Monday, September 24, 2012

Out of hours Animal Care..

We had another *situation* here yesterday and once again it wasn't our animals but we were the ones that came across it so what do you can't just walk away and ignore it even though that would be a lot less mucking around.

Yesterdays *situation* was a copy of one that happened a few months ago...A cow having trouble with calfing.  The calf has it's head and hoofs out but is dead, the mother...not doing too good and sounding and looking half dead herself.

The first time we knew who owned the cow but it was in our paddock.  The owner lives in Perth.  We rang the vet but he is unable to do anything without owner permission.  Eventually we get the owners number, the vet talks to him, comes out, removes dead calf injects poor mother cow with all sorts of drugs...the owner finally gets here but the cow dies soon after.  He gets a big bill but not worried about that too much as he knows the cow suffered for way too long.   He says we should have just shot the cow for him.  I agree but what can you can't go around shooting other peoples animals without permission.

Yesterday the son rings me and says one of our cows is not right and it and the others are in next doors paddock...I disagreed, said no not our cows, have another look...he says no, definately 2 of ours are next door and is this one ours too.  I come home, he says the cow has a partly born dead calf  so yeah, could be ours.  But it wasn't ours and ours were not suposed to be in this paddock.  We get ours out and try and ring the paddock owner but I know it is not his cow, he just gets some in sometimes.  Paddock owner not home and we have no number for him.  We know the vet wont come...I ring the ranger but no afterhours person.  I ring the police who try some numbers but no-one afterhours that can help.  The cow is not looking too good and it's been more than an hour since we found her..We are in an area of 5, 6 10 acre blocks so the cow could be anyones.  Son wants to try and pull the calf out to take some pressure off the cow...he has never done anything like that though and not our cow...are we allowed to..

I get in the car and drive around the block asking people if it is thier cow.  Finally find the father of the owner who is on her way home.

It's now been a couple of hours and son is going in regardless as the cow needs some sort of help.  He gets the pullalong out and takes it over.  Before he starts we see movement in the owners yard and not long after the owner shows up, she is upset but says it doesn't look good, it's been close on 3 hours since we found the cow so no idea how long before that she was down. 

The owner has no gun, says it's been too long, suffering, infection...she will need to go home and try and find someone that will shoot it for her.  Son says he will and within 10 minutes the cow is dead and no longer in pain.  We leave this women with a dead cow, not on her property to deal with it.  She says she had a backhoe and someone she knows will use it to bury the cow.

I hate having to deal with these sorts of things when it is our animals and the husband is not home but it is so much worse when it is other peoples animal that you find.  Worse still when you cannot get in contact with them or anyone to help.

If it happened to one of our animals and we were not home someone else would be in the same spot.

I think we need a plan.  But need to wait until husband gets home to help sort one out.

Have you ever had to deal with hurt, injured animals out of hours?  Someone elses' animals?  What did/would you do?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fifty Years Old.

No, not me, oh to be that young again...
Harvey High, my old school, had an open day to celebrate being 50 so I went to see if it had aged as well as me.  It, and most of the people that I think I knew, have done a lot better!  My Social Studies teacher was there, he didn't look that much older at all. 

I read about it a couple of weeks ago while at work and thought that I might go down and see how much it had changed, then changed my mind then decided that yes I would go.  A few days ago it was a definate yes, I'd go early for a quick look then maybe go on out to the beach, maybe stay out there the night...but even that changed.

Son rang this morning wanting me to go check out some things at a garage sale.  That was a mistake.  So much really really cool stuff...I did get what he asked for but even though I wasn't going to buy much because we don't need anything, I'm trying to get rid of stuff...there was so much really really cool stuff!

Lots of vintage things...whats the difference between vintage and plain ol' old?  This old stuff was cool and just what I want to put in my vintage caravan...that I don't have and haven't as yet got the approval of the one that will be paying, picking up, setting in I didn't buy anything for that. 

Anyway, going to the garage sale put me an hour behind schedule.  And then I needed a favour so said I'd take the granddaughter down with me while the daughter picked up something from the sale for me.    Bigger car and a man to help lift it.  So I end up with having the grandie with me at my old school.  That makes one feel their age! 

It was good to see how the school has changed, we had an assembly, wandered around the different classrooms.  There is a gym there now and more classrooms but the whole school still had the nice feel about it.   The grandkid started whinging though so we left earlier than I wanted and I didn't get to catch up with a couple of people that I saw and recognised.   Must remember next time to threaten something I don't mind doing.  A "stop crying or I'll smack your bum"  "stop crying or you can't spend any more money"  "stop crying...anything instead of the "or we'll go home" bit.   That way I might not end up quite so cranky and disappointed.

I won't be around for the next one and I have only heard about and been to one reunion but there are a few people from my time there that I wouldn't mind seeing again.    I didn't see them there today and have no idea where they are today, even what their name would be now...sad but I wouldn't even know how to start looking...

Is anyone here still good friends with people that they were at school with?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organic Chocolates.

I sometimes buy a block of dark cooking chocolate, keep it in the freezer and have a square or two when I feel like chocolate.  I started to melt a little bit and mix it with coconut, nuts, oats, something, to make it *healthier* and so I felt better about having a chocolate fix when I think I need one.  I like that I can only make a tiny amount and I can feel that it is healthy because I have added bran and oats to it.  Healthy chocolate. Cool idea right.  

The last few times that L has come here she has brought some homemade organic chocolates.  They are not sweet like the stuff we buy from the shops but nice.  The last lot has a filling of banana and avocado.  Nice!

On her visit last weekend she brought me a kilo tub of "good for so many things" organic coconut oil. 

This morning I made some chocolates from scratch.  Because we all need to know how to do this so we can have an unending supply right.  Just waiting for us to have whenever we want to right? 

Maybe it wasn't the best idea because, to be honest, nobody  needs an unending supply of chocolate even if it is homemade with organic products.  

I only had a vague idea on what to do but the way she said they did it, it didn't sound beyond my limited cooking skills.  But this time out I didn't use all organic.  Because she hasn't brought me the raw cocoa yet.  I have been told that I will get some soon though.

Anyway, this morning I melted a tiny bit of coconut oil, only a dessertspoon, added a bit less cocoa powder, homebrand from Woolies and stirred in some organic honey, maybe a tsp.  Stirred it all together and put some small blobs onto some baking paper.  To the rest of the mix I stirred through some organic oats.

 These were too easy, too nice and now too convenient.   
They are sweeter than the ones L brought me and I'm thinking that is because I used processed cocoa not the raw stuff.  Or maybe they didn't add honey or other sweetener like I did.  I will ask her when next I see her.

I liked the ones with the oats but husband wasn't too fussed in those.  Said too much oats and maybe use sultanas sometime.  I think they will be nice with just about anything and one day will try and get some Cherry Ripe and Bounty tasty ones but for now, oats and bran is fine.

Below are some that L.brought.  Much cleaner looking so maybe I need to work on my presentation skills but as long as they taste good I'm not too worried about what they look like.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Successful Markets.

I must say the Really Really Free Markets seemed to be a great success. 
I went down early to see if they wanted a hand to set up and by the 1pm opening time there were crowds of people waiting outside.  We opened the doors and it was like one of those Myers sales that you see on TV.  People just swarmed in...It was great.    So much stuff, a newcomer asked what happened to all the stuff left over, I explained that the people were supposed to take it home with them afterwards but there wouldn' be much left...This lovely women volunteered to help do dishes and when she walked back out into the hall afterwards seemed very surprised that most tables were empty.  So much stuff found a new home and I often wonder just how much is being saved from landfill. 

I didn't get much from this one.  No books which is what I look for first  A jumper that will go back if I decide I don't want it, a kids jigsaw for the kids I care for, a billy type thing for camping.  There wasn't much else there that caught my eye...until halfway through.  I was standing around talking with someone when right in front of me was a cool looking thing.  I excused myself and quickly walked over to it and then snatched it up.  It was mine!   
 Isn't this a great bickie tin.

 I've collected a few now.   One day I will find somewhere to display them and think of a use for them all.   In the meantime they are in a bag next to my bed...but I love them and want them and they make me smile so I will keep them and one day they will have their own proper place so everyone that comes here can see that I am a woman of taste and refinement.

This cute little man will hold my flavoured coffee sachets. 

A couple of markets ago I scored a breadmaker but the people had left the booklet for it home and were too far away to go back for it.  They said they'd drop it off at my place next week when they were in town but I didn't see them and even though I looked up on-line I couldn't manage a decent loaf of bread for the husband with it.  Yesterday at the markets I felt a tap on my shoulder and there they were with the book.  I will try making a loaf sometime this week when husband gets home.

At the August markets there was this strange looking
 black figure thing that looked a bit like a man skiing.

It  wasn't 'til halfway through the day that I went and had a proper look at it and as soon as I realised what it was I grabbed it.  Isn't this just the coolest thing you have ever seen?

I love it!  Others love/like it too but some think it is freaky.  What do you think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waroona Really Really Free Markets Turn Two.

Really Really Free Markets.  Markets where everything is free.  If you don't want it take it to these and someone else might take it home with them.  You may find something to take back home with you.  How cool would that be?  And free.  You could also have a cup of coffee or tea if you wanted to.  For free.  Sometime they have yummy cake or biscuits.  All free.  And lunch.  Free. 
There is sometimes a lady there that does Reiki and card reading.   Sometimes other people that do different things.  And did I say that it is all free

I firs went to some Free Markets in Perth.  Took the train up and walked miles to where they were so I was mighty interested when I heard that there were going to be some close by.   I went to the first of these when it was on down at the local park.  I decided then that if they were going to be a regular thing then I would use them as an avenue to declutter my house.  Well this Saturday they have been going for 2 years.  Two years!  So of course my house is lovely and tidy with no unloved or unwanted stuff anywhere right?  Errr, No.  A big fat NO.  I have been to most and taken boxes and boxes of stuff but not enough.  We still have way too much stuff here.

 I have been doing a bit of clearing out over the last week and have a bag and a box of stuff to take to this one but still could find more if I looked hard enough.  Actually I wouldn't have to look very hard at all and I would see stuff that could go. I will bag up more stuff to take down..

The markets have shifted to the local hall, there are tables set up to put your stuff on.  They do ask that you take home with you anything that is still there at 3pm when it ends but you may not have anything left.  If you have it wouldn't be much.  There have been loads of times when I have come home with none of the stuff that I took down.  That's not saying that I came home with nothing though, I have heaps of cool stuff here now but as it is wanted and loved it will be staying here.

On nice days I like sitting outside the hall with a coffee and lisen to the music.

These markets are in Waroona, 3rd Saturday every month.  Doors open at 1PM and it shuts at 3PM.
There are a few people that stay around to help pack up, wash dishes and sweep and I know their help is greatly appreciated.

There is a Facebook page if anyone likes the concept and wants to join. 

Maybe I will see you there sometime.

Monday, September 10, 2012


I am a member of a forum and a group of people on there have banded together to become Heartsisters to other members.  We get the name and some basic information of someone and she becomes our Heartsister for the year.  The idea is to write a letter, send a card, small gift, something, each month to let that person know that we are thinking of them.    We in turn have a Heartsister that sends to us.  I think it's a lovely idea and though it has been going for a few years on the forum this is my first year of being involved.  

This morning I received letters and small gifts from my Heartsister.  She is a lovely, generous woman and I think I am lucky to have her as my sending Heartsister.   I don't know if she reads this, probably doesn't but I thank her for all she sends me.   On the forum we have a thread where we can let our Heartsister know that we have received their letter, card, whatever and to thank them and I have done that but wanted to write about it here too. 

This morning, among other thigs, there was a small booklet on Wildflowers in the Southwest.  I have had a quick look through it and there are a couple that I recognise and it will be fun to take it on a bushwalk, picked from the bushwalking book she sent a while ago, and seeing what we can find.

The woman I send to lives in Queensland but I don't know if she is still a member of the forum as I haven't heard if she has received any of the things I have been sending over the last few months.  It's hard to know whether to keep sending or if she has left the forum and is no longer interested.   I put a return address on the things I send and nothing has been returned so I assume that she is getting them so will probably keep sending until the year is up.  What would you do?

I know some of you have been involved in this idea and I would be interested in what your thoughts on it are.  And what do you send or have recieved as I am always looking for nice but inexpensive ideas.  Thankyou.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where is time going.  I can't understand how this time a week ago I was at the vets with Roofie and I've hardly done a damn thing since.  All the *I'm gunnas*  have disappeared into the night and I'm still here with a messy house, grass that needs mowing, clothes that need washing, even the every day jobs haven't been done.  For a week!  And I promised myself that this week would be different.    Blimey!   There has to be something wrong with me.  I don't know anyone else that lives like this and I have no idea why I choose to.  My mother taught me better.....I should respect her, and myself, more and show it by being less slovenly.

It's not because I'm having a bout of depression either.   I'm sad sometimes but Roofie was never a friendly cat so I miss him but not in a *cry too much can't see to do the housework* kind of way.  I'm just a friggin' lazy bit** that needs a swift kick to get me moving and doing.

So!  I'm gunna make a list.  And this time next week things will be different.  Yeah?  Yeah.

Right now I will be off to clear and clean the sink.  That means do dishes, wash, dry, put away.  Wipe over.  Do something with the bottles and the oranges.  Will leave the oranges as they need juicing and that will make more mess..  Maybe I should do that first?   The juice can then go in the bottles for the freezer so that will fix those two things then I can clean up and wash everything that is there and it will be one job done...'til tomorrow anyway...

Monday, September 3, 2012


Well Roofus is home...I now have to go out in the rain and dig a hole so I can bury him but hey, That's life aye.  Or death.  So I'm having a bit of a cry.

Ron rang this morning to tell me that Roofus was dead, said he was alive last night when he checked and had pee'ed but this morning when he went in...dead cat.  Said the bladder had filled again and Roofus probably had kidney failure.  

I am angry too.  Not at Ron, he was brilliant yesterday but at circumstances.  We try and do what is best for our animals.  If we believe they can be treated we take them to a vet, put them through horrible things,...the animals are in pain, not at home...whatever...and they get to die in a cold cage all alone.  It's not right.  If I had of kept him home he would have died in a warm house with someone who loved him.  If he looked like being in pain the end could have been so quick he wouldn't have even know it was coming.  But no, we think we are doing the right thing by putting them through *stuff*.. And I think we do it more for ourselves than for the animal.   The end result is the same, the lead-up very different. 

Anyway, I am cross that I didn't just get the son to shoot Roofus while he was asleep.   I would have felt guilty for not giving him a chance but he would have been at peace a lot sooner and not even known how horrible I was.  I think that would have been better for us both.  As it is...well who knows what he went through and if cats think...he wouldn't have been thinking anything nice. 

And it's raining more, I'm home alone, feeling cross and sad.
Husband will be home this afternoon, I could wait and ask him to dig the hole for me but Roofus is my cat so I think I should.    Might wait until he gets home before I bury him, not sure yet.  I am going to plant a plum tree with him.

 BigBoyBeautiful, You didn't like me much but I loved you, sorry I wsn't there.
Roofus .

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vet Visit.

I have had  a very interesting couple of hours. 

My cat was sleeping on my bed Friday night but was outside early Sat.  I heard him have a spat with the stray cat that comes around sometimes but didn't think much of it.  Went out Sat morn and when I got home I noticed that Roofus hadn't been in for his breakfast so went looking for him but didn't find him.  Looked and called throughout the afternoon and found him late evening sleeping under a bush.  I thought he was dead but he opened his eyes when I picked him up..  Now this is cat that doesn't like me and likes being picked up less but let me pick him up and carry him...Obviously there was something wrong so I brought him inside where it was warm.  He was still alive this morning and did get up and wobbled around a few times but he was walking like a drunk cat and he wouldn't drink or eat.  He did go outside when I had the door open but I brought him back into the sunroom where he went to sleep on the mat. 

Yesterday I thought he may have picked up a bait from somewhere, maybe rat poison but the symptoms didn't fit and so I rang the Son in Law this morning and got him to come have a look at him.  He used to be a vet technician so I was happy to take his advice.   He says he had an enlarged bladder so a blockage and would need a catheter.    He rang the vet for me and Ron,  the vet, said he'd meet me at the surgery. 

Usually when I take an animal to the vets I just drop it off and come back when the animal is ready to come home.  Being Sunday and no other animals or people there Ron was happy for me to stay and watch the procedure and I'm glad I did.  It was very interesting.   Roofus is still there and will come home tomorrow if he can pee by himself. 

I never though I'd ever spend part of my day watching some bloke stick a tube up my cats penis but I am glad I did.  We have been going to this vet for more than 20 years and his bedside manner does leave a lot to be desired but we have never had any reason to complain about him.  We do know people that don't like him though and say they will never go back to him.  But watching him today with my cat...He swears, tells it like it is, doesn't seem to like people and tells you why in words that let you know in no uncertain terms...But the care he took with my cat, how he answered all my questions and explained what he was doing and why...I was impressed.   And he gave me a Sniggers bar to eat while I watched.  What's not to like.

I know I will wince when I get the bill, it will be bigger than normal seeing as I called him out on a Sunday.  Fathers day to boot, sorry 'bout that.  But today...Thanks Ron.