Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Been Sewing

It's been too wet to get out and mow or do much else outside, I had the place to myself, ideas in my head and clothing that needed I sewed. None of it is the greatest but if I wait until I am a great sewer then nothing will ever get done. I made some more T-Shirt bags, some cloth wipes, did some repairs to clothes I like so they can be worn again...have more to make and repair but am now having trouble with the bobbin and tension and can't work out what is wrong. It was fine then it wasn't. I'm not home for the next 2 days so will work on it over the weekend. You can see how messy some of it is but it is done now whereas last week, last month even, it wasn't. Here's some of the stuff I did make though...

From pieces all over the place...
To pieces neatly contained in a pretty bag.
Plain T-Shirt bag

Cloth wipes with matching drawstring bag.



  1. I have been sitting here, trying to figure out what is wrong with your machine. If I were closer or had phone access to you, I could figure it out. Yes, "if" Having tiny toys underfoot is a young woman's game. now, I would just trip or slide on them. But, even then, I kept them in baskets or boxes. Bags are an excellent idea.

  2. hi Barb i love your pink, purple & white spotty wipe clothes ..makes cleaning more enjoyable with those bright fun colours...