Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017.

Well.  Here I am again.  Hello.  Welcome to 2017.

I have heard so many people saying that they are glad 2016 is over, what an awful year it was, so much bad stuff happened...My  2016 was pretty good and I know 2017 will be good for us too.  I just know it!  Yeah bad stuff might happen but there will be good stuff in there too and the way we deal with the bad stuff will determine how the rest of the year is.  Dwell on the crap and I think more crap will happen.  Focus on the good and that is what you will get...

Reading that over it sounds all airy fairy and new age mumbo jumbo, stuff family and friends believe in but I don't...Or didn't?  I woke up this morning to hear the rooster crowing.  4:30am.  Still crowing at 4.45 so 4.45 seems like a good time to get up and start my busy morning.   Others would whinge about how early it was, the noise the rooster that is not ours is making, how far behind we are today, how we will never get everything done before people start arriving...Me, I am up and coffeeing, facebooking, blogging! and will start by 6.  That will give me 4 hours to get ready for a "Welcome 2017" lunch for friends.  A lunch where there will be way over 24 people and I am the one with "no friends"  I'm the one that has a lunch and needs to get the "rent a friend" bunch in...but 24+ people!  I didn't know I knew that many people!  It's going to be a great day.  I hope yours is too.

So welcome 2017...Happy New Year!!  I hope to be here more often, I will be here more often.  I hope everyone has a fantastic day and a year filled with more happiness and good stuff than not.