Wednesday, August 14, 2019

What's Happening - 14th August 2019

It's coming to the end of Winter here in Western Australia and it is raining again today, just like yesterday.  But Monday, wow that was a beautiful sunny day.  I was at work so couldn't make use of it though.  And since it's going to be, is, very wet today I will go into work again.  The plan was to do a hive inspection but wet and cold days are not the best time for that so it will have to happen another day.

Vegie gardens are all full of grass, I have nothing growing, couldn't feed my self even 1 meal from what is out there, very bad state of affairs...Hubby has put seeds in trays so he may get something going before me so I really do need to get out there and do something, clear at least one small area and make a start.  Maybe I will...  The Oranges are falling off the trees though so we need to keep on top of those.   I am giving them away at the moment as there is only so many Oranges 1 person can eat

The bee hives haven't been looked at for a couple of months but were doing OK last time he looked.  I haven't even been out there since the middle of Autumn.  But since it will soon be spring we do need to get an inspection in soon and get a super put on each hive.   I have found those and have them ready so that's something I suppose.  Next warm day when I am home I need to empty the extraction shed out and give it a good clean ready for the first extraction but that shouldn't take too long.

I do plan to get all the gardens back up to scratch so we can feed ourselves again and may even take advantage of an offer from Growing Wilde  to come and help with that.  In the meantime I am busy with volunteering as we are so short of volunteers at the moment I am going in extra days, this should settle down soon and with the longer days I will have no excuse to not be doing something outside.

What's everyone else doing, how do you keep yourself busy?