Friday, August 3, 2018

Raining. Snakes.

Well it's still raining here, the cat is still staying inside where it is warm and the dog went home for a bit but then came back for a few days.   He was here today, the yard is still ankle deep in water and he was still outside in the wet and cold. 

I had a friend visit today and as she was leaving she says to me "is that a snake?"  I doubted it, middle of Winter, cold, wet, not snake season...But yeah, it was, it was a small, 12inch maybe, tiger snake, laying on the wet grass on the driveway.  And alive.  With the dog sniffing around.  I grabbed the dog, friend grabbed a shovel and snake was relocated.

Friend said there may be more around as they may be coming out of hiding places because of all the water and that does make sense.  And there is so many hiding places as the grass is long and weedy as it hasn't been cut for a month or so because of the rain.   But I never thought that we'd have to look out for snakes in this weather.

Dog was picked up this afternoon and has gone home for a bit.  He will be back here sometime next week.  I hope no more snakes come out.

As soon as we get some sun and the grass dries out enough I am going to be out there mowing it all down!