Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wet Tuesday.

It is wet here, so wet that I need me wellies on to get anywhere outside the front door.  So, another inside day though I do need to get outside sometime and clean out the fish tank.  Another dead fish in there this morning , there were 2 last week so I don't know what is going on with them.  Inside though, first will be a tidy-up.  It was looking pretty reasonable last week but a couple of days away, husband home and me out yesterday then having the grandkid here...not much has been done, not even the basics.

On top of the basics, bed, dishes, clothes and games and books from last night away...I have to sort out the front verandah sunroom as that is all wet.  We keep working on this problem but everytime the rain and wind come in from the East it ends up wet out there.  We do something and it seems to fix it but then another storm shows that it needs working on again.     If I had of put the van mattress' back in the van last week they wouldn't be in the lounge area now getting dry in front of the fire...So that one is my fault.  I do seem to make more work for myself by not doing things when they should be done...Same with the clothes that are now on the rack inside...I put them on the lounge in the sunroom on Sunday instead of bringing them inside to air off over night and now they are wet again...HoHum....Extra things to do and our tiny house is slowly getting filled with stuff that should have been sorted on Sunday or last week.

I'm not sure if any decluttering will get done today but I do want to go through the shoe basket and sock drawer before Friday... And I have more sewing that I want to get done...FreeMarkets are on Saturday so I'd like another bag ready to take down there.  Seeds need to be planted or we wont have enough food over the Summer....So much to do and yet I am still sitting here...Breakfast while I watch some decluttering, clean freak videos on Youtube then I'll make a move...and speaking of moving I need to go for a ride or walk sometime this morning...HoHum.  Life is good though, at least I don't have a real job and  can get to do all this...
Healthy Breakfast  2 Weetbix, so not the best but OKish.
Make bed.  Changed pillowslips and will do sheets sometime during the week.
Clear off table.
Sink clear and clean.
Benches x 2.  Had 1 clear then messed it up again by starting the soup....
Books and games from last night away.
Mattress in van.
Seating area tidy and vacuumed.
Oranges need juicing.
Bring in fresh Oranges.  There will be a pile on the ground from all the wind.
Make soup  It's on the stove cooking.
Ride or walk.  Or something.  15min moving. 7min moving. 5 then 5 more min. 
Weekend stuff away.
Fill woodbox.
Chop more small wood.
Fish tank.  Refill, clean filter...
Then...I can start on the shoe basket!


  1. If the rain is leaking through the roof, your mattress and clothes will have contaminants on them. The water might leave stains on clothes. If it is blowing in through an open place in the verandah, that is a strong wind. I am thinking a verandah has roof and floor but no walls. That is what it would be here.

    Hopefully, you can get your whole list done and be content. Then, you can start another list. You get more done than I.

    I would be right on those oranges because I have never had an orange tree. Do you ever make orange marmalade?

  2. We enclosed this verandah last year but for some reason it leaks during some storms...I'll get him to have another go soon but in the meantime I need to not put stuff there. The clothes were fine but are still waiting to be put away. I don't make marmalade because we don't eat it but I have juiced and frozen heaps.


  3. Sounds like a lot of rain Barb! The wind has been awful here the past few days. It was nice today, but is due to change overnight. Hope the change brings us some of your rain :)

    I think I might start making lists, as I don't seem to get anything achieved. I need to sort out some of my stuff too!

  4. Oh I hear you Barb! It's never ending, just when you think you're getting on top of things...bam, you're back at the start again !! Sounds like you got heaps crossed off your list though.