Monday, June 19, 2017

Whingy Sooky Feel Sorry For Myself Write-up

I have recently been thinking that I want to live in a small clean house with a concrete no work yard, floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with my books, a comfy seat and a cakemaking machine.  And no animals

Hopefully soon I will get over that thought and start lovin' my long grassed, animal filled yard and messy house with not enough books again. 

My head is so messed up at the moment I sometimes think something small will send me mad.  It won't, it will just make me cry more.  And then I will whinge about being such a sook and feel ungrateful because I have no good reason to be feeling that way when my life is really quite good and way better than most people I know.

I don't really want the concrete yard.  Or the cakemaking machine.

And I could have the small clean house if I want, I just have to get up and clean it.  We do have too many animals here.  Not enough cats though.  And not enough space for my books.

We have too many roosters and too many chickens that keep getting out of their pens and into the gardens.  Soon the roosters will be soup and hopefully some of the chickens will go to somewhere else and the vegies will have a half chance of growing again.  That will be good, that will please me. 

HoHum, sleep time.   I am out again tomorrow, another day not home here getting things the way I think they should be, the way I want them.  Work on Wednesday.  And Thursday maybe.  And maybe again on Friday.  At least I will be too busy to think on things and mope too much. 

Bleedin' Hell, what a whingy, feeling sorry for myself write-up.  What I need is a good kick up the backside and a stern talking to.  What I'm gunna have is a good nights sleep and a better attitude in the morning.  Night people.