Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garden Pests.

I was out inspecting the gardens yesterday, didn't have much time as I needed to get a walk or ride in before I was out for most of the day...Cabbages are looking good. 

Most of them are anyway.  A lot have been attacked, yes, attacked!!
By these critters.  And Slaters too.  Can't forget the Slaters.

 The netted thing is a Broccolli, forgotton about and gone to seed.  The net is covered in Slaters trying to get to the plant.

 A bit more looking found some in with the Lettuce too.  Bleedin' things.  And they are eating the Potato leaves.

I didn't do the walk but spent too much time hunting down snails.  Got quite a few and more this morning and I know there are still more out there.  I gave them to the chooks, they appreciate them more than I do.
HoHum, I know what I will be doing in the early hours of the mornings this week.

And rats are back too!  Without the aid of poisons pest control is a daily job and when I let it go for awhile it takes a bit to get it under control again.  Such is the garden pleasures of someone who chooses to not use poisons...

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  1. Since I cannot catch this rat in the house, I may have to use poison. So, the rat may die in a stack of blankets inside and stink or die outside and kill my hens. But, I cannot live with a rat. It is a huge choice to make.

    So, now I have seen a slater "in person" instead of generic pictures. I hope you get them under control.