Wednesday, February 26, 2020

February Adventure.

I went on another adventure today.  Conned husband into coming with me and he wasn't that grumpy about it!
So I have been on 2 adventures this month, go me.  haha, small things make me happy.

My first adventure this year was a solo drive up to Lane Poole.  I like this place, it is only 20 minutes up the road, trees, water and peacefulness. 
So why don't I go more often?  "Cause I'm a sook that thinks I will get lost, get mugged, car will conk out, or yowies will eat me...

Anyway it was 2 Fridays ago when I finally did go, it was my wedding anniversary and husband had to go to work so I decided to go somewhere and celebrate anyway.

It now cost $15 per car to get into this park, a few years ago it was free, just pay if you camped there, but the last couple of years they have been doing a lot of work, clearing areas, putting in fancy camp kitchens and camp areas, making it so most areas have to be booked on-line, bulldozing down trees, so city people can come and camp in the bush!!  It's nothing like what it used to be, not better that's for sure.  But for a day trip, still nice.  And there are still a couple of areas that you don't need to book so that's OK.  And seeing as I have a Parks Pass that allows free entry to National Parks I may as well go as many times as I can.  Anyway, I parked up at just after Nanga Mill and walked up to Stringers.  Not far, a gentle stroll through the bush, up some steps, down the steps and up a small hill then back to the car.  35 minutes.  Maybe.  Damn, that was hard work!  I am so unfit now it's ridiculous. 
Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor, nature and water

I was so hot when I got back to the car I had to have a paddle to cool down.  That water was so cold!  It was a lovely day out.


For today's adventure I talked husband into coming with me...he wasn't too grumpy about it either so yay!  We weren't sure where we were going but I had read a blog about a place called Frog Hollow and it sounded pretty cool so that's where I picked for today's adventure. 
First stop on the way was

 After leaving here we drove past Gnomesville, didn't stop here today as we have been here a few times, Not too far to get to where we were going.

Frogs Hollow is a smaller version of Gnomesville, much smaller, but maybe one day it will rival it.  Today though we had fun looking for all the different frogs, did we find them all?  Probably not, but that's a reason to come back again. 

Had a yummy hamburger from Preston Valley Store, the shop across the road, Kym had a milkshake, one of the nicer ones I've tasted over the last few months.  Then a decision on which way to go and I chose South.  To Grimwade.  Drove through the bush looking for camping spots, found a few he says we may come back to...Then a quick visit to Kirip and home via Donnybrook.  It was a great day out.

I wonder what my next adventure will be?

Thursday, February 20, 2020

It's 2020.

Happy New Year!!!   haha  That's a bit sad isn't it, 2 months too late.  Or is it ever too late to wish everyone a great and happy year?  I don't think so.

We are now nearly 2 months in and again, I am growing nothing.  Well, a couple of capsicum plants but that's about it.  This morning though while watering Husbands stuff I picked a pile of tomatoes and a a couple of capsicum.  And 2 from my plants, better not forget that!

And while watering I was munching on figs.  And a few boysenberries.  And grapes.  Watered the coffee trees and collected a bakers dozen plus 3 eggs from a secret nest I found under it so I will check to make sure they are OK then add them to a zucchini...marrow and make a quiche for tea.

I am dogsitting again.  We had him for 10 days not long ago but this time he is only here for a couple of days.  But it's a bit concerning having him here now as we have seen 2 snakes over the last week.  One INSIDE the house.  We called a snake catcher to come get that one as it went into a cupboard but she missed it!!.  Says it went out through a hole in the wall so I hope so.  Except, outside that wall is the cattery.  Which, again, I have let the grass get too long in.  But I am not game to get out there this week and work on getting it cleared up because husband isn't home and if I disturbed the snake and it bit me I would cry.  And maybe die too if I don't get help quick enough.  So the grass cutting in the cattery will wait a couple of days until husband gets home.  Cat wont go out there while the dog is here so she's safe enough.  Unless the snake comes back inside...HoHum, I really do need a massive declutter and cleanout.  The snake we saw last week was a lot bigger that the inside one and I have no idea where that went to.  So that is 3 unaccounted for over the last 6 months, 2 over the last week.  I wonder if these are a grown up version of the babies that were around last year...I wonder how many are out there that we don't see...Though I do try not to think about that too much.

I have been busy with Vinnies, we are still short staffed so I am still going in extra days, I like it but thinking I need to start doing other things too.  I want some adventures this year, been saying that for years! but this year the urge is stronger.  Tears are still there when I think of going anywhere by myself but I'm old enough now to suck it up and just do it. 😃

I have a day off tomorrow and I should stay home and get some jobs done...but I may go for an adventure, just a small one...will decide tomorrow.

Have a great one people, have some fun.