Thursday, March 29, 2018

Oh Dear!

Oh dear.  Really?!  29th March and I haven't been here for months.  I always intend too, but don't.  But will...

I have been busy, not sure what with but I'm pretty sure it's been productive stuff.  Or Facebook, I do waste too much time on FB now.  And I am still volunteering at Vinnies and do seem to be there a lot more than my rostered 2 days.  But I like it and it gets me off the computer.

We are now into Autumn, the heat is over for another year so I should be able to get outside more often.  Though it is dark now when I get up, not that that has been the reason for the last 5 months...Hmm, maybe I am getting lazier in my old age.

I haven't much in the gardens, we have tomatoes, capsicums, pumpkins, chillies ready to be picked and eaten but not much else.

There are potatoes out there if we want to dig for them, sweet potatoes too. 

Most fruit is finished but we now have Mangoes!  Picked 6 fresh off the tree last week.  The house smells of mango and they taste really mangoey,  yep, that's now a word.  This is our first year of getting these so pretty pleased about that.  They are husbands trees, he wanted them, he bought them, he planted them, he picks them...Sadly, he doesn't eat them, not many anyway.  He had 1 last week, then went away to work and has had none since.  I have had 2, gave a couple to the daughter and have 3 left...hmmm, my maths is not working, maybe he picked more than 6.  I am sure there will be more out there too so luckily family will be here over the weekend and they may like them.

I am due at Vinnies soon and have heaps to do before I leave, see, I am busy, so better get a move on.  Hopefully I'll be back here in a day or two.