Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Knickers In A Knot.

Okkk, after getting all the hankies neatly put in their little pouch I went to put them in the drawer...Not easy. Once again, there is so much stuff shoved in there it was an effort to close it again. Jammed packed with undies. Yes people, today I will talk about my undies. I know, how exciting for you all. I have too many. I know, again, who'd have thought. I tipped everything out of the drawer onto the bed. Shouldn't have done that because there is no way that even half of that stuff will fit back in. I found 8 9 11 more hankies, gosh, does it never end. 9 bras. Now I'll admit that I should wear a bra, me not in a bra is not a good look. But, I sometimes can not put one on in the morning and most nights I can't get it off so it's easier for me to not wear one. I make the effort if I am going out as I am not completely boganised yet. I will start there. Off to purge a few, right now! Well that was easy enough. 3 gone to the bin, 1 to freecycle, 1 in the cupboard because if I ever do lose a bit of weight I might need it...I know...I'm a work in progress...4 to go back in the drawer. They are decent, they fit and are comfortable. The kettle hasn't boiled yet so I'll go count me knickers. Oh dear! 27 pairs there, 1 on and there are a few in the wash...Too many? Off to see what can go. I have made a start, 4 pair, all black, into the cupboard, they fit but I don't need them in the drawer so they are with the 2 packets of 7 that are in there for when I need new ones...I know... 5 pair knotted and binned. I knot them so I don't change my mind and pull them out again. 10 definate keepers and 8 unsure. I have put the definates in a bag near the bed and the unsure ones in the drawer. If they are not worn and liked over the coming week then they will go and the definates will be put back in the drawer. How clever is that idea, no need to answer, I think it is clever so that's what I'm going with. The drawer is sooo easy to open and shut right now, I like it! Now for that coffee...then...something else.


  1. I suppose I have two dozen pair of panties. Plus, I may have a pack not worn. One day, I realized I was wearing ragged panties and bought a couple of packages as I could. I don't regret that. I was so happy to throw those raggedy ones away.

    Why can't you get the bra on and off? A physical problem with arms or hands? I have one I made. It needs repairing or replacing. I have some that will require a substantial weight gain if I ever wear those. I keep throwing a one away and then another. I keep all panties on a shelf in the bathroom. I keep a bag hanging behind the door with socks living in it.

    I have no handkerchiefs.

  2. Haha you said knickers...