Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Not Much Honey.

I did check the hives, I was sure they would all be full and need extracting and I'd be busy jarring up tons of honey.  I was wrong.   Husband came out to help and he was a bit cranky with me as they really should have been checked regularly...and they weren't.  But I think he was a bit surprised with how little honey there was in the hives.  Out of 4 hives, 9 frames in each hive, we needed to extract only 8 frames.  That is not good.  Three frames from1 hive and 5 from another.  Two hives were not doing very well so we left all the frames in them.  Husband did check the bottom box on all 4 hives, said it looked like a couple had requeened themselves but that there was plenty of brood so that was good.  He probably explained it all to me but I don't remember.
So all up we extracted a bit more than 10 kilos of honey.   I jarred it up, cleaned up the stickiness in the extraction shed, this time right away, same day.  So much easier!  I have put the price of this lot up to $12 kilo because there is so little there, only 8 x1 kilo tubs and a few 400gm glass jars.  Not much but if it all goes then it's still a decent wage for a few hours work.
I am selling it via Facebook and a rough roadside stall we have set up out the front.