Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Done. Kinda. Good enough for now.

I have a few pictures and lots of *good* words stuck on my board.  But there is also some blank bits because I could not find a suitable picture.  Lots of pictures but nothing that called to me.

I will keep looking and when I find the one I want I will stick it on the board.  I would like one of a nice van and I did take a photo of one I really liked so might just get that printed.   I want a picture of someone riding a pushbike and someone walking through the bush.  I know I have seen these here somewhere but couldn't find them today.  I will keep looking and stick 'em on when I find them.

In the meantime I have a board that will remind me that I will be happy, healthy, fit.  It shows me the lovely lush vege filled gardens that will be here.  It shows some places that I will get to explore.  It tells me that I want to keep eating fresh healthy food.  There aren't any photos of *things*  It would have been easier I think to stick stuff that I could buy on but there isn't anything that I want.

It's a long way from being perfect but it is done and I am reasonably happy with it. It is now sitting on top of the microwave so it's easily seen and it gave me a good reason to clear that area of the bench.  I still haven't found the other pictures that I wanted but they will be found sometime soon and if not then I will look elsewhere.   That person in the middle in blue is not me but she looked fit and healthy so I'm pretending!  Will change that one when I find something I like better.  It looks more bare than I thought but with it now being up on display it should motivate me to look, find and stick on other pictures. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Vision Board. Problem.

Well I thought this would be an easy one...and it should be.  Grab some magazines, cut out some pictures, stick em on a board...How hard is that!

Well I am here to tell you that I have made it harder than it should be.  I have spent the afternoon, on and off,  looking for suitable pictures.  I have found 2.   I have read some gossip about people I have never heard of, I have read about people travelling around the place, I read about some peoples gardens...Looked at pictures of flash caravans and campers that cost more than this place did.  Didn't see much that I wanted to bring into my life.  I must be looking at the wrong sort of mag and will see if I can find some health/fitness types ones tomorrow.  And I need a picture of a van similar to the one I have but newer and slightly bigger in a magazine I don't mind cutting up.

I didn't think finding suitable pictures would be so hard.  I thought I'd see something and it would jump out at me and I'd know that was the one I needed.  Not so.

And as of now, 9.30PM everything is still spread out everywhere and I am no closer than I was 8 hours ago.

I'm out on Wednesday so MUST get it finished tomorrow.  

A good thing though is that I must be pretty content as there isn't much of a material nature that I want.   I might just end up writing some inspirational things over a piece of paper and that will be OK.  I did want pretty pictures though!

I need things from magazines as I don't have a colour printer and wouldn't use the ink if I did.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monthly Challenge. February. Vision Board.

OK, I am so far behind in this it's not funny.  'Tis laughable though.

I had set out to make a Vision Board this month, even wrote it down so I would be accountable...Hmmm   That didn't work so well.

I have a few days left and need to get the VB started and finished.  I have the board.  I have a vague idea on what I want on there.  I have a few magazines I can cut up.  No glue but will make some with flour.  If I remember how...

I have hurt my back again so will be inside for longer that usual and will start on it later today.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Still Nothing Happening.

We've been home a week.  That's all it took for my house to become a tip again.   For the yard to have crap from one point to the next, for me to be stuck on this bleedin' thing too often, for my life to become what I don't want it to. 

It's Friday, I will be out for a bit this morning, have the grandkid this evening/night.  As soon as she has gone tomorrow I am going to get stuck into the house, get that looking reasonable, then the front yard, then work my way around.  Then start the mowing again and work my way around. 

If nothing else though I will make time to get the pig fat rendered this weekend...So much for my monthly challenges.  They have gone to pot and it's only February!

It seems to be taking me forever to do the basics and I am not making time to work on any projects that I wanted to.  And of course this bleedin' thing!! 

Better get back into it, lots more to do before I leave.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home Again.

We have been away, went down to Denmark for a few days, home mid afternoon yesterday, fishing last night and today I am home alone catching up on the watering and chook looking aftering.  I don't need to do much there though as the daughter fed the chooks for me and looks like she may have watered in places as well.  Nothing is dead so that's good.

Of course everything needs a good mow but in between doing that I am going to be working on clearing out the big tank garden out the back.  It is dry, full of slaters and not doing at all well.  I am going to wire it off and put a few young chooks out there until it is cleared then top it off with chookshed stuff, let them scratch that in for me and get it ready for winter crops.  Apart from somehow putting a fence around it it should be an easy way of getting some life put back in it.  The fence will be started on tonight and hopefully finished tomorrow.

Some jobs for this week include:
*Whippersnippering the driveway edges.
*Picking up all the fallen fruit and cooking it up for the chooks.  An ongoing job as we have fruitfly infestation.
*Doing something with all the Passionfruit.  Other than more cordial which we don't drink.
*Dig out and remove gravel from the front garden.  Replace with dirt from the chookpens. Mulch on top.
* All the other everyday stuff that I need to do.
*Make more plaster eggs.

Lets see how I go with this lot.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not Much Happening Here.

Where does the time go.  Once again it's been too long between posts and it's not helping me at all.  I haven't done a lot out there so that might be why I'm not posting.  I have nothing to say about the poor state our food supply is in.  And I don't want to mention that some chooks got out again and dug up the lettuce seedlings that me and the grandaughter planted last week! 

We're going away for a few days, when we get back the husband should be back at work for a bit so I'm hoping I'll get out there and get some things growing.  I will have to finish up outside in time to cook him an evening meal though so that will be a bummer.  I like to be outside early, in when it heats up and out again for a few hours in the evening.  Hopefully the weather will be cooler and I can stay out longer during the day.  I have a list and I will plant some things that will turn into food for us.  I'm pretty sure that I have now fixed the chooks getting out problem.  We'll see. 

We will have no power for most of the day today so will spend it getting the car ready for our camping trip, getting the chook sheds cleared out and new hay put in for them, tidying the house so it's nice to come home to, cooking some food to take, putting away yesterdays laundry...so much to do, so little computer time...Husband and son will spend the day cutting up a pig so we have meat for the next few months.  That somehow, at the moment, seems easier than my job of supplying the vegetables to go with it.  I can hear the chooks cackleing, at least I know how to get eggs on the table.

I'll see you all when we get back.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Gardens.

I must say that I was, am, a bit disapointed with the gardens.  Not enough to get out there and do more with them but still...We had plenty to eat from them but if I was feeding a family some of them would have gone hungry a few times. 
And I haven't been using all of what I picked either.  I really need to get right on top of the excess stuff and preserve it while it is at it's peak, not wait a couple of weeks and think, "yeah, I should have done that, here chookie..."
I did lose a lot, some to escapee chooks, a lot to the heat.  We had some HOT days and not a lot of small stuff survived.  The chooks ate everything from the lettuce bed including most of the silverbeet, the heat shriveled up any seedlings that were out there, grass smothered the melons and pumpkins and a mouse kept eating the corn as it was planted.  I am working on trying to catch that but he is tricky. 
Anyway, there isn't a lot out there but hopefully I can get things together this month and get things back to how they should be.

I know I can have lush looking, full of good to eat garden beds.  Been there, done that, need to, WILL,  get there again.