Friday, October 4, 2013

Cold Weather Gear Must Go.

How many jumpers, long sleeved shirts, cold weather tops does one person need?  One for each day of the week in case they get wet and you need another one?  So 7?   Fourteen if you're like me and don't want to wash weekly...Though a different top every day doesn't happen here during the cold.  If it's wet it gets hung in front of the fire to dry so not 7.  Home tops, work tops, going out tops, tops for when it's really really cold and different tops for when it's only cool.  So many tops.  Too many tops.

I do think that  ?? is too many.  In anyones book that is too many.  What sort of person would need that many?  Not me so why is there that many in my cupboard?  Well all over the bed and floor now because I had to pull a lot out to find the one that I wanted and then that wasn't suitable so pulled out some more to find one that would be...HoHum...Like I said, too many.  Then!  I tried to put them away and they wouldn't fit!  But they were all in there to start with...OK the door never did shut properly but we wont go there...Anyway, they are now all over the bed, well his side now because I had to get in there to sleep last night.  And as he might want to get in his side to sleep sometime when he gets home I really need to get these back onto their shelf.  But They Wont Fit!!!


  1. Lol that sounds like my closet and drawers. I was just standing in the closet yesterday thinking....really...when WAS the last time I wore half this stuff. So I am also planning on culling some. I think 7 everyday and maybe 4 going out tops and a couple scungy ones for the garden is what I will try for...we will see! Anyway how is your garden planting going? This weather has been great for me to get stuck into the vege patch, I'm planning some more planting today.

  2. Are there any you don't really like? Get rid of them, even if they are gardening tops. You still need to feel good when you are gardening! i have four long sleeves, four t-shirts, four singlets, two shirts, but then I am not keen on clothes or shopping!

  3. You are really getting rid of lots of stuff.

  4. I like everything, it mostly all fits...At least I can shut this cupboard door now. Will have to see if I can still shut it after I do the washing...


  5. Barb, been there, done that, with pulling everything out to find one item. It is one of the reasons I have stopped buying. And I am culling. Not to a real minimalist standard. But I aim to have everything fit in an orderly fashion in my cupboards and wardrobes and only keep things I like and wear. If it looks tatty, it must go. If it makes me look fat or ugly, out it goes. If it is too young and doesn't suit my age, out it goes. I know I will own more than others and less than some. How many is enough is like how long is a piece of string.