Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busy Time Of Year...

I've not had a computer all week...don't ya hate that!  I thought that I would too but actually it was OK, boring at night with just the TV but I had lots of time during the day, when I was home, and managed to get quite a bit done.

One job I am happy to say is finished, or near enough, is the sorting of my shoes.  The basket has finally been sorted, only took me a few months.   Blimey, what a lot of shoes I had crammed in there.  No wonder it was an effort to get it in and out from under the bed where it is kept...much easier now.  I still have an outside cupboard with too many pairs in it and will work on that over the next few weeks.  Or months...Whatever.

I have been through a few cupboards and taken another pile of stuff down to Vinnies with another lot ready to go to the FreeMarkets on Saturday.  Still more to go of course and the decluttering will be an ongoing thing for quite a bit longer.   I can't really tell where the stuff has gone from which is a bit sad but I supose in time I will start to see the difference.

I've not done enough out in the gardens and feeling cranky with myself because of that, again still! but have promised myself that I wll get stuck into it again next year.    I've not done any of the sewing that needs doing and there is still too much cleaning to do but I am hopeful that some of it will be done before our next get together lunch here.  That gives me a couple of weeks...

The coffee and cake with some women from the Meetup group I joined last week went well.  I met some really interesting women and hope to get together with them again next month.  

The lunch we had here on the 8th went well.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and a few want to know when the next one will be...

Vinnies had their Hamper Day today so I have spend most of the day in town with a dozen others helping give Christmas Hampers out.  It was my first year doing this and seeing as I didn't get too cranky with it all I think I will help again next year.  After getting back from that I  drove down to Harvey to pick up the computer...Sadly, it looks like I am going to be on here too much again...

It's school holidays here and that means the childcare work is back on so that will keep me busy for a couple of weeks...seems like I am going to have quite a bit on for the next few weeks so for someone that says they never go anywhere or do anything...I wont be able to say that for the next month or so...

I want to do some write-ups on different places that we have been lately so hopefully I don't forget to do that.  It will be a record of where we go and if  we think it's worth going again.  I already have a list with a few places on it so need to get started on that soon.

And of course there is mowing, chook yards, weeding to do.  I broke *my* mower so that will make the mowing less enjoyable...I will need to use the ride-on and the self propelled one but I don't like them as much.  Still, it's what I have so will need to suck it up and just do it. 

I'm at Vinnies tomorrow, FreeMarkets on Saturday, out Monday, working all day Tuesday...Might be able to get stuck into it all sometime towards next week...


  1. You are so funny. I agree you seem to do lots for someone who has nothing to do and no place to go. But, I really do understand that doing and going have to satisfy something inside.

    Have you ever thought of getting someone to work two mornings a week or one day each week/ You could give them part of the increased produce you grow and some of the apricots or whatever you have on trees. It might help both of you. No money would change hands.

    1. Hi Linda, I have often thought of getting people here to help but I would have to feed them, they'd have to come inside to use the toilet, they might do things *wrong* and not my way...In my head though I think if I want it done then I should do it...and to be honest, if I wasn't on the computer or reading for so long I would have plenty of time to do what needs doing. And in saying that...better get out there now before it warms up too much for me.