Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Have Too Many Clothes.

I know, who'd have thought. I have too many clothes. I love or really really like them all and wear most of them at some time during any given year. Over the last few weeks though I have been reading blogs where people are decluttering and though this is an ongoing thing with me I have decided that for the rest of this month I am going to concentrate on getting rid of a lot of my excess clothing. And shoes. I have too many pairs of shoes too and some of these I don't wear. But I do love or really really like them. If I can't don't wont get rid of a lot then at least quite a bit. At least 10 things...But that doesn't count the 3 shirts I bought at the op-shop this morning...After all, they aren't actually here yet so can't be included in any keeping or going piles. But if they don't fit then of course they will go...And not be counted in the lots, quite a bit or at least 10 things list...We never hardly ever go out anywhere and mostly I am home by myself and happy to wear any old thing. Stains, holes and ill-fitting don't seem to matter, afterall I have no-one to impress and I don't care. So that seems like an easy place to start doesn't it. I need a few decent outfits to wear on my volunteering days. Something clean and tidy to wear when I go out for lunch as I really shouldn't embarrass family members that dress better than me. And yard clothes, suitable for...well, yard work. The challenge for me will be in getting rid of stuff that is still suitable but unnessary to me without feeling sick if it goes to landfil. I will take what is suitable to Vinnies but sad to say I'm becoming very disallusioned with our local shop. Maybe the other op-shop will get more of it...I know that the Really Really Free Markets will end up with heaps...So, seeing as I can't mow, I will be off to fill a bag.


  1. If you are getting things at the op shop when you have plenty of things you like, why start getting rid of good clothing just to do so? Just don't spend money and then donate your paid-for things that fit and you like? Having things extra does not seem like a bad idea. What if you were suddenly financially distressed. What if your washing machine broke? Things will continue to wear out, so it seems like keeping what you have that fits and not buying more would be the frugal thing to do.

    Like you, I wear ragged, stained, not fit for going out of the yard clothing when at home. But, I am not getting rid of clothing. It seems those good clothes rotate themselves into the house clothing soon enough. Then, the house clothing turn into I vote not getting rid of anything you can wear. When you lose weight, some of those too-small clothes will come in handy.

  2. It's tricky to work out the balance between keeping and throwing sometimes, as Linda says. I just keep what I love. If I had lots that I loved, and had room to store it, I would keep more. But I never keep anything that doesn't flatter me. Why would a girl do that to herself? All the best with the clothes sorting :)