Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another List.

I have a whole day at home, alone, by myself, with no-one else here...I so hope I don't waste too much of it as there is stuff that I want to get done.  And even though I think  I want it more than I want to finish that book...I need to make sure to do the work first.

I need to get in at least 30min moving but could get that by mowing more grass.  Two things crossed of in one go then.  So, list time.
  • Mow back yard.
  • Ride or walk 30 min min. haha Min min, of course, is minimum minutes.   How clever of me to make up a new word. Done.  Rode, not 30min but will count as an extra 15.
  • Sink, clear and clean.
  • Bench 1.
  • Bench 2.
  • Table, cleared off again.
  • Oranges, more juicing, again.
  • Bed, clean sheets.
  • Load 1 of washing.  Small twin tub so there may will be a few more loads that will need doing. Done
  • Load 2 of washing.  And more still but these are a must for today.  Done
  • Clear off table in sunroom.  From last months list, because I read a book instead!
  • Mow outside back door. Needs cleaning up first so that should could be a job in itself.  But no...Done
  • Finish weeding and tidying up front garden.  Small job, shouldn't take long.
  • Mulch potatoes.  Much bigger job as I have to rake up the chook yard first and I have a few patches to do.
  • Freeze failed yoghurt so it can be used in milkshakes.
  • Pick and cook enough veg for the next few days eating.
  • Mulch Sweet Potato tank...This needed doing weeks ago but I still haven't gotten to it.
  • Find an outfit suitable for Vinnies.  Thought I had the clothes sorted but went to put on some Summer pants yesterday and the lacky busted.  They are old and maybe not worth fixing...Looked in Vinnies yesterday but didn't find any so will have to go through a spare bag I have put away.  Yes!  I have spare clothes bagged up and out in the shed somewhere, just as well I didn't get rid of them all aye?
And that will do for the list but of course there is also the normal everyday stuff that needs doing.  I'll put my oats on to soak then make a start before the breakfast is ready.

What's on your list?

6.06PM.  Well  what a fail.  Not nearly enough done and though I have *reasons* they don't change the facts.  My house is a tip.  I eat too much.  I have too much stuff.  I use the soreness as an excuse to sook and not do anything.  Tomorrow will be better.
I did get some mowing/moving in and there was a 3.6 bikeride this morning too so something good there.  I went visiting this morning, I had a visitor this afternoon...Like I said, tomorrow will be better.


  1. There are lists of lists! It is about 7 am, so the only thing on the agenda is to pick up this plastic box that just dumped toothbrushes all over. Then, load dishwasher and heat leftovers for dinner--cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions...yum. Maybe I will put a chicken in to bake or cook in a pot. There a few casseroles that have stuck on food that need to be scrubbed, A load of clothes needs to go in the dryer. But, I am eating pistachios and watching Criminal Minds....so, later.

    1. Hey Linda, I have a rat behind my cupboard, a big rat...He looked at me. You dinner sounds nicer, and healthier! than what mine was. I have transfered my list over to today...


  2. Ho ho ho Barb! Your description of your day sounds a bit like my 'everyday'! I always have great plans - today's was do washing, sort out some papers in my office area, do a bit of mowing, washing up. Its now nearly midnight and what I actually did was get up late had breakfast, lay on the bed to read a book, fell asleep, woke up 4 hours later, did two hours mowing, lay on the bed and read a book, did a couple of sudokus and watched David Attenborough on TV, had supper and played on the computer and had a shower. Its all go here! I love your blog and must thank you for pointing me in the direction of Ilona on Life After Money from your blogroll.


    Jo (Bodey - ex frugal aussies)

    1. Jo!! Great to see you here, I think of you and your great words of wisdom quite often. Well, last time was back in June on the way home from Shark Bay but still. lol. If you are ever down this way...Ilona is pretty interesting, She is another person that I'd like to meet for real.


  3. Hey Barb, sometimes lists just make you depressed! However, you have inspired me to write one for today and get a wriggle on.
    Good luck with yours, I'll think of you as I go and hang out the washing :)

  4. Hang on Barb..what about that picnic under the big tree in Kings Park ?? It turned into a beautiful day for it! Quite often my chores get put aside for that book :) but today was full on hectic, visiting a dear friend who is in a really bad way in hospital..straight down to help my sister who is moving house in a few days packing and cleaning. Sounds like you got all the exercise you need with the things that you achieved.