Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I Did Today....

Thursday.  Thought I'd write down some of what I did today to see if I really am a SA or just forgetful.

 Up early, 5.25am, so have a coffee, then a couple of hours on computer, breakfast, coffee then outside in the sunshine.   Lovely day,

Morning - washing, we have a small twintub so this takes awhile.  Longer because the machine is outside in the back shed and I tend to go off and do other stuff then have to keep coming back when I remember.   I wandered around the yard and collected branches and twigs, collected a crate of small wood for starting the fire with.  Chopped some other stuff to add to it.  Set up the fire ready to light when it's next cold.  Filled up the woodbox.   Walked out the dam area and looked around.  Yeah, I was busy!  Checked the wormfarm and wandered off to get them some lettuce to munch on.  Looked at the fish and stood there while topping up their tanks and wondering how to go about treating them for whitespot.  Set up a smaller tank and treated 2 batches of fish.  More to go...Looked at the Caulies to see which one needed picking the most...there are a few that could be picked, collected a pile of  their leaves and wandered off to give them to the chooks.  .Pulled some grass out from around the back door.  Got the wheelbarrow to throw weeds and grass in to give to the chooks.  Emptied once and started filling again.   All the while coming back to take the clothes out, spin, rinse, spin, hangup on line..Next load...

Noon. - Lunchtime so in to have something to eat while I watch the midday movie.  Now the plan was to tidy up, do dishes, cleanout fridge, etc during the ads.   I didn't.  I spent most of the ads looking for my battery charger so I could charge batteries for the camera.  I haven't been able to find this for quite a few weeks and it *must* be here otherwise I have no idea where it would be.  Bagged up some clothes for the next Freemarket.  Didn't find charger so will look some more tomorrow.

Afternoon - Back outside but I am getting tired  now so am slow and sore.   Took some clothes off line, inside and folded some.  Sat at the computer and ate an Orange.  See?  Still busy!  Made up some lawnmower fuel, chopped some wood while I was in that area, inside to check phone message, stayed inside for another Orange.  Out again and finally! got the stupid mower started so mowed for a bit.

Evening/Night - Fed and locked up chooks, collected eggs.   Inside and showered -now 6pm. 
Tea, Will have coffee then computer until bed.  
8pm - just remembered a couple of chooks got out this afternoon so I need to go out and look for them and throw put them back in.

So this is what a lot of my days are like, just mooching around doing bits and pieces but having not much to show for it.  Husband does projects so we can see what he does but my stuff is like housework, stuff that needs doing over and over and over and over...Because I can't see an end result it looks like I'm not doing anything but really, I am doing a bit..  Sometimes anyway!

Tomorrow will probably be much the same but there will be some book reading instead of a midday movie.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still done nothing

Or more to the point...nothing has been achieved.  I must be doing some things out there surely but when I try to think back and remember it's like "it all looks the same so maybe I really did do nothing"
I know I mowed  bit.  Picked some food.  Pulled a few weeds. 

Since I last posted, 10!! days ago I have had a day away for a birthday party, a couple of half days out the beach but I'm saying a weekend away so 2 days gone.  Had a date day in Bunbury, worked 2 days...That looks better, it seems I have been out more often than I have been home so maybe I am not quite as slack as I was thinking I was.  Maybe.  Still, not enough done over the 4 full days that I was here.

I am away all day today and I don't go back to work until next Tuesday so should be able to get something done out there surely.  I will make a list and post so as to be accountable.  That usually works for me.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week...

I have done nothing since my busy day outside.   Well no work.  I have sat out in the sun and read a book and that was outside.  But no mowing, weeding, clearing, mulching, planting...And nothing will be done today either.   I do have a list to start on tomorrow so if I can get a few things on that finished I'll feel better.  I'm not sure why I expect my garden to continue feeding us when I am such a SA with it all.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Been Busy.

I have had a busy day, probably got more done today than I have all last week but I sure am paying for it tonight.  And there is still so much to do out there.  I really need more of a plan and then I need to get out there and *do* more often.  That way I might not end up like I have today.

We are picking heaps of Broccoli and I need to get some picked and frozen before it seeds.  I have peas, not many, a few now and then but lots of flowers.  Cabbages haven't done anything but are close.  Asparagus is sending up spears, lots of skinny ones but enough thick and tasty ones too.

I have been trying to clear out the big tank gardens where the brasicas are.  Husband helped me pull the thousands of weeds out last week and today I collected a few barrow loads of dirt from the chookpen to top up all the low bits in it.  That was a job and a half by itself!  Found some small carrots and beetroot and lots of lettuce amongst the Broccoli.
Another couple of barrow loads of chookpen mulch on the Asparagus in the small  tank beds, some on the Asparagus in the drums and one on the sweet potatoes in the single tank garden.  Of course the chooksheds then needed more hay put in them to replace what I took out but it wont need doing again for a few more weeks and the chooks now have clean, warm hay to dig around in.

Found a patch of potatoes in one of the fridge gardens that were above ground and green so I pulled them up and dug down some to retrieve the rest.  Not many, maybe a kilo or so, small but nice.  I cooked them all up, had some for tea and will have the rest throughout the week. The green ones will be replanted one day when I am out there and think of it.  At the moment they are covered with some rag that was out there.  Dug up a couple of kilo of Sweet potatoes from their patch and *found* a big carrot in a handful of weeds that I pulled.  A few capsicum and some spinach and I have enough cooked veg in the fridge for the week.

We are getting plenty of Oranges but have had to net the trees as the parrots like them too.  We were looking at the Pepinos and saying how good the plants looked and how the big fruit would soon be ready when Husband noticed that some had been eaten,  He thought it was by rats so I set the traps out there and  caught one last night.  The traps are set again for tonight so I hope we get them all out of the way so we get some of these fruit.  Slaters are eating the Strawberries!  Bloody things, they are such a pain and I need to get on top of them again.

Everything needs mowing again, trees need pruning, grass and weeds needs to be removed from under a  couple more trees, I have a pile of Garlic, left in the ground last year and it has come up in clumps.  I need to thin that out and put some in different areas.

Lots to do but I am out all day tomorrow and am hoping to get out the beach for a bit sometime over the next week and I was also hoping to get a bushwalk in somewhere...I need to start training for a BIG challenge we have set ourselves.  Will tell about that soon but it means I really need to get up off me bum and move more.   But when I do move more, like today, I hurt.  Bad...Or do I just think I do to give myself something to whinge about...

Oh, I got a pile of magazines in the mail today.  Twentyfour of them so of course I need to find time to read those...maybe when I finish the book I started a couple of days ago.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Raining...

Again.  The last week of Winter was like Spring, lovely sunny days, not hot, perfect to be outside and get everything that needed doing done.  So why didn't I!  This week it's rained and rained again then rained some more.  The land it saturated, the chookyards are nothing but mud, poor little chookies probably are out there now waiting for me to let them out into the paddock just so they can wipe the squishyness from the poor mud soak toes...

If I *remember* I will do that before I leave in a half hours time.  I have no food left for them so hope I also remember to buy some on my way home this afternoon but I may be too late to get to the shop. Bad chook mummy should have gone into town last week and bought bought some.   When it was sunny and nice!

Husband left for work on Monday, said he's be back in a week, maybe 9 days.  Great me thinks, lots of time to get everything I didn't do last week done.  Hmmm, he got home last night.  I know the *joys* of not knowing from one week to the next when he will be here so should have got everything done over the weekend but hey, I had a book to finish, a grandkid to look after, blogs to read...when was I suposed to find the time for tidying up. 

I'm out for the next 2 days so maybe Friday might see something done.  But if it stops raining I have places I want to go.  Somewhere that sells freshly made icecream.  that will be way better than mowing lawns or sweeping floors.

Oops, gotta go.  Roosters are telling me it's time to let them out and I still need to get dressed and get ready for work.  I need to leave in 15mins so better get a move on!