other chooks that are clucky too so I will need to get them sorted and separated sometime this week.

The yards are looking pretty good, husband did a big clean-up last week and now I just need to keep on top of the mowing and to clean up after myself and they should look good all the time...Yeah. Hmmm, lets see how I go with that!  One idea that I have to make myself keep on top of it is to ask people around for lunch now and again.  I have plans for that so hope I stick with them.

During seniors week our local community put on a "High Tea and Fashion Show"  The fashion show using  clothing from local op-shops.   I wanted to go so bought some tickets and asked some people to come with me.  It seems I have no friends and I was hard put to find some people to give the spare tickets to.  In the end I thought of a couple and am glad that I did this.  Usually I would just want to go, not have anyone to go with so not go...

My eldest daughter got married again in November and we were lucky enough to be invited.  She was a lovely bride and they looked very happy.  

We were given some tickets for a show over in Mandurah from a friend that couldn't use them.  To see "Anh Do - The Happiest Refugee Alive"  That was on the 23 Nov and we went over early and had a meal at Cicerellos before hand.   The meal was nice, the show was great...pity the same couldn't be said about the coffee and cake afterwards.  That was a big disapointment but I let them know and they are going to send us a voucher to try again so I will wait until we do before I make up my mind about them.

During December there are are few things on that I would like to go to too so I hope I don't pull the "SookyLaLa" thing and chicken out.   One thing I can't chicken out of is a lunch here.  I have invited some people that we know...OK, we do have a few friends!  and I have invited them for lunch, this Sunday.  I have heaps to do to get the place ready for it so will get out there and do some more mowing soon. 

I have Vinnies thank-you dinner coming up on the 13th so that will be a night out with the other volunteers.  It will be at the Waroona Hotel so hoping it will be nice.  

And!  I am considering going for coffee and cake at a place in Barragup...with people that I have never met and know nothing about.   This is where I'm hoping the SookyLaLaness doesn't creep in. That is on the 14th and I will let you know how it goes..if I go...

Coffee, then tidy-up before more mowing...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Buy Local. Or Not...

This is a bit of a whinge.  I know, how unlike me!  But some things need to be said so I will say a few of them here.

Buy local, that is a good thing to do and I do agree with it, for a few reasons.  It helps the, usually small, business in your town, it saves trekking over to the *big shops*  less traffic, friendlier service.   If you buy locally grown food you save on all those food miles and will eat fresher and in season produce.  Support the little people instead of the big companies, has to be better aye?

With all that in mind I joined a group yesterday.  A hub that says on their Facebook page that they sell local produce, help local farmers, better value, fresher, nicer fruit and vegetables...All great sounding so why wouldn't you order a box of something from them...I planned to even though I grow most of our own stuff.   Buy local, support local growers...I know someone that ordered a box from them.  A $35 box of fruit.  Great, I'd be able to see what they got and drool all over the fresh, locally grown yummy things.  First thing I noticed and she did too, was that there wasn't much in the box.  There was a Pineapple in there though.  Errr, Pineapple?  I went to their Facebook page and asked what they meant by local, asked why there was an $8+ Pineapple in the box instead of more local and seasonal fruit.  Seems I upset someone as my questions were deleted and they unmembered me!!  So funny, I've not been unmembered before.  But gee, we are in WA.   Queensland is not local.  It's all the way over the other side of the country for Pete's sake.  please do not advertise as helping local farmers when you put expensive, out of state produce in your boxes.  Just saying...

Buy local?  We have a hardware shop here in our small town, husband buys a lot from there, he shops local.  But it bugs me big time that the stuff costs so much more and they quite often don't have what we want so we need to order it in and then they forget to order it anyway and 6 weeks later you are still waiting.  It would be quicker and cheaper to just drive the 40 minutes to Bunnings and get what we need.  But no, buy local is better...

Food from the local supermarket costs more.   Petrol costs more, everything costs more.  But you try and do the right thing by shopping local.  

I needed an SD card for my camera so went to the local post office.  I took the camera and showed them what I needed.  They sold me a card and it cost $19.95.  A lot but I needed it.  We go away and I put this card in the camera and it doesn't work.  Seems it wasn't an SD card but a SDHC card...or something like that, anyway, wrong thing.  The surly lady at the post office wouldn't refund my money though and didn't seem sorry about it at all.   And I found out later that the same card is $9.95 over in Mandurah.  Buy local?   Not from there again

We did go down to our local Farmers Markets this morning and I did buy some fruit and veg from there.  Grown locally, fresh, cheap, nice.  The stall holders were friendly.  I will go here again.

It bugs me though how some people think it's OK to put high prices on things and then complain that the locals don't support them.   I won't buy from stalls that are selling  things at what I think is a  too high price.  I wont buy from unfriendly people, I wont buy overpriced food or weak, warm coffee.   But I will buy local if it is reasonably priced, sold with a smile and it's something I need or want.  Otherwise I'll go without.

How about you?  Do you like to shop local?  Does price and friendly service make a difference to whether you buy or not.  Do you pay the extra and not worry about it too much because you are suporting a local producer?  Or do you just find it easier and less stressful to just go to the big supermarket and get what you need when you need it?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Messy and Sad Looking.

I have been walking around the yard and it is looking messy and sad.  Just like the inside, again.  There isn't a lot growing and what is needs weeding, picking, pest control.  Slaters are still there in the thousands and this morning the third lot of Tomato seedlings are gone.  It's starting to make me think that if I want us to eat from out there then I will need to use poisons but if the food will not be poison free what's the point of growing it.  It would be easier to just go up to Spud Shed and buy it each week.  Yes I know, I could also buy a box of organic produce but it seems that I am more tight that health conscience...

We're suposed to have another hot one today, 35 I saw last night.  That's too hot to be outside during the day unless you are sitting in the shade sipping tea and reading a good book.   It's way too hot for all the mowing, weeding, planting that needs doing.   So why aren't I out there now doing all that?  I've been up since 5.30 and have come inside for something to eat.   Washing is done, watering is done, the slaters have been growled at...and now it's breakfast time.  

Because I will be inside I am going to sort through some more clothes and hopefull get rid of a few more things.   And I need to find something suitable to wear to a *cocktail reception* wedding.  At a Tapas Bar...I'm hoping I will find something hidden in there that will be suitable.  If it was cool I'd be covered but something halfway decent suitable for a hot day, warm evening...Chances are low.  So the sooner I get sorted and decide if I need to search the op-shops the better.   And in saying that...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Freeway Driving.

 I don't like driving and I am the first to admit that it sometimes scares me but I think that I am a pretty good driver though others don't always agree with me.  Aye T?  But I take care, I'm patient, I don't crash.  When going anywhere with the husband I prefer it if he drives.  Going with some others I prefer to drive, only because I trust myself more than them.  I don't like going with people that like going too fast.  I don't like going with impatient people that get cranky if they need to slow down for other vehicles.  I don't like going with people that check their phones or rummage around behind the seat for something in their bag. I don't like going with people that drive too close to the car in front or people that read the newspaper while they are driving.  Yep, I have been a passenger in a car with people that have done those things. I have seen people driving do all that and worse.  I know that there are idiots on the roads and I know that I am not one of them.  I know that I am not going to speed, I am going to concentrate, I am not going to get cranky and impatient, even with the idiots.  Well, not dangerously so anyway.   Knowing all of that I still get scared.  And it is this stupid scaredyness that is stopping me from doing what I want.  From going on adventures.
So when the daughter needed to get to the hospital in Perth again and no-one else could take her I said that I would.   It meant driving up on the freeway and seeing that I have cried quite a few times when in a car on this road, as a passenger!! I was kinda worried.   I was scared but knew that I had to do this because really, I'm 55 and it's about time I put my big girl pants on, sucked it up and got on with it.  So I did.

I didn't hate it, not all of it anyway but there were bits that I'd rather not repeat.  I knew where I had to go, knew what way I wanted to go, checked the map and even had a second way thought out, just in case I somehow missed the first exit.  Well I did miss the first exit and ended up in the wrong lane for the second exit I had planned.  Oops, now what, where do I go now...follow the road, in with all those bloody cars and hope I could get back onto the freeway.   We get back on and get onto the road that will take us to the second exit.  This is the way that daughter and her fella had been the last few weeks so I figured she'd be able to tell me the way.  I should have payed more attention the the map though, so I didn't have to rely on someone else, so I had more than a vague idea.   She knew where we were but I didn't and when she hesitated and I was at a road I recognised I turned.  Into Thomas which is the road I wanted first but different end.   Fine, go this way, turn right onto Bagot and we are there.  'Ceptin' that the lights that I wanted to turn at had a no right turn sign.  Bugger!  Now what.  Keep going, take the next turn, then again to get onto Bagot, find the hospital, turn around and find a park...Then when she was finished in there try and work out how to get out.  That bit was easy though as we were going into Kings Park for a bit as she had a 2 hour wait before having to go back.  This bit was easy, straight down Bagot, across Thomas at the lights, down Kings Park Road hoping all the while that I wouldn't miss the turn into the park because then I would have ended up...I dunno, lost.  Forever.  We got into the park, got out again and back up to the hospital, more driving and turning to find a park...I had a bit of an idea on getting out, but asked a few people just to confirm...got different directions from them so looked at the map and went my way, a bit of a reverse on how I wanted to get there.  Sitting in the hospital waiting for the results though I started getting a headache.  Mega bad headache caused from not having a morning coffee so the thinking wasn't the best and I was starting to worry a bit about getting back onto the freeway to get home.  I knew I'd be fine once on the freeway but couldn't think how to get there from where I would be when we left the hospital.. And what if I missed the turn, we'd be lost.  Forever!
Needless to say, we made it.  Easy to get onto Mountsbay road, get to the end of that and follow the sign to get onto the freeway.  There was no crying, a bit of worrying, some city driving maneuvers and I think I got tooted for pullin in front of someone, at least once...

I'm glad I don't have to do it again next week but will again if I need to.  Maybe.  Why anyone would willingly drive to and around Perth is beyond me so it's a shame that some of the places that I want to go are the other side of the city.  One day I might do it again but next time I will pay more attention, I will get over sooner when I'm told to get into the left lane, I will listen when I'm told that I'm not on the road they went on.  Maybe...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another List.

I have a whole day at home, alone, by myself, with no-one else here...I so hope I don't waste too much of it as there is stuff that I want to get done.  And even though I think  I want it more than I want to finish that book...I need to make sure to do the work first.

I need to get in at least 30min moving but could get that by mowing more grass.  Two things crossed of in one go then.  So, list time.
  • Mow back yard.
  • Ride or walk 30 min min. haha Min min, of course, is minimum minutes.   How clever of me to make up a new word. Done.  Rode, not 30min but will count as an extra 15.
  • Sink, clear and clean.
  • Bench 1.
  • Bench 2.
  • Table, cleared off again.
  • Oranges, more juicing, again.
  • Bed, clean sheets.
  • Load 1 of washing.  Small twin tub so there may will be a few more loads that will need doing. Done
  • Load 2 of washing.  And more still but these are a must for today.  Done
  • Clear off table in sunroom.  From last months list, because I read a book instead!
  • Mow outside back door. Needs cleaning up first so that should could be a job in itself.  But no...Done
  • Finish weeding and tidying up front garden.  Small job, shouldn't take long.
  • Mulch potatoes.  Much bigger job as I have to rake up the chook yard first and I have a few patches to do.
  • Freeze failed yoghurt so it can be used in milkshakes.
  • Pick and cook enough veg for the next few days eating.
  • Mulch Sweet Potato tank...This needed doing weeks ago but I still haven't gotten to it.
  • Find an outfit suitable for Vinnies.  Thought I had the clothes sorted but went to put on some Summer pants yesterday and the lacky busted.  They are old and maybe not worth fixing...Looked in Vinnies yesterday but didn't find any so will have to go through a spare bag I have put away.  Yes!  I have spare clothes bagged up and out in the shed somewhere, just as well I didn't get rid of them all aye?
And that will do for the list but of course there is also the normal everyday stuff that needs doing.  I'll put my oats on to soak then make a start before the breakfast is ready.

What's on your list?

6.06PM.  Well  what a fail.  Not nearly enough done and though I have *reasons* they don't change the facts.  My house is a tip.  I eat too much.  I have too much stuff.  I use the soreness as an excuse to sook and not do anything.  Tomorrow will be better.
I did get some mowing/moving in and there was a 3.6 bikeride this morning too so something good there.  I went visiting this morning, I had a visitor this afternoon...Like I said, tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garden Pests.

I was out inspecting the gardens yesterday, didn't have much time as I needed to get a walk or ride in before I was out for most of the day...Cabbages are looking good. 

Most of them are anyway.  A lot have been attacked, yes, attacked!!
By these critters.  And Slaters too.  Can't forget the Slaters.

 The netted thing is a Broccolli, forgotton about and gone to seed.  The net is covered in Slaters trying to get to the plant.

 A bit more looking found some in with the Lettuce too.  Bleedin' things.  And they are eating the Potato leaves.

I didn't do the walk but spent too much time hunting down snails.  Got quite a few and more this morning and I know there are still more out there.  I gave them to the chooks, they appreciate them more than I do.
HoHum, I know what I will be doing in the early hours of the mornings this week.

And rats are back too!  Without the aid of poisons pest control is a daily job and when I let it go for awhile it takes a bit to get it under control again.  Such is the garden pleasures of someone who chooses to not use poisons...

A New Week.

It's Sunday, a new week and I am looking forward to having a few days at home so I can catch up with things.  Inside and out!  Well, I think there will be 2 full days as the third will be filled with stress and excitement.  Yes, Yes it will.  The third day I will be driving my daughter up to Perth as she has another visit to the hospital.  It's a straight forward drive but on the freeway and I have cried in a car on that freeway...once or twice. And I wasn't even driving!! haha.  This time though I will be driving and kinda looking forward to it.  I'm getting sick of being such a SookyLaLa that I don't do anything.  Having to do this will be good for me.  Yes, yes it will!  I *think* I know the way but if we get lost there will be people to ask for directions.  No good looking at a roadmap as they all seem to be printed upside down and this daughter is worse than me with directions but  do hope she has some idea.  Should be fun!  I am going to try and not think about it though until I am nearly there.

We had our annual agricultural show in town yesterday.  I don't usually go but this year I volunteered me and the daughter to help out on the gates.  We used to do this every year when the kids were at school, it is a fund-raiser for them, and it was always fun.  This year was fun too and my maths got a workout so bonus.  How much change do you need to pay $8 and you give me $50...In the end I was just counting money but had no idea of amounts.  You know $8, ok grab a $2 coin that's 10, and 2 x $20's.  Oops, no $20's left how many 10's do I need...all good and no-one was short changed.  I went into the show afterwards as grandaughter had entered some things and I wanted to see them.  I used to be a steward at this show, many years ago and found it interesting listening the judges make comments on why some things won and what was wrong with others.  Yesterday though, some of the winning entrants did not look, to me, up to first place standards and I did wonder why they won and not the better looking item.   In one catagory there was 1 cake.  That's it.  It came second.  I think I remember hearing, years ago,  that if an item wasn't up to standard then they couldn't give it first prize but how can the only thing entered not get first?  Seemed strange and unfair.

I used to enter things too, many years ago...it seems I did a lot, many years ago...I need to get into it all again.  Next year the 3 of us are going to enter a few things each.  For instance, my Oranges looked as good as the winners there, better than one lot. I have Lemons and garden produce, I can make things...daughter can bake better looking stuff than a lot there and grandaughter had fun seeing her things on display.  Next year, all the stress and cruddy stuff happening this year will be over and done with and we will all have fun, making, baking, and showing.

Roosters crowing, telling me I need to get off this thing and make a start on things.  I don't like being told what to do but this time I think I should listen to him...Breakfast first though.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Was Happy About Donating...Now Not So.

I've been working on these jumpers and things all week, move them around on the bed while I try and decide what to go and what to keep.They are still all over the bed, mostly his side as I slept on my side last night but going through them again this morning they are spread out a bit more.    I moved them from the bed to the table when the grandkid stayed here Wednesday night but back to the bed Thursday morning so the table was kinda clear...It is now Friday so they have been on the bed since Monday.

I have Vinnies today and thought that would be a good way of getting some out of the house.  But which ones...The first couple didn't come up to our Vinnies standards but they were comfortable, warm and I like them.  But I do have better ones.  But they can't be binned because they are still good enough to wear and I don't bin stuff.  I kept them but put 3 that I like into the Vinnies bag, I sometimes wear these but Vinnies will be able to sell them.  You can see from this that my local Vinnies sells clothing that is in better condition than I wear.  There are a few things I don't wear very often, I have others that I like better so I am not sure what to do with these...And 4 cardigans...too many when I have 6 jackets?  Six jackets for my lifestyle is probably too many.  I know I hardly wear a couple of them but I like them...There is one jumper that is about 20 years old, it has Space Invaders all over it.  You know, the things from that video game so many years ago...I love this jumper even though it is overstretched and has a hole or two.  It is not going but I should sew up the hole before next Winter.  Everything in my cupboard fits and it is all stuff that I like, that is what makes it so hard to get rid of.

Do I need 3 red jumpers?  There are 4 others nearly all the same colour but different styles...Lets just do this!!

OK...One red one is in the bag as is a black one that I like but didn't wear at all this year. A purple skivvy type one is in the bag and another long sleeved shirt that I don't wear.  I really like the colour of this but it is a tad too long for me and I know Vinnies will get a few dollars for it. A pair of jeans, some slacks...A couple of tops...All bagged up and ready to leave with me this morning.
A jacket with a hood  will go out the caravan.
I'm home from Vinnies and reconsidering the clothes culling.  I have worked at this Vinnies for quite awhile now, I know what they like, I know the prices they put on things, I know what happens to the clothing that doesn't make the grade.  This is why the 1 bag of stuff that I took down there this morning was all suitable, all very good condition, all saleable.  But there is a young woman there today, she comes in during school holidays.  She was sorting through the donations while I was in and out of the shop but one time when I went out the back I saw that a couple of the things that I had donated were in the reject bag that gets sent away to be recycled or shredded.  I pulled 2 of them out and asked why they were in that bag and she said of one top that the colour made her eyes funny.  I loved that top!   I brought it home again.   Two other tops, the black one that I really liked and the red one...they are being sent away...wrong season and we have too much Winter stuff already.   I'm sad about that.  They are good tops so hopefully wont be shredded.    Also the volunteer manager today pulled off a couple of dozen dresses and some kids clothing, we have a small shop and there does end up being a lot of stuff in the shop, it gets crammed onto the rails and makes it hard for customers to sort through.  We have a shed but this manager doesn't like storing surplus stock there...OK there are mice but still...Anyway, all this stock usually gets sent up to Perth to be recycled. This manager knows that I collect unwanted stuff for the FreeMarkets so all that was offered to me for there but I see all too often good clothing that people have donated in good faith being sent away.  I'm thinking that I might not donate to this Vinnies anymore.  We have another op-shop in town, they are not as picky as us and I wont see what happens to my donations so I think I will take more to there from now on.  Other stuff will go to the FreeMarkets.  It's making me want to keep everything here even though I don't wear it all and it doesn't fit in the cupboard.

For someone like me that has trouble getting rid of stuff, this is no good.  If it's not easyish for me then it's not gunna happen.   And now!!  I need to find somewhere to put the 2 bags of stuff that I brought home for the FreeMarkets...Hubby will be cranky, and rightly so, we don't need more stuff here...but I can't let it be wasted.  What is wrong with me!!  

Cold Weather Gear Must Go.

How many jumpers, long sleeved shirts, cold weather tops does one person need?  One for each day of the week in case they get wet and you need another one?  So 7?   Fourteen if you're like me and don't want to wash weekly...Though a different top every day doesn't happen here during the cold.  If it's wet it gets hung in front of the fire to dry so not 7.  Home tops, work tops, going out tops, tops for when it's really really cold and different tops for when it's only cool.  So many tops.  Too many tops.

I do think that  ?? is too many.  In anyones book that is too many.  What sort of person would need that many?  Not me so why is there that many in my cupboard?  Well all over the bed and floor now because I had to pull a lot out to find the one that I wanted and then that wasn't suitable so pulled out some more to find one that would be...HoHum...Like I said, too many.  Then!  I tried to put them away and they wouldn't fit!  But they were all in there to start with...OK the door never did shut properly but we wont go there...Anyway, they are now all over the bed, well his side now because I had to get in there to sleep last night.  And as he might want to get in his side to sleep sometime when he gets home I really need to get these back onto their shelf.  But They Wont Fit!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plant Seeds or Eat Pig Food.

It looks like it is going to be a lovely day here today so I might be able to get some outside jobs finished...That does mean that the inside jobs probably wont get started though.  I am out tomorrow but choosing to be so maybe I should stay home instead and get some things finished...Nah, not gunna happen.

Every time the sun shines I think that I haven't got enough planted yet, I go outside and look at the weed filled garden beds and know that I have a big job to do before I can plant anything and not enough gets done with either. 

This week I must plant some more Tomatoes, Watermelon seeds, ummmm..other food stuff so we don't starve over the coming months.   But if son keeps bringing out crates of stuff from where he works and I get to them before the daughter we could eat well forever.   He has been bringing home lots of crates and we give them to the chooks or cows but a lot were mainly potatos so I stopped looking.  The last lot he had on the back of his ute ready for the cows, I wasn't fussed about them as I still had a crate of manky stuff left out there.  Daughter has a look and gets excited so I too have a look at what he has.  Wow, Cool, get out of my way Daughter that's mine.  Give me back those bananas. Push, shove, push harder.  We decide to share...but I know she took more bananas than me...I got more grapes though and heaps of onions and tomatoes too.   This was good stuff.  It always kinda makes me sad knowing that this good food is being thrown away because the shop thinks it can't be sold.  Or as son says, it's easier to throw out the lot than pick out the manky ones and sell the better ones.  Easier to just put all the fresh stuff out when it comes in than to sell off the older stuff cheaper.  Easier for the shop to waste it all.  It does benifit us but if son didn't know that we are more than happy to eat *pig food* then it would all be binned.  There used to be another bloke that picked it up but he hasn't done so for a few weeks so we will get it until the other bloke is well enough to start again.

Knowing that this is not a forever thing should get me out planting.  The sun shining brightly should get me out planting.  Being too tight to buy food will get me out planting.  Today.  Soon.  Right now...after breakfast.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today I Will...

Well I will probably not get as much done inside as I want because it looks like the sun is going to shine.  How nice will that be after all the rain we have had.   Plus I will not be here for a good part of the day and when I get back Husband should be home.

I do have a basic list though.
Bed.  Make and put clothes away off it.
Sink clear and clean.  It's not too bad but should have been done yesterday.
Vacuum.  Yes! today I WILL get to this.
Washing.  Need to get husbands work clothes from last week finished before next week...
I need to cook him a proper meal for tonight so will think on that.  

That will do for a start.  At least with that done the place will look OK when someone walks in the front door.  But!
I also want to:
Put bee boxes away somewhere...Maybe the back shed...
Shoe basket.  Yep, still haven't got this done.
Front verandah/sunroom.  I need to get that table cleared off so I have somewhere to sit on nice days.  And what should I do with the old and clunky but still works monitor out there?   Might try Freecycle but don't hold out much hope for it going...

Make bed and put a load of washing on before I have breakfast.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Must do today...

T came home from hospital last night so grandaughter has gone from here.  All  her stuff is still here though and slowly being bagged up to be taken in to her place.  It is another stormy day so more wood needs to be chopped and big stuff brought in...

I need to:
Move van...Battery might be  is flat again which will make it a bigger job than it sounds!
Sink, clear and clean.
Table Cleared.  Done
Doctors appointment.  Done.  Now need to make appointment with specialist.  Done
Bed.  Make   Done.
Vacuum bedroom floor.  Have swept.
Dead mouse behind fridge.  Get rid of it somehow...  Done.  Thanks Husband.
Put solar lights back outside.  Done  Really should do this at the start of the day...
Take back all the kids things to her house.  Ready to go.  Done
Finish clown costume.   Just about, needs trying on.  Done.  Looks OK, photos to come.

Clown Costume.
Shoes. Sew on bows.  Done
Hat.  Done
Pants.  Done
Hair  .Done
Shirt.  Sew on pompoms. Done   Make neckline smaller. Done    Put in hoop?   Oops, forgot this bit.
Undershirt.  Long sleeves needed if cold, Done

So, the sink still needs doing and the floors were swept but not vacuumed.  The van?  Wouldn't start, husband thinks my jumper leads are faulty .   Waiting for son to bring his out .

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wet Monday At Home.

I'll be spending this wet Monday home here with the sick grandaughter.  She was suposed to go visit her mother in hospital later on but as she is throwing up I wont let her go.  T is upset about that as she misses her little girl so much but these things happen.   I will need to ring and let the other volunteer at Vinnies know that I wont be in and also the doctors surgery to see if my appointment can be changed. 

It might all work out for the best that I am home as we had a visit from swear word fox last night.  Should say early this morning as I heard a noise around 4 and nearly ignored it as it was such a stormy night but got up anyway as I would have felt bad if something was wrong and I never bothered to check.  Four chooks dead but I managed to get all the others picked up and locked into a shed.  I should have done that anyway when it got dark as I know it is fox season but with the kid here I *forgot*   I will get the trap set up before tonight using one of the dead chooks as bait but foxes are pretty smart so don't know what the chances of catching one will be. 

Being home today will give me a chance to work on the clown costume so that is good but husband will be home this afternoon so I need to get a proper meal ready for tonight.   And maybe a quick tidy-up wouldn't go astray.

And of course the woodbox needs filling again.  It is cold and windy and raining out there but if I don't want it to get cold in here too then I better make a start. 

Ha!  Just had a thought...could I clean one of the dead chooks and cook it up to eat...or have they been dead too long...Anyone know?  For next time.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Changing Plans...

It's all happening here folks.  No decluttering, no gardening, no housework...Lots of worry, crying, child minding, singing and stories with said child, trying to make a clown costume for said child...cuddles with new grandchild...lots has been happening but nothing that would have been put on a list to be crossed off as the days went on and the jobs got done.

Today has been trying to get a clown costume together.  We managed to find a few things that might be able to be changed into something else at the FreeMarket yesterday so today we have been cutting, sewing, making pompoms, trying on...We now have a clown hat, some clown hair, some clown shoes.  Some trousers that might do as clown pants and a top that might be OK with a bit of work.

I'm having more medical tests, my youngest daughter was admitted to King Edward hospital on Friday...I am probably fine, she will probably be fine though we don't know when she will be allowed home.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe not...we should know tomorrow.  In the meantime her daughter is staying here, with lots of her stuff, in our tiny house.  And she needs a clown costume before Wednesday.  I'm not home tomorrow, she will be at school Tuesday...Maybe, it seems now that she might be unwell too with some coughing last night and a bit of a temp tonight so even my basic plans might change...

It is after 10PM and it is so windy outside that it seems like we will be blown away...She is not well, it is going to be a long night...I think any plans for tomorrow will change...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Want Tos'.

Another wet and cold day so no garden work will get done, again.  I'm out for a bit this afternoon so need to get a few things done this morning but haven't even started yet.  Well, that's not quite true, I have been through a basket of clothes and gotten rid of a few more things.
I'm liking the list thing as it does get me doing stuff so will do another for today.

Today I want to:
Fish tank.  MUST DO this today.
Sink clear and clean.
Bed made.
Sweep floor.
Vacuum.  Yep I sweep before vacuuming.  It saves the vacuum cleaner from getting too clogged up with big stuff.
Clothes away.  I pulled stuff out to go through but want to go through it again before putting it away again.
Wood box.  Again, this is a daily thing when I have the fire going non-stop.
Freeze some of the soup from yesterday.
Juice more Oranges.  I will find a not-new small electric one soon then this job will be much easier.
Chop more small wood.
Benches x 2.
Bills.  Pay the few that are due.
Pick and prep any veg that need picking.
Washing.  I have a load of husband's work stuff from last week...but it's raining still and cold out there...
Moving of some sort.  Ride, walk, Youtube vids...

Oh well, that will do for a start.  I have an appointment at 2 so I need to be ready to leave here by 1.45.

The mattress' have been put back in the van.   Not made up to sleep in yet but at least they are in there.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wet Tuesday.

It is wet here, so wet that I need me wellies on to get anywhere outside the front door.  So, another inside day though I do need to get outside sometime and clean out the fish tank.  Another dead fish in there this morning , there were 2 last week so I don't know what is going on with them.  Inside though, first will be a tidy-up.  It was looking pretty reasonable last week but a couple of days away, husband home and me out yesterday then having the grandkid here...not much has been done, not even the basics.

On top of the basics, bed, dishes, clothes and games and books from last night away...I have to sort out the front verandah sunroom as that is all wet.  We keep working on this problem but everytime the rain and wind come in from the East it ends up wet out there.  We do something and it seems to fix it but then another storm shows that it needs working on again.     If I had of put the van mattress' back in the van last week they wouldn't be in the lounge area now getting dry in front of the fire...So that one is my fault.  I do seem to make more work for myself by not doing things when they should be done...Same with the clothes that are now on the rack inside...I put them on the lounge in the sunroom on Sunday instead of bringing them inside to air off over night and now they are wet again...HoHum....Extra things to do and our tiny house is slowly getting filled with stuff that should have been sorted on Sunday or last week.

I'm not sure if any decluttering will get done today but I do want to go through the shoe basket and sock drawer before Friday... And I have more sewing that I want to get done...FreeMarkets are on Saturday so I'd like another bag ready to take down there.  Seeds need to be planted or we wont have enough food over the Summer....So much to do and yet I am still sitting here...Breakfast while I watch some decluttering, clean freak videos on Youtube then I'll make a move...and speaking of moving I need to go for a ride or walk sometime this morning...HoHum.  Life is good though, at least I don't have a real job and  can get to do all this...
Healthy Breakfast  2 Weetbix, so not the best but OKish.
Make bed.  Changed pillowslips and will do sheets sometime during the week.
Clear off table.
Sink clear and clean.
Benches x 2.  Had 1 clear then messed it up again by starting the soup....
Books and games from last night away.
Mattress in van.
Seating area tidy and vacuumed.
Oranges need juicing.
Bring in fresh Oranges.  There will be a pile on the ground from all the wind.
Make soup  It's on the stove cooking.
Ride or walk.  Or something.  15min moving. 7min moving. 5 then 5 more min. 
Weekend stuff away.
Fill woodbox.
Chop more small wood.
Fish tank.  Refill, clean filter...
Then...I can start on the shoe basket!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today's To Do's

Unless I pull my finger out and get moving there wont be any decluttering done today. Husband is due home and there are some jobs that I need to get done before he does. So I have until this afternoon, until 6ish, until 9ish. Or I have until tomorrow...Who knows. 

What I want to get done: 
Sink clear and clean.  Been done twice!  Should clean out fridge and cook before doing dishes.
Bedroom dusted. 
Battery put back in van and van moved. 
All FreeMarket bags in van.  Apart from the one still being filled.
Mattress back in van and bed made up. 
Cook something and have tea ready before he gets home.  Chicken, vegetables, quinoa. 

Chop small wood for the fire and refill inside box
Clean out fridge.  Near enough so I'm counting it as done.
Sweep verandah. 
Clear off verandah table.  Luffas away.  Box in shed.  Battery in van.  Seeds away.
Pay bills. 
Pick all vegies that need to be picked. 
Cook said veg and have them ready in the cleaned out fridge.
Give crates of chook scraps to chooks. 
Daughter T just rang and I now need to fit in a bike ride.   And I walked as well.  Yep, I am awesome.
This list will do for a start but I know there is more....Breakfast first but I will forgo my second coffee until after the ride. 'Cause I'm good like that!

That's it, I'm calling it a day.  Showered and now need food.  The rest will go on another list, when I will have a whole day at home, maybe Tuesday.

After our ride T mucked around on here and it looks like she has it fixed.  Thanks T.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting There.

It's raining here again, absolutely poured down last night so because it is too wet outside it will be another day inside, tidying, cleaning... I am still in the decluttering mood and I *think* I'm starting to see a bit of a difference. The kitchen table has been clear since yesterday...well I just looked at it and it has 3 things on it. A bag that I am filling for Vinnies, a jewellery box that the grandaughter might want and 2 empty honey buckets...OK, the honey buckets are now out in the cupboard where they go. The bag is back on the bed, hohum...the jewellery box is in the box to go to daughters house. My table is clear again and it took less than a minute all up. Seems the idea is to deal with it right away, not put it down 'til later as *later* sometimes doesn't come. The bed has stuff that is waiting a decision on and that will be sorted after my coffee but the floor in there is better than it's been all month. The living area floor is clear, apart from the sewing maching because I can't lift that up to put it away, and it's even been vacuumed and washed. There are a few dishes from last night that will be done after lunch, 1 bench needs clearing and if I don't look at the computer area it looks alright. It was certainly OK for a visitor yesterday. She could sit at the table or in the lounge area and that is not ussual at all. Well, back into it. Bench, bed and vacuum bedroom before I start on something else.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Knickers In A Knot.

Okkk, after getting all the hankies neatly put in their little pouch I went to put them in the drawer...Not easy. Once again, there is so much stuff shoved in there it was an effort to close it again. Jammed packed with undies. Yes people, today I will talk about my undies. I know, how exciting for you all. I have too many. I know, again, who'd have thought. I tipped everything out of the drawer onto the bed. Shouldn't have done that because there is no way that even half of that stuff will fit back in. I found 8 9 11 more hankies, gosh, does it never end. 9 bras. Now I'll admit that I should wear a bra, me not in a bra is not a good look. But, I sometimes can not put one on in the morning and most nights I can't get it off so it's easier for me to not wear one. I make the effort if I am going out as I am not completely boganised yet. I will start there. Off to purge a few, right now! Well that was easy enough. 3 gone to the bin, 1 to freecycle, 1 in the cupboard because if I ever do lose a bit of weight I might need it...I know...I'm a work in progress...4 to go back in the drawer. They are decent, they fit and are comfortable. The kettle hasn't boiled yet so I'll go count me knickers. Oh dear! 27 pairs there, 1 on and there are a few in the wash...Too many? Off to see what can go. I have made a start, 4 pair, all black, into the cupboard, they fit but I don't need them in the drawer so they are with the 2 packets of 7 that are in there for when I need new ones...I know... 5 pair knotted and binned. I knot them so I don't change my mind and pull them out again. 10 definate keepers and 8 unsure. I have put the definates in a bag near the bed and the unsure ones in the drawer. If they are not worn and liked over the coming week then they will go and the definates will be put back in the drawer. How clever is that idea, no need to answer, I think it is clever so that's what I'm going with. The drawer is sooo easy to open and shut right now, I like it! Now for that coffee...then...something else.


I use hankies, I think they are much better than tissues but as with a lot of things there are drawbacks. One being that they need to be washed then stored. And some people iron them but I am not one of those people. Unless I have a cold I just throw them in with the rest of the wash and line dry in the sun. Or if it is a wet week they might be on the line being rinsed by the rain until they are dry. And of course, they aren't used every day but I do have 2 or 3 with me at at any given time. They are good for other things too, like wiping sticky hands, using as a wipe if some public loo has no paper...lots of things. But, when they are clean and waiting to be used again they do need storing. Up until now I have just had them folded and tucked down the side in my knickers drawer. It's worked, up to a point. After a while the drawer gets messy and the hankies get lost. With my new found get organised mindset I'm wanting to find things more easily, all the time...With this in mind I thought that I could put the hankies in a small bag so they were less likely to get lost in the drawer. Unfortunately the small bag that would have been *perfect* was decluttered and donated to Vinnies. I was too tight to buy it back yesterday when I was down there so today I went looking for something else to use. And found something suitable which shows that I didn't really need the other one after all.
                                                                                                       There are 21 in this pile with a few more in the wash.  Too many?  Maybe but I'm keeping them. I will put some away in the cupboard and maybe they will get decluttered in a few months time but for now...The ones in the bag are organised and easy to get to and the spares are out of the way and not bothering anyone. 

If you use hankies, how many do you have and how do you store them?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick Lunch From Home Saves Money..

A nice day here but seeing as I was going to be out for most of it I needed to make up something quick for lunch. We were going to be down at Vinnies for the whole day and daughter usually buys a wrap or hot chips from the shop next door. I don't usually work a whole day but would need something while there today. Sunny Spring days mean salads and a salad wrap sounded good so that's what I made up this morning before leaving. The lettuce and green leaves came from the garden, I only had to remove 2 slugs but don't tell T or she might not want one again.

I had eggs in it too but to cook them up when I haven't got the fire going means boiling them on the small stove I use when camping.   I put them in water, bring to the boil then turn the stove off.  After a few minutes, or when I remember, I pull one out to see how cooked it is and either pull them all out or if I want them harder leave them in the hot water for another couple of minutes.  This way I save on gas.  It takes a bit longer but not too long to make much difference.  I think the *boil for three minute* routine just uses extra gas and this way works just as good.   I now have a supply of eggs in the fridge for quick snacks that might save me from the cheese and crackers.

Tomorrow I will pick a supply of veg for the week.  I'm not sure what's out there but know there will be Brocolli, cabbage, sweet potato, capsicum.  That added to the rescued pumpkins should keep me fed for awhile.   I'll also pick another bowl of lettuce leaves for quick lunches.   I've been slack with the gardens lately but it's good to know I can still get a decent feed from what is out there.
And it's good to be able to make up a healthy lunch to eat when out. Food taken from home is nicer and saving some dollars is always a bonus.

I Want It Back....

So I have been decluttering, getting rid of stuff...some to FreeMarkets, some to the op-shop...This morning I was folding hankies and wondering how many was too many, how and where to store them in a tidy way when I had a lightbulb moment and thought they'd go perfectly into a little bag I had. They would all fit nicely into that and then easiy be tucked in the drawer, quick to get to and no rummaging around amongst my knickers to find a hanky. Perfect! So I go to get this little bag, this perfect for this job bag...and remember that I took it down to Vinnies last week. So now...do I wait and see if it is still there then buy it back? Wait and see if I find something else? Where do I put all my hankies until then...Oh the problems of a wannabe tidy and organised person. HoHum, I will just shove 'em in the overfull drawer and wait and see...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sorting Shirts.

I have one body. Yes it is bigger than most peoples but it still takes only 1 shirt at a time to cover it. OK, when it's cold maybe a shirt and a jumper but let's not get too tecky here. So why did I have more than 30 of them crammed into that little space. At any given time there may be 4 or 5 in the wash and if they are there now then they haven't been counted. So really, too many. And!! This is not counting the few I bought yesterday or the yard work ones that are in a basket under the bed. Looking at some of these in the cupboard they should maybe be relegated to the yard-work basket but as that is already so overfull that I have trouble pulling it out then pushing in back in I know these will not fit in there. We're coming into warm weather so I need to be able to easily get the warm weather clothing out, makes sense then to sort stuff so that I can open the door without everything falling out. As it does now. Because the decent shirt I want only occasionally is under the pile of suited only for home shirts that are worn more often. I have kept; 9 shirts not good enough to wear out but more than OK for around the house, I wear these most of the time so some are showing a bit of wear. 12 OK for work shirts + 3 decent for going out T-Shirts. Still too many I think but it's a start. Of the ones that I have discarded only a few were suitable for Vinnies. Our Vinnies is very picky but the other op-shop is less so and they will get more. A few have been put in the Free Markets bag. Now to put things away and tidy up a bit before the grandkid gets here. When she leaves this afternoon I will tackle something else, maybe the shoes... I did take before and after shots but they aren't uploading so my shame, haha, is hidden 'til another day.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Have Too Many Clothes.

I know, who'd have thought. I have too many clothes. I love or really really like them all and wear most of them at some time during any given year. Over the last few weeks though I have been reading blogs where people are decluttering and though this is an ongoing thing with me I have decided that for the rest of this month I am going to concentrate on getting rid of a lot of my excess clothing. And shoes. I have too many pairs of shoes too and some of these I don't wear. But I do love or really really like them. If I can't don't wont get rid of a lot then at least quite a bit. At least 10 things...But that doesn't count the 3 shirts I bought at the op-shop this morning...After all, they aren't actually here yet so can't be included in any keeping or going piles. But if they don't fit then of course they will go...And not be counted in the lots, quite a bit or at least 10 things list...We never hardly ever go out anywhere and mostly I am home by myself and happy to wear any old thing. Stains, holes and ill-fitting don't seem to matter, afterall I have no-one to impress and I don't care. So that seems like an easy place to start doesn't it. I need a few decent outfits to wear on my volunteering days. Something clean and tidy to wear when I go out for lunch as I really shouldn't embarrass family members that dress better than me. And yard clothes, suitable for...well, yard work. The challenge for me will be in getting rid of stuff that is still suitable but unnessary to me without feeling sick if it goes to landfil. I will take what is suitable to Vinnies but sad to say I'm becoming very disallusioned with our local shop. Maybe the other op-shop will get more of it...I know that the Really Really Free Markets will end up with heaps...So, seeing as I can't mow, I will be off to fill a bag.

Not Been Mowing.

I had a plan. A great plan. I planned to ride into town to vote, ride home again and then, as another get fitter activity, I was also going to mow the 10foot high grass before I get lost in it...OK, it's not 10foot high but it is getting up there again and I did plan to mow it...I was going to use the ride-on to get it down a bit then go over it with the small mower that needs pushing. The ride-on is now sitting out in front of my car and I cannot get it started again. I cannot get the push mower to start. If husband was here he would give it a few decent pulls and it would be roaring but me...for some reason I have a lot of trouble getting it started from cold. I have no idea why the ride-on want start. It started no trouble, I reversed out of the shed, drove it to in front of my car, got off to shut the shed door down...and it won't start again. The other stupis thing, even with all my *tricks* I can't get the push mower going...Looks like I'm meant to be cleaning up and sewing instead of mowing today so I will get started on that...soon...after a 'stop the crankyness' coffee...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Been Sewing

It's been too wet to get out and mow or do much else outside, I had the place to myself, ideas in my head and clothing that needed upcycling...so I sewed. None of it is the greatest but if I wait until I am a great sewer then nothing will ever get done. I made some more T-Shirt bags, some cloth wipes, did some repairs to clothes I like so they can be worn again...have more to make and repair but am now having trouble with the bobbin and tension and can't work out what is wrong. It was fine then it wasn't. I'm not home for the next 2 days so will work on it over the weekend. You can see how messy some of it is but it is done now whereas last week, last month even, it wasn't. Here's some of the stuff I did make though...

From pieces all over the place...
To pieces neatly contained in a pretty bag.
Plain T-Shirt bag

Cloth wipes with matching drawstring bag.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Three Weeks Old Already..

The baby that we saw being born is doing well and is now 3 weeks old. Gosh, that seems to have gone quick! As far as we know the mother is doing fine too. The baby is small, she was weighed and we have been told that she was more than 7lb...but she is so tiny and I reckon she was a 6 pound baby. But scales are probably more acurate than my eyes. My scales here at home weigh me heavier than I think I look so it is probably me that has it wrong...
Two week old here.

She's frowning at something!

I want to kidnap that dog, She can keep the kid!
And these photos show why I need to keep up my Fitter By Friday blog...I'll get onto that today...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankyou Sherrie

A long time ago, and 12 months is a long time, a lovely kind woman made a present for my grandaughter. She didn't have to, she had never met her but she wanted to so she did. I was going to post about it, let everyone know how kind and clever she was. I didn't do that back then but as it was that grandchilds birthday this month I thought I would do it now. To let her know that the lovely apron she made for the 5 year old is still being used by the 6 year old when she helps her mum bake.

Sherrie has her own blog over at  http://simpleliving-sherrie.blogspot.com.au/ and I'm sure she wont mind if you pop over for a look.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tidy and Clean? Not Yet...

Yesterdays *get it tidy* mindset didn't last too long. It never does which is another reason my house is a tip. It is now 5.30PM, the sink has the days dishes, the table has a pile of Passionfruit added to todays Oranges and the bench is covered in the skins of all last weeks Oranges that I have juiced. So many Oranges...will eat another one later but that want put much of a dent in them. Tomorrow there will be more, haha, you gotta laugh don't ya. I will juice more tomorrow but as I only have a hand juicer and dodgy hands I cannot do the lot in one go and if I do them early like today it mucks me up for the afternoon. I am a whinger, I know. It's all good fun though and I know (too well) how easy I have it compared to some others. I will fill the sink and get the dishes soaking. I will then bucket all the skins and get them outside for the chooks. While outside I will chop some wood and bring in a few armloads, big and small stuff. Armloads because the wheelbarrow is full of pumpkins that I need to cook up and freeze. One day soon... Once back in I will wash the soaking dishes and get the sink clear and clean and bag up some Oranges and put them in the freezer. Then shower, tea, nothing else. 8PM Then things change...Grandaughter has not long left so not much of any of that was done. Tomorrow, I will start early.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Good Guys And The Not So Good.

I served a big tough looking bloke at Vinnies this afternoon, he was buying a cute little yellow teddy bear. It was $2 but the bloke said it was worth more and gave me $4. I thanked him then made some smart remark about it keeping him warm tonight and he says that he, and other truckies, have these teddies in their truck so when they come across accidents they have something to give to any children that might be there and scared. I pushed his money back and said to take more if he wanted them. He said no, he didn't have a lot of room but as he had used one the week before he wanted to replace it. He gave me the $4 and said call it a donation. How kind and generous is he and all the others that do the same. I was telling one of the other volunteers about him and she told me about a woman that came in last week looking for material to buy as she makes bags and toys for needy kids. She was given the material and was really surprised that we would do that. These people are kind and generous and I don't think what we did was anything special, they are the special ones. In contrast we get people in asking for welfare, the same people over and over again and then they are seen down the pub drinking and smoking...

Get It Tidy Then Get It Clean.

I have been trying to declutter a bit over the past few months, really trying, not just moving stuff from the bed to the table, back to the bed then into a bag that gets put on the floor then into another bag in the bathroom. Though that is still happening. A lot of stuff has gone down to the Really Really Free Markets and I already have another bag on the go for them. This week though I am going to get serious. I have soooo much stuff, stuff that I don't need, stuff that I don't love. Stuff, books, that I do want and love that is out in the shed because there is no room for it inside...Now that is stupid!! What is stopping me is my Save The World mindset where nothing should go to the tip and add to the killing of the world. But some stuff is rubbish and needs to be binned. Why is it so hard for me? My mother did not bring me up to be a messy, unclean slob. My sisters are not messy unclean slobs. I will no longer be a messy unclean slob. My bed is made, the sink is clear and clean. I will now tidy the benches then work on the table...that was clear last week but now has a few dozen Oranges, a bag of books, a camera, a tin of coffee, some clean washing...other stuff...I am out from lunchtime and before I leave I am hoping to have the living area finished. Finished properly not just relocated to the bed. What do you want to get done this morning? Lets do it together. I'm going to put on some boppy music, lets bop to it.

Thanks For Mowing Our Grass.

Husband and I went down to daughter L's place on Saturday, we get home here around lunchtime yesterday and Daughter T and her fella were out here mowing our grass. How nice was that. Much appreciated. It was sooo long and we hadn't gotten around to it because of all the rain we have been having but after a couple of sunny days it really needed doing. There is more to do and maybe I will get the ride-on out or maybe they will come out and do some more for me. Whoever gets in first, it will be great when it is a safe height again. I already came a cropper one day last week when I tripped over a hose. Bit sad really as I was on the phone with husbands boss and he thought it was quite funny. Hmmm.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Baby Is Born.

I have had a very interesting weekend. T and J and I went down to Nannup to have a last visit with L before her baby was born. We drove down on the Saturday morning with the intention of picking L up then continuing on our way to Margaret River. The Farmers Markets were on there and we had heard that the Lions Shed was going to be open. It would be a fun day for us all. And it was too. We planned on staying overnight at L's then coming home the next morning. I awoke early, noticed L's light on and remembered hearing her go outside quite awhile before hand so I get up and go outside to check on her. She has an outside shower and toilet and I hear that she is in the shower so come back inside and get dressed. L comes in not long after and says "I think I'm going to have a baby today" Oh, OK...We aren't suposed to be there when that happens but we're not going to leave her there alone. The person who is going to be with her is 2 and 1/2 hours away and it is early but she gets on the computer and skypes him. He sounds surprised, then worried, then is on his way. In the meantime I relight the fire and me and T clear an area in the loungeroom to set up the portable birthing pool that she had hired only a few days before. With that set up we have to fill it. With a bucket and a bowl, carting water through the house from the bathroom. Which, thankfully, is inside. It took A LOT of buckets to get enough water into that pool. We eventually get enough water in there and by this time L is more than ready to get in. Her contractions are close, too close too soon as far as me and T were concerned...I try and pass the time by doing some dishes, sweeping the floor, walking in and out of the loungeroom to see if there was anything I could do. Of course there wasn't, we really just tried to reasure her that all was well but we had no idea if it was. We topped the pool up to keep it warm enough for her, kept the fire going, hugged the grandaughter who sometimes got a bit concerned that L was hurting too much...Eventually her support person arrived and less than an hour later, with 4 of us there suporting her, L birthed a little girl, all by herself, unassisted. She caught the baby as she came out and lifted her out of the water. Later on we helped her out of the pool and then onto a mattress that was set up in the lounge room so she and her baby could rest after the very tiring experience. This birth was to be a Lotus Birth so there was a bit of organising of things to get them comfortable and of course we wanted to get close and see the newborn. We tried weighing her but I think the scales are out by a couple of pound. They will weigh her again when they can borrow some decent scales from someone. Me and T left around 2ish and came home. It was a different and unexpected experince for us, bittersweet really. This afternoon we had an email to say that they were both well and doing fine. So relieved at that. So, that mother and daughter are well, sadly though, that's not always the case.