Monday, December 31, 2012

Sew or Buy?

Husband has been complaining mentioned again that his shorts were too loose and kept slipping down.  I think that would be a great feeling, loose pants but hey, we're all different aye.  Anyway, back to husbands baggy britches.  I could have put elastic in the waist so they fit better but that would mean going to a shop, buying elastic, putting it in...I could get the sewing machine down and take in the sides or back band...OR!  I could go shopping and buy him some new ones. 
What would you do?  
I chose to go shopping and he did get a couple of pairs of new shorts that fit, they still had tags on them.   He also got 8 or 9 pairs that fit but are not new and a couple that are slightly loose.   And 2 shirts.  And I got myself a top as well.  All  for $6.  Yep, $6 and he has enough shorts that fit to last him a couple of years.

How did I manage that?  I went down to one of our local op-shops for a look and came home with a full shopping bag of clothes.   This op-shop sells bags of clothes for $6.   I need to find him some more shirts for work but am sure that I will come across some, somewhere, sometime...Probably next time I look in this shop.

I love op-shops.  We rarely buy new outer clothes from a regular shop, we do buy our undies new but they must be on special.   I know people who wont buy or wear second hand clothing.  They say that you never know where it came from, who wore it before you, it smells...all sorts of reasons.  I reckon the money saved is better off in my money tin and not the till of some big multinational shop.  I like the thought that I am helping out some charities with my buying clothes this way.  And nothing is new after the first wearing and wash anyway so why not.  It isn't just about saving money though,  it is about saving the world, 1 pair of shorts at a time. 

Next year I am going to try to remember to review some of the op-shops and markets that I go to, it might interest some of you, it might not...It might not even happen but I hope it does as op-shopping and finding bargins is something that I like doing.   It is much more fun than buying and putting in elastic!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Summer Time

And the living is easy...

We finally have some HOT weather and it feels like Summer is well and truly here....not for too long I hope as I don't like the heat.  It means that I need to get my moving, all the watering, gardens, anything else that needs doing...all done before 8am.  When I need to leave here at 7am it makes it rushed and I am not good at rushing. 
It also means:
Swimming.  It is weather like this that I am glad to have the dam out the back.  When I am overhot and bothered it is great to be able to just walk out the back and dive in.  Sometimes there is a gasp of shock at how cold the water is but it doesn't last long.  Sometimes, after the dogs have been here, it is a bit more muddy than usual but the refreshyness of the water soon takes away the iffyness of that. 

Snakes.   We had our first a few days ago.  Well the first one that we have seen, I dare say that there have been others that have passed through while we weren't looking.  This one was a large Tiger, came under the fence into the chookpen we were in and started going out under the gate into a rather messy pen...where the daughters dumb dog was standing.  However we have netting that we put over the fruit trees to stop the birds and it stopped this snake.  While not too good for the snake I believe it saved the dog from being bitten and stopped us from walking into a pen where it may not have been seen until too late for us to avoid.  Husband hardly ever wears shoes when he is home and I had shorts and sneakers on so not much protection for either one of us.  Silly really.

We start to pick grapes during December.  These and Watermelon are fruit that make the heat more welcome..  No sign of Watermelon on any of the vines here yet though.  Planted too late, again.

Fishing.   Husband, daughter and friend have gone out the beach to catch some fish...hopefully.  They'll fish tonight, stay out in the caravan, fish again in the morning...   The warmer weather entices the fisherfolk out and if they are good enough I get to add to the freezer stocks.   I don't like fishing or the beach when it is hot so I get to stay home here, swim in the dam, eat grapes, and read a book under the trees.   Much better way to spend the day.

What about you, do you like the hot weather or are you a Cooler weather lover?

Who Let The Chooks Out?!

Gardens were going great guns then *someone* left a gate open when they went away overnight and we came home last night to all the Hylines out.  Bugger!!  Not many Silverbeet left, most of the Zukes were dug up, the Spinach and Lettuce have been half eaten...

I did have a sheet of weldmesh over the lettuce gardens so they and the spinach are still in the ground so that is something.  The 4 zuchinni plants that I had a potplant around survived the other 5 have been dug up and eaten.  The peas are gone...Strawberries have been eaten but the plants are pretty thick so they haven't been dug up.  A few small banana plants that husband had transplanted are gone...A couple of lots of potatoes had been uncovered but still there and I have recovered them this morning.

I will get more weldmesh and put it over some of the other garden beds in case some idiot leaves another gate open....

I was a tad cranky with myself.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gardens Are Looking Good.

The plants I bought have been in the ground for more than a week and most are looking good and getting bigger.  The cucumbers...not so much.  There are only 3 plants left and one of those looks pretty crook.  I will put seeds in the empty spots sometime tomorrow.  This has been an extra busy week with work so not much has been done out there.   There are heaps of self sown seeds coming up so things will have to be thinned out in places.  I planted Spinach seedlings in the same place I had it before, it's looking good and healthy and a few days ago I noticed dozens of plants coming up, I thought it was weeds but it now looks like Spinach...I will transplant some, give some to other people, eat more...Same with lettuce.  Among the 6 or 7 seedling that I put in there are hundreds of tiny ones coming up from plants that went to seed.   The zukes have flowers already, the advanced tomato plants that husband bought have fruit. It's all looking good.  I want to go away for a bit but am worried that if I do and it gets hot that I will lose them all and that would make me cranky so debating still on that.

I transplanted some comphrey a while ago and so now have two lots growing like mad so am ready to get another spot established.   How much comphrey is too much...

I planted some Luffa seeds again this year, they have emerged.  I will need to look after them good because I so want to get me some homegrown luffa to use.  It will be a long time before I have news of if it worked or not though.

We are still eating from the gardens, not a lot and not a great variety but enough and as you don't need more than enough it's all good.

Have bloody fruitfly in my apricots.  We  had decided to pull all the peaches off, maybe get rid of the tree altogether, because they always seem to get maggotty but the apricots are usually finished before the fly gets going, not this year.  I'm not sure how many maggots I have eaten but am sure there have been a few.  AND, they don't always die when the fruit has been nuked for a few minutes.   That was an unpleasant surprise.

Two Isa Brown chooks have died over the last week, I'm hoping it is old age because this lot are getting on and the rest look healthy enough.  

Crows are hanging around again, I can't risk letting the chickens out into the big pen when I am not home, they don't like that but I figure it is better than being ripped apart by some horrible bird and as I am boss in that department, they stay loccked up.  Their pen is big enough it just doesn't have any grass left in it and they like running throhgh the grass and catching bugs.  Tomorrow I am home so will let them out for the day.

Not much else happening, lots needs doing but I am home most of tomorrow and I have a list. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Bought, I Planted.

The gardens are finally starting to look the way they should with plants planted and starting to grow.  I bought punnets last week, planted them out a day or so after that, they were still there and looking OK last night.  I have been out this morning, it is blowing a gale but most seem to be doing alright. 

 Bought and planted:
  • Spinach.  Looking forward to this getting big enough so I can make some Spinach Icecream.  Sounds good, aye?
  • Zucchini.  Two different types.
  • Lettuce.  Mixed punnets.  I have sprinkled seeds around the gardens as well but wanted something quicker
  • Capsicum.  We have 1/2 dozen plants growing and producing but they are 4 years old and looking tired.
  • Cucumber.  Not looking all that great this morning.
  • Rainbow Chard.  Was supposed to be Silverbeet but unfortunately I grabbed the wrong one.  We're not too keen on this but the chooks like it so it can stay for a bit.  
  • Tomato x 2 advanced plants.  Husband thinks I haven't enough growing and he likes them.  I haven't because I don't!
I need these and more so I can keep on with the Green Smoothies without having to buy stuff.    Unfortunaely a few of the punnets were rootbound, I'm hoping they'll be alright but the Cucumbers are not looking well and at least 2 seem to be half dead.   I have seeds in so hope they come up and do better.   None of the 3 lots of corn seed planted over the last 5 weeks have come up yet so I will plant more of that today, not in the ground but in a drum and  hope it does better.   The Watermelon are getting bigger but no flowers yet but there is some sort of melon growing in a drum garden that has flowers but I don't know what it is.
I will get more Beetroot seeds in today as I like that pickled and added to salads.  I pulled the last of the carrots a couple of days ago but bought a bag last week to add to the smoothies so have plenty left but will get more seeds of those in today as well.

I'm a long way from where I was with the gardens a couple of years ago but getting the mood back so soon food will be everywhere again.  There is still plenty to eat, we wont starve, just not much variety.   

Friday, November 30, 2012

Out and About,

It seems that I quite often whinge mention to Husband about us never going anywhere or doing anything together.   He disagrees so I thought I'd write it all down so he can see that I am right.  And he is wrong!

He says that it is OK for me to want to go here, there and everywhere as I am time-rich whereas he is time-poor.  Huh, what's his point!   I know, I'm a bad little wifey. haha.
Anyway I have given it some thought and as far as I can remember this is what I/we have done over the last few months.

August   I went:
We went:
Grandaughters birthday get together in Donnybrook.
Donnybrook Date Day   More of these is what I am wanting

September I went:
Harvey Highschool 50th,
Nannup Markets.  Down for the day to drop off grandkid.
We went:

October. I went:
Nannup.  Down for the day to pick up the grandkid.
Waroona Show.
We have been:
Camping with friends for 1 night up at Lane Poole Reserve.
Penguin Island. Took grandkid over for the day.

November.  I went:
Nannup, Pizza and Karaoke busy bee at daughter's place.
Drive to Perth with friend for (her) doctors appointment.  20min at Kings Park then home.
Binningup Spring Fair.  I took the grandaughter.
We went:
His parents place for lunch.

It looks like I'm right, we don't do enough together.   He disagrees with this and says we have been out more than this but if it's not written down here how can that be.
He is either wrong or I have forgotten  You decide...

Looking at this I'm hoping that he is right and that I have forgotten some things we have done or places we have been to... Otherwise, I reckon I have reason to bitch complain comment.

I know he works damn hard when he is away for work.  I know he needs a day off when he gets home and wants a rest day before he goes away again.  I know that there is stuff for him to do when he is home, stuff that is too hard for me.  But all I am asking for is 1 or 2 days a month for us to do something together.   Am I being unfair?  Is that too much to expect?    What do you all think?  If I am being unreasonable then tell me to pull my head in and get over it. I wont but it wont hurt to say.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Update.

Wow, I cannot believe that it's been so long since I posted.  I understand it as not much has happened out in my backyard, or anywhere else for that matter.  There has been nothing to record, I haven't posted because I didn't want anyone to see how slack I have been.   How sad is that!  Like the husband says...get a life, as if anyone cares. haha.

I do know that I have been far too slack and am now paying for it.  I want to start having Green Smoothies on a regular basis.  I think it will be an easy way to get more veg into me when I am too slack busy to cook them but when I was out looking for green stuff to put in them they were in very short supply.  I may have to go and buy some!  I know, how insane would that be.  Not good but all my own fault and I am kicking myself for it but too late now.  All I can do now is buy some seedlings, bung 'em in and wait for them to grow.  At least the gardens are ready for them, that's something.

It is the end if Spring here and at the moment we are in the middle of a storm.  Trees are bending over with the weight of the wind, branches are coming down.  The trampoline looks like it could go again even though we have taken off the broken poles and netting that was destroyed in the last 2 storms.   There is nothing to tie it down too and it is too big for me to turn over so I am hoping it doesn't get destroyed, we have only recently got it so we can use it again.

So, what has been happening?

Bakers Dozen
About 5 weeks ago 2 chooks hatched out 9 chickens and I decided that I didn't want any more so said to the husband that if he wanted to then the big rooster could go.   Well within a week the last 2 roosters were gone.  Not long after that I noticed a chook sitting in a nesting box in the pen where the roosters and some chooks used to be.  I thought she was laying so left her there.  A few days later she was still *laying*.  I pushed her off the nest to see that she had 4 eggs, not hers, and thought I'd better get her out and in with the other chooks.  After all, the roosters were gone so these eggs couldn't be fertile...the sooner the better...weeks later I remembered but something else happened and I forgot again...until one day I heard cheeping and saw her out in the yard with 3 new chickens.  There was 1 egg left on the nest, it was cold but for some reason I picked it up and listened to it.  There was a faint clicking sound.  Bugger, it was still alive, now what.  I wondered if I could put it under a light or in a frypan.  Husband said it was going to die anyway, why not try so I carried it inside, put it in a box while I went looking for a light or frypan, remembered that I had a clucky chook in the main pen so ran inside and got the egg to put under her.  The next day there was a chicken!  I put this new mum and the chicken in the chicken pen where the mum and 3 chicks were but the new mum got up and left the baby and wouldn't go back to it.  So I needed the light afterall.  Then another thought, I picked the chicken up and pushed it towards the mum with the 3, She wasn't keen and walked away.  I herded her back into the small area with hay and she settled with her 3 so I pushed the new 1 towards her.  The poor little thing was cheeping away and eventually made it's way up to and half under the mum of 3.  An hour or so later when I went out to check on them the lone baby was by itself out in the open, cheeping away while the mother and 3 were sitting in the hay.  I picked it up and put it in with the mother again and it made it's way under her.  I checked on them throughout the day and it stayed with them.  A week later and they are all like they hatched together.  So add the 4 to the 9...I have a bakers dozen.

These things are an ongoing problem and over the last month we have caught 6 or 7.  We are using humane traps that catch the rat live...trouble then is, what to do with a live rat in a small cage.  I usually tell husband that there is a rat and then go off and mow, or go for a ride or go to work.  I come back and the empty traps are ready to be set up again.  Sometimes I forget to unset the trap before he leaves and I am alone here when I find one.  So, me alone with a live rat in a small cage.  Not good.  So very not good.  They are scared and jump and move and I squeal and cry...'cause what the frig am I supposed to do now.  A few times I have put the cage with rat in a box and taken the flippin' things for a ride and released them up the road.  Husband doesn't like me doing this, says they are vermin and I am putting my responsibility onto someone else. Says they will be going to someone elses place...maybe he is right, I don't know.  There was another one a couple of days ago.  The poor thing was so scared that every time I went near the cage it started running around the small space and we were both really scared of each other.  Eventually I *sucked it up* and took it over the road and let it out.   It will probably be back here real soon.  The traps won't be set up again until the husband is home.

The Gardens.
I haven't much planted ready for Summer eating but am thinking if I can get seedlings bought and in within the next couple of weeks we might be eating OK. 
At the moment we have potato, sweet potato, capsicum, silverbeet, onions, a few carrots.  Oranges, Strawberries.  Pepinos are just about ripe and I had the first apricot this morning.  That was a treat!  There aren't as many on the tree this year and less now after this wind but we will still get enough.
I have planted a few lots of seeds but not many have come up.  Corn has been planted three times now and not one lot has germinated.   I need to get back into it all, I hate the thought of having to buy vegetables but don't much like the thought of not eating them either.  The only answer to that is to get out there and get the food growing again.
Out and About
Not enough for me, too much for him.  How can that be?
I am quite capable of going anywhere by myself, I have a car, I drive, we have the why is it that I don't.  Why is it that I whinge and whine about him never taking me anywhere?    I am even putting it all down in writing for all to see so I can get people on my side. wink
Next year will be different.  Next year I am going to get out and about more and if I have to do it by myself then so be it.  It might not be as much fun as doing it with friends or the husband but seeing as I have no friends and the husband doesn't give a, it will be done. by. my. self!

What else?  Nothing.  I am still blogging over at my 2 other blogs but they don't have that much to say either.  Stay tuned though please as things will be changing.  There will be things to read. I will *get a life* and you *lucky* people will be the first to read about it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Food.

October is coming to it's end and that means that so far this year 10 months have passed.

We are still eating mainly from our yard but I did buy 3 bananas to take to the show a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that buying bananas for a snack for us would be better for us all than chips or corndogs.

We are eating Silverbeet, Lettuce, Capsicum, Sweet Potato, Onion, Cabbage, potatoes and the last of the Peas,  Broccoli and Cauliflower.
Fruit from here during October was Oranges, Loquats, Strawberries
Still have a couple of Pumpkin in the cupboard.
Plenty of eggs.
I have sprouts, Kefir and Yoghurt.  All made here by me...

Daughter T made up and brought out a few meals that she wasn't going to eat,  Daughter L brought some Mulberries.  No meat from the son though this rude! haha.  Husband did a couple more roosters...Who needs the shops!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grass Cutting.

After killing both grass cutting machines it seems funny walking outside and having most of the grass everywhere down to a nearly manageable condition.  How can this be you ask?  C'mon, I know you asked, because you're interested, right.  Let's go with that. lol.

Son shoved a bit of rag into my mower to hold the bit that came apart together and it starts.  Well, he can start it, apparently my pulling power is not what it was and I cannot get it going first time.  Once it's been started I can restart it easy as but that first pull...I need to wait until someone does it for me.  I re-corded the whippersnipper so edges can be done...but the main thing...Husband bought himself a toy.  A massive ride-on.  It has more grunt than anything else here and cuts through thick and wet grass that is higher than my knees.  Brilliant machine.  Yes I too had a little play go at using it and it seems easy enough.  I cannot get it into my head though that it is a better way to mow.  It is quicker, cuts more, the dam area has shortish grass for the first time in 7 months...but sitting on it and riding around it's like...*this is no how you mow the grass*  I think it is because I have started thinking of the mowing as an exercise thing and sitting down and not walking and pushing doesn't seem right.  Hubby and son both love it so I am thinking that I will no longer have to worry about the dam area and the front outside the fence area as one of them will be onto it as soon as it looks long enough to be a fox hiding area or an *careful of snakes* area.

I on the other hand, will use the smaller *proper* mower to do around the house area and feel all virtuous while huffing and puffing and walking around pushing the ruddy thing.  I will think of the chookfood and mulch that I am collecting with a smug smile every time I empty the catcher.   I will whinge and bitch when I need to rake the massive about of grass that HIS! machine has cut and just left lying on the ground...Yep, the great mowing machine doesn't have a catcher, I hate that!  Not really but it sounds dramatic doesn't it. 

It doesn't have a catcher and there is a lot of cut grass that needs picking up but when it dries a bit I will pick it up and throw it into the chookpens.  It wont take long, not worth whinging about and really not worth mentioning.  I mentioned it because that is the sort of person I am...I mention things...

Son got my mower started yesterday and I mowed until I ran out of petrol but it was getting late and instead of refuelling and finishing the job I gave up...I'm hoping I'll be able to start it today otherwise I will need to wait until he, or someone with more muscle than me, comes out.

The race is on though as I want to get all the around the house area done so there can be no comments about me and my puny little mower when he gets home.   And that could be anytime so I have no time for slacking off.  Better go pick up the passionfruit so they don't get chopped up.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Killed Them Both.

I walked early this morning and after breakfast was still feeling in a *get out there and do it* mood so got he whippersnipper out again.  It wouldn't start so I filled it up with what I think is the right fuel...did a bit but then ran out of stringline stuff.  My hands aren't working well enough to reline it so I decided to mow instead.  There is still heaps of that to do and I wanted a path into the shade area lower than the foot and a half grass everywhere else...Did the path bit and started on some of the foot and a half grass...Not long afterwards there was a bang, another bang, some smoke...I turned the mower off and can see that *something* has come apart.  HoHum, back away with that too.

So I have come in for a coffee before I start clearing out the chook sheds and getting half of the big tank garden ready for some plants.  The snakes will have somewhere to hide until
A.  My hands work better.
B. The son or daughter come out and reline the WS. or
C.  Husband gets home and fixes the mower or relines the whippersnipper for me....

Mostly being a useless old tart has it's dawbacks but really, the gardens do need to be done, stuff does need to be planted so this is probably a good thing.  It will get me doing what needs doing most first and the mowing will get done...another day.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

All Mowed Out.

I had a lovely surprise when I arrived home after work on Tuesday and another on Wed...Daughter T had been out and mowed the frontyard for me and then came out again and whippersnippered around the front areas that needed it.  It all looks good so a big thankyou T.
And that is why I am so sore now!   I'm blaming that anyway but the bikerides over the last week will have something to do with it as well.  Nothing a good nights sleep won't fix so I hope I get one tonight.

Anyway, she did such a good job I thought, seeing as I was home all day, that I should do my bit so I started out the back.  It's not finished but after a few hours throughout the day it is looking a lot better and I should be able to get some more done tomorrow.
And I must does smell lovely when I mow over the fallen and hidden Passionfruit.  Such a nice smell.
I have a bag of them inside now waiting for someone to eat them and I will make up some more yoghurt tomorrow to add some to. Divine.

Pulling grass out of the tank-gardens and searching amongst the weeds for strawberries has shown that the Slaters are back in full force.  I have set up leaves so they will all collect in one area then I will pour the hot water over them...That will get rid of a few thousand but it will take awhile to get the numbers down again.  There were a few chooks out there this afternoon but they were more interested in the plants.

We're still eating from the gardens but as things are being pulled nothing is replacing them so that could cause some hunger come Summer time unless I get out there and get some things planted.  Hopefully that will all be able to be done next week but there is so much to do.  I have been slack and let everything get out of hand...again...but a few fine days and a bit of effort should get things somewhat under control.

Are you planting yet?  What sorts of  veg do you plant where you are at this time of year?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's Happening Here...

We've had no more animal dramas but nothing new or exciting has happened here since the poor cow episode.  We do have a cow somewhere out the back that hasn't stopped mooing since last night.  I have been out and checked on ours and they are all OK but I hope this mooing one is OK too and just in a chatty mood.

Yesterday was spent mowing in the morning, then inside when it got too hot out there but not much was achieved anywhere.  And once again it shows.  How can two people, usually only one, make so much mess! 
I did go for a walk and a ride so the day wasn't a complete loss.

I'm out for the next 2 days but must get the grass down on Thursday as with this warm weather we are bound to get a snake or 2 passing through.  I want to see them before I step on them and I want to know what areas to avoid.   Do you get snakes at your place? 

Oh!  I think we nearly had another fox in the trap.  One night I heard some yipping but it stopped each time I went outside and I wasn't going to go down the back in the dark by myself...but in the morning I went and checked and the trap had been set off but the door hadn't closed properly because of too long grass.  I think I did get one but it managed to get out through the small gap where the grass had stopped full closure.  I got the son to lift it so it could be moved, I mowed the area and reset it...It needs fresh bait in there so will do that this week sometime.

The gardens all need lots done to them to get them ready for something to be planted and will work on that this week too...though it is suposed to rain again...I have decided we have too many chooks but husband will deal with that one day when he is home long enough....not much else happening...

We haven't bought vegetable for the last couple of months.  Have had a few feeds of close to use by date meat from the butcher son so our food bill has been nil again.  I love having nil food bills.  

I had a lovely day down in Nannup on Saturday, went to the markets while there then out to daughters place for lunch.   She made a salad...mmnnn yum?  not quite!
Lots of *pressies* from that daughter and I will let you know what I got soon but for now I need to get ready to leave...I have 15min before I need to be out of here and haven't started yet!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Out of hours Animal Care..

We had another *situation* here yesterday and once again it wasn't our animals but we were the ones that came across it so what do you can't just walk away and ignore it even though that would be a lot less mucking around.

Yesterdays *situation* was a copy of one that happened a few months ago...A cow having trouble with calfing.  The calf has it's head and hoofs out but is dead, the mother...not doing too good and sounding and looking half dead herself.

The first time we knew who owned the cow but it was in our paddock.  The owner lives in Perth.  We rang the vet but he is unable to do anything without owner permission.  Eventually we get the owners number, the vet talks to him, comes out, removes dead calf injects poor mother cow with all sorts of drugs...the owner finally gets here but the cow dies soon after.  He gets a big bill but not worried about that too much as he knows the cow suffered for way too long.   He says we should have just shot the cow for him.  I agree but what can you can't go around shooting other peoples animals without permission.

Yesterday the son rings me and says one of our cows is not right and it and the others are in next doors paddock...I disagreed, said no not our cows, have another look...he says no, definately 2 of ours are next door and is this one ours too.  I come home, he says the cow has a partly born dead calf  so yeah, could be ours.  But it wasn't ours and ours were not suposed to be in this paddock.  We get ours out and try and ring the paddock owner but I know it is not his cow, he just gets some in sometimes.  Paddock owner not home and we have no number for him.  We know the vet wont come...I ring the ranger but no afterhours person.  I ring the police who try some numbers but no-one afterhours that can help.  The cow is not looking too good and it's been more than an hour since we found her..We are in an area of 5, 6 10 acre blocks so the cow could be anyones.  Son wants to try and pull the calf out to take some pressure off the cow...he has never done anything like that though and not our cow...are we allowed to..

I get in the car and drive around the block asking people if it is thier cow.  Finally find the father of the owner who is on her way home.

It's now been a couple of hours and son is going in regardless as the cow needs some sort of help.  He gets the pullalong out and takes it over.  Before he starts we see movement in the owners yard and not long after the owner shows up, she is upset but says it doesn't look good, it's been close on 3 hours since we found the cow so no idea how long before that she was down. 

The owner has no gun, says it's been too long, suffering, infection...she will need to go home and try and find someone that will shoot it for her.  Son says he will and within 10 minutes the cow is dead and no longer in pain.  We leave this women with a dead cow, not on her property to deal with it.  She says she had a backhoe and someone she knows will use it to bury the cow.

I hate having to deal with these sorts of things when it is our animals and the husband is not home but it is so much worse when it is other peoples animal that you find.  Worse still when you cannot get in contact with them or anyone to help.

If it happened to one of our animals and we were not home someone else would be in the same spot.

I think we need a plan.  But need to wait until husband gets home to help sort one out.

Have you ever had to deal with hurt, injured animals out of hours?  Someone elses' animals?  What did/would you do?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fifty Years Old.

No, not me, oh to be that young again...
Harvey High, my old school, had an open day to celebrate being 50 so I went to see if it had aged as well as me.  It, and most of the people that I think I knew, have done a lot better!  My Social Studies teacher was there, he didn't look that much older at all. 

I read about it a couple of weeks ago while at work and thought that I might go down and see how much it had changed, then changed my mind then decided that yes I would go.  A few days ago it was a definate yes, I'd go early for a quick look then maybe go on out to the beach, maybe stay out there the night...but even that changed.

Son rang this morning wanting me to go check out some things at a garage sale.  That was a mistake.  So much really really cool stuff...I did get what he asked for but even though I wasn't going to buy much because we don't need anything, I'm trying to get rid of stuff...there was so much really really cool stuff!

Lots of vintage things...whats the difference between vintage and plain ol' old?  This old stuff was cool and just what I want to put in my vintage caravan...that I don't have and haven't as yet got the approval of the one that will be paying, picking up, setting in I didn't buy anything for that. 

Anyway, going to the garage sale put me an hour behind schedule.  And then I needed a favour so said I'd take the granddaughter down with me while the daughter picked up something from the sale for me.    Bigger car and a man to help lift it.  So I end up with having the grandie with me at my old school.  That makes one feel their age! 

It was good to see how the school has changed, we had an assembly, wandered around the different classrooms.  There is a gym there now and more classrooms but the whole school still had the nice feel about it.   The grandkid started whinging though so we left earlier than I wanted and I didn't get to catch up with a couple of people that I saw and recognised.   Must remember next time to threaten something I don't mind doing.  A "stop crying or I'll smack your bum"  "stop crying or you can't spend any more money"  "stop crying...anything instead of the "or we'll go home" bit.   That way I might not end up quite so cranky and disappointed.

I won't be around for the next one and I have only heard about and been to one reunion but there are a few people from my time there that I wouldn't mind seeing again.    I didn't see them there today and have no idea where they are today, even what their name would be now...sad but I wouldn't even know how to start looking...

Is anyone here still good friends with people that they were at school with?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organic Chocolates.

I sometimes buy a block of dark cooking chocolate, keep it in the freezer and have a square or two when I feel like chocolate.  I started to melt a little bit and mix it with coconut, nuts, oats, something, to make it *healthier* and so I felt better about having a chocolate fix when I think I need one.  I like that I can only make a tiny amount and I can feel that it is healthy because I have added bran and oats to it.  Healthy chocolate. Cool idea right.  

The last few times that L has come here she has brought some homemade organic chocolates.  They are not sweet like the stuff we buy from the shops but nice.  The last lot has a filling of banana and avocado.  Nice!

On her visit last weekend she brought me a kilo tub of "good for so many things" organic coconut oil. 

This morning I made some chocolates from scratch.  Because we all need to know how to do this so we can have an unending supply right.  Just waiting for us to have whenever we want to right? 

Maybe it wasn't the best idea because, to be honest, nobody  needs an unending supply of chocolate even if it is homemade with organic products.  

I only had a vague idea on what to do but the way she said they did it, it didn't sound beyond my limited cooking skills.  But this time out I didn't use all organic.  Because she hasn't brought me the raw cocoa yet.  I have been told that I will get some soon though.

Anyway, this morning I melted a tiny bit of coconut oil, only a dessertspoon, added a bit less cocoa powder, homebrand from Woolies and stirred in some organic honey, maybe a tsp.  Stirred it all together and put some small blobs onto some baking paper.  To the rest of the mix I stirred through some organic oats.

 These were too easy, too nice and now too convenient.   
They are sweeter than the ones L brought me and I'm thinking that is because I used processed cocoa not the raw stuff.  Or maybe they didn't add honey or other sweetener like I did.  I will ask her when next I see her.

I liked the ones with the oats but husband wasn't too fussed in those.  Said too much oats and maybe use sultanas sometime.  I think they will be nice with just about anything and one day will try and get some Cherry Ripe and Bounty tasty ones but for now, oats and bran is fine.

Below are some that L.brought.  Much cleaner looking so maybe I need to work on my presentation skills but as long as they taste good I'm not too worried about what they look like.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Successful Markets.

I must say the Really Really Free Markets seemed to be a great success. 
I went down early to see if they wanted a hand to set up and by the 1pm opening time there were crowds of people waiting outside.  We opened the doors and it was like one of those Myers sales that you see on TV.  People just swarmed in...It was great.    So much stuff, a newcomer asked what happened to all the stuff left over, I explained that the people were supposed to take it home with them afterwards but there wouldn' be much left...This lovely women volunteered to help do dishes and when she walked back out into the hall afterwards seemed very surprised that most tables were empty.  So much stuff found a new home and I often wonder just how much is being saved from landfill. 

I didn't get much from this one.  No books which is what I look for first  A jumper that will go back if I decide I don't want it, a kids jigsaw for the kids I care for, a billy type thing for camping.  There wasn't much else there that caught my eye...until halfway through.  I was standing around talking with someone when right in front of me was a cool looking thing.  I excused myself and quickly walked over to it and then snatched it up.  It was mine!   
 Isn't this a great bickie tin.

 I've collected a few now.   One day I will find somewhere to display them and think of a use for them all.   In the meantime they are in a bag next to my bed...but I love them and want them and they make me smile so I will keep them and one day they will have their own proper place so everyone that comes here can see that I am a woman of taste and refinement.

This cute little man will hold my flavoured coffee sachets. 

A couple of markets ago I scored a breadmaker but the people had left the booklet for it home and were too far away to go back for it.  They said they'd drop it off at my place next week when they were in town but I didn't see them and even though I looked up on-line I couldn't manage a decent loaf of bread for the husband with it.  Yesterday at the markets I felt a tap on my shoulder and there they were with the book.  I will try making a loaf sometime this week when husband gets home.

At the August markets there was this strange looking
 black figure thing that looked a bit like a man skiing.

It  wasn't 'til halfway through the day that I went and had a proper look at it and as soon as I realised what it was I grabbed it.  Isn't this just the coolest thing you have ever seen?

I love it!  Others love/like it too but some think it is freaky.  What do you think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waroona Really Really Free Markets Turn Two.

Really Really Free Markets.  Markets where everything is free.  If you don't want it take it to these and someone else might take it home with them.  You may find something to take back home with you.  How cool would that be?  And free.  You could also have a cup of coffee or tea if you wanted to.  For free.  Sometime they have yummy cake or biscuits.  All free.  And lunch.  Free. 
There is sometimes a lady there that does Reiki and card reading.   Sometimes other people that do different things.  And did I say that it is all free

I firs went to some Free Markets in Perth.  Took the train up and walked miles to where they were so I was mighty interested when I heard that there were going to be some close by.   I went to the first of these when it was on down at the local park.  I decided then that if they were going to be a regular thing then I would use them as an avenue to declutter my house.  Well this Saturday they have been going for 2 years.  Two years!  So of course my house is lovely and tidy with no unloved or unwanted stuff anywhere right?  Errr, No.  A big fat NO.  I have been to most and taken boxes and boxes of stuff but not enough.  We still have way too much stuff here.

 I have been doing a bit of clearing out over the last week and have a bag and a box of stuff to take to this one but still could find more if I looked hard enough.  Actually I wouldn't have to look very hard at all and I would see stuff that could go. I will bag up more stuff to take down..

The markets have shifted to the local hall, there are tables set up to put your stuff on.  They do ask that you take home with you anything that is still there at 3pm when it ends but you may not have anything left.  If you have it wouldn't be much.  There have been loads of times when I have come home with none of the stuff that I took down.  That's not saying that I came home with nothing though, I have heaps of cool stuff here now but as it is wanted and loved it will be staying here.

On nice days I like sitting outside the hall with a coffee and lisen to the music.

These markets are in Waroona, 3rd Saturday every month.  Doors open at 1PM and it shuts at 3PM.
There are a few people that stay around to help pack up, wash dishes and sweep and I know their help is greatly appreciated.

There is a Facebook page if anyone likes the concept and wants to join. 

Maybe I will see you there sometime.

Monday, September 10, 2012


I am a member of a forum and a group of people on there have banded together to become Heartsisters to other members.  We get the name and some basic information of someone and she becomes our Heartsister for the year.  The idea is to write a letter, send a card, small gift, something, each month to let that person know that we are thinking of them.    We in turn have a Heartsister that sends to us.  I think it's a lovely idea and though it has been going for a few years on the forum this is my first year of being involved.  

This morning I received letters and small gifts from my Heartsister.  She is a lovely, generous woman and I think I am lucky to have her as my sending Heartsister.   I don't know if she reads this, probably doesn't but I thank her for all she sends me.   On the forum we have a thread where we can let our Heartsister know that we have received their letter, card, whatever and to thank them and I have done that but wanted to write about it here too. 

This morning, among other thigs, there was a small booklet on Wildflowers in the Southwest.  I have had a quick look through it and there are a couple that I recognise and it will be fun to take it on a bushwalk, picked from the bushwalking book she sent a while ago, and seeing what we can find.

The woman I send to lives in Queensland but I don't know if she is still a member of the forum as I haven't heard if she has received any of the things I have been sending over the last few months.  It's hard to know whether to keep sending or if she has left the forum and is no longer interested.   I put a return address on the things I send and nothing has been returned so I assume that she is getting them so will probably keep sending until the year is up.  What would you do?

I know some of you have been involved in this idea and I would be interested in what your thoughts on it are.  And what do you send or have recieved as I am always looking for nice but inexpensive ideas.  Thankyou.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where is time going.  I can't understand how this time a week ago I was at the vets with Roofie and I've hardly done a damn thing since.  All the *I'm gunnas*  have disappeared into the night and I'm still here with a messy house, grass that needs mowing, clothes that need washing, even the every day jobs haven't been done.  For a week!  And I promised myself that this week would be different.    Blimey!   There has to be something wrong with me.  I don't know anyone else that lives like this and I have no idea why I choose to.  My mother taught me better.....I should respect her, and myself, more and show it by being less slovenly.

It's not because I'm having a bout of depression either.   I'm sad sometimes but Roofie was never a friendly cat so I miss him but not in a *cry too much can't see to do the housework* kind of way.  I'm just a friggin' lazy bit** that needs a swift kick to get me moving and doing.

So!  I'm gunna make a list.  And this time next week things will be different.  Yeah?  Yeah.

Right now I will be off to clear and clean the sink.  That means do dishes, wash, dry, put away.  Wipe over.  Do something with the bottles and the oranges.  Will leave the oranges as they need juicing and that will make more mess..  Maybe I should do that first?   The juice can then go in the bottles for the freezer so that will fix those two things then I can clean up and wash everything that is there and it will be one job done...'til tomorrow anyway...

Monday, September 3, 2012


Well Roofus is home...I now have to go out in the rain and dig a hole so I can bury him but hey, That's life aye.  Or death.  So I'm having a bit of a cry.

Ron rang this morning to tell me that Roofus was dead, said he was alive last night when he checked and had pee'ed but this morning when he went in...dead cat.  Said the bladder had filled again and Roofus probably had kidney failure.  

I am angry too.  Not at Ron, he was brilliant yesterday but at circumstances.  We try and do what is best for our animals.  If we believe they can be treated we take them to a vet, put them through horrible things,...the animals are in pain, not at home...whatever...and they get to die in a cold cage all alone.  It's not right.  If I had of kept him home he would have died in a warm house with someone who loved him.  If he looked like being in pain the end could have been so quick he wouldn't have even know it was coming.  But no, we think we are doing the right thing by putting them through *stuff*.. And I think we do it more for ourselves than for the animal.   The end result is the same, the lead-up very different. 

Anyway, I am cross that I didn't just get the son to shoot Roofus while he was asleep.   I would have felt guilty for not giving him a chance but he would have been at peace a lot sooner and not even known how horrible I was.  I think that would have been better for us both.  As it is...well who knows what he went through and if cats think...he wouldn't have been thinking anything nice. 

And it's raining more, I'm home alone, feeling cross and sad.
Husband will be home this afternoon, I could wait and ask him to dig the hole for me but Roofus is my cat so I think I should.    Might wait until he gets home before I bury him, not sure yet.  I am going to plant a plum tree with him.

 BigBoyBeautiful, You didn't like me much but I loved you, sorry I wsn't there.
Roofus .

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vet Visit.

I have had  a very interesting couple of hours. 

My cat was sleeping on my bed Friday night but was outside early Sat.  I heard him have a spat with the stray cat that comes around sometimes but didn't think much of it.  Went out Sat morn and when I got home I noticed that Roofus hadn't been in for his breakfast so went looking for him but didn't find him.  Looked and called throughout the afternoon and found him late evening sleeping under a bush.  I thought he was dead but he opened his eyes when I picked him up..  Now this is cat that doesn't like me and likes being picked up less but let me pick him up and carry him...Obviously there was something wrong so I brought him inside where it was warm.  He was still alive this morning and did get up and wobbled around a few times but he was walking like a drunk cat and he wouldn't drink or eat.  He did go outside when I had the door open but I brought him back into the sunroom where he went to sleep on the mat. 

Yesterday I thought he may have picked up a bait from somewhere, maybe rat poison but the symptoms didn't fit and so I rang the Son in Law this morning and got him to come have a look at him.  He used to be a vet technician so I was happy to take his advice.   He says he had an enlarged bladder so a blockage and would need a catheter.    He rang the vet for me and Ron,  the vet, said he'd meet me at the surgery. 

Usually when I take an animal to the vets I just drop it off and come back when the animal is ready to come home.  Being Sunday and no other animals or people there Ron was happy for me to stay and watch the procedure and I'm glad I did.  It was very interesting.   Roofus is still there and will come home tomorrow if he can pee by himself. 

I never though I'd ever spend part of my day watching some bloke stick a tube up my cats penis but I am glad I did.  We have been going to this vet for more than 20 years and his bedside manner does leave a lot to be desired but we have never had any reason to complain about him.  We do know people that don't like him though and say they will never go back to him.  But watching him today with my cat...He swears, tells it like it is, doesn't seem to like people and tells you why in words that let you know in no uncertain terms...But the care he took with my cat, how he answered all my questions and explained what he was doing and why...I was impressed.   And he gave me a Sniggers bar to eat while I watched.  What's not to like.

I know I will wince when I get the bill, it will be bigger than normal seeing as I called him out on a Sunday.  Fathers day to boot, sorry 'bout that.  But today...Thanks Ron. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I Did Today....

Thursday.  Thought I'd write down some of what I did today to see if I really am a SA or just forgetful.

 Up early, 5.25am, so have a coffee, then a couple of hours on computer, breakfast, coffee then outside in the sunshine.   Lovely day,

Morning - washing, we have a small twintub so this takes awhile.  Longer because the machine is outside in the back shed and I tend to go off and do other stuff then have to keep coming back when I remember.   I wandered around the yard and collected branches and twigs, collected a crate of small wood for starting the fire with.  Chopped some other stuff to add to it.  Set up the fire ready to light when it's next cold.  Filled up the woodbox.   Walked out the dam area and looked around.  Yeah, I was busy!  Checked the wormfarm and wandered off to get them some lettuce to munch on.  Looked at the fish and stood there while topping up their tanks and wondering how to go about treating them for whitespot.  Set up a smaller tank and treated 2 batches of fish.  More to go...Looked at the Caulies to see which one needed picking the most...there are a few that could be picked, collected a pile of  their leaves and wandered off to give them to the chooks.  .Pulled some grass out from around the back door.  Got the wheelbarrow to throw weeds and grass in to give to the chooks.  Emptied once and started filling again.   All the while coming back to take the clothes out, spin, rinse, spin, hangup on line..Next load...

Noon. - Lunchtime so in to have something to eat while I watch the midday movie.  Now the plan was to tidy up, do dishes, cleanout fridge, etc during the ads.   I didn't.  I spent most of the ads looking for my battery charger so I could charge batteries for the camera.  I haven't been able to find this for quite a few weeks and it *must* be here otherwise I have no idea where it would be.  Bagged up some clothes for the next Freemarket.  Didn't find charger so will look some more tomorrow.

Afternoon - Back outside but I am getting tired  now so am slow and sore.   Took some clothes off line, inside and folded some.  Sat at the computer and ate an Orange.  See?  Still busy!  Made up some lawnmower fuel, chopped some wood while I was in that area, inside to check phone message, stayed inside for another Orange.  Out again and finally! got the stupid mower started so mowed for a bit.

Evening/Night - Fed and locked up chooks, collected eggs.   Inside and showered -now 6pm. 
Tea, Will have coffee then computer until bed.  
8pm - just remembered a couple of chooks got out this afternoon so I need to go out and look for them and throw put them back in.

So this is what a lot of my days are like, just mooching around doing bits and pieces but having not much to show for it.  Husband does projects so we can see what he does but my stuff is like housework, stuff that needs doing over and over and over and over...Because I can't see an end result it looks like I'm not doing anything but really, I am doing a bit..  Sometimes anyway!

Tomorrow will probably be much the same but there will be some book reading instead of a midday movie.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still done nothing

Or more to the point...nothing has been achieved.  I must be doing some things out there surely but when I try to think back and remember it's like "it all looks the same so maybe I really did do nothing"
I know I mowed  bit.  Picked some food.  Pulled a few weeds. 

Since I last posted, 10!! days ago I have had a day away for a birthday party, a couple of half days out the beach but I'm saying a weekend away so 2 days gone.  Had a date day in Bunbury, worked 2 days...That looks better, it seems I have been out more often than I have been home so maybe I am not quite as slack as I was thinking I was.  Maybe.  Still, not enough done over the 4 full days that I was here.

I am away all day today and I don't go back to work until next Tuesday so should be able to get something done out there surely.  I will make a list and post so as to be accountable.  That usually works for me.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week...

I have done nothing since my busy day outside.   Well no work.  I have sat out in the sun and read a book and that was outside.  But no mowing, weeding, clearing, mulching, planting...And nothing will be done today either.   I do have a list to start on tomorrow so if I can get a few things on that finished I'll feel better.  I'm not sure why I expect my garden to continue feeding us when I am such a SA with it all.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Been Busy.

I have had a busy day, probably got more done today than I have all last week but I sure am paying for it tonight.  And there is still so much to do out there.  I really need more of a plan and then I need to get out there and *do* more often.  That way I might not end up like I have today.

We are picking heaps of Broccoli and I need to get some picked and frozen before it seeds.  I have peas, not many, a few now and then but lots of flowers.  Cabbages haven't done anything but are close.  Asparagus is sending up spears, lots of skinny ones but enough thick and tasty ones too.

I have been trying to clear out the big tank gardens where the brasicas are.  Husband helped me pull the thousands of weeds out last week and today I collected a few barrow loads of dirt from the chookpen to top up all the low bits in it.  That was a job and a half by itself!  Found some small carrots and beetroot and lots of lettuce amongst the Broccoli.
Another couple of barrow loads of chookpen mulch on the Asparagus in the small  tank beds, some on the Asparagus in the drums and one on the sweet potatoes in the single tank garden.  Of course the chooksheds then needed more hay put in them to replace what I took out but it wont need doing again for a few more weeks and the chooks now have clean, warm hay to dig around in.

Found a patch of potatoes in one of the fridge gardens that were above ground and green so I pulled them up and dug down some to retrieve the rest.  Not many, maybe a kilo or so, small but nice.  I cooked them all up, had some for tea and will have the rest throughout the week. The green ones will be replanted one day when I am out there and think of it.  At the moment they are covered with some rag that was out there.  Dug up a couple of kilo of Sweet potatoes from their patch and *found* a big carrot in a handful of weeds that I pulled.  A few capsicum and some spinach and I have enough cooked veg in the fridge for the week.

We are getting plenty of Oranges but have had to net the trees as the parrots like them too.  We were looking at the Pepinos and saying how good the plants looked and how the big fruit would soon be ready when Husband noticed that some had been eaten,  He thought it was by rats so I set the traps out there and  caught one last night.  The traps are set again for tonight so I hope we get them all out of the way so we get some of these fruit.  Slaters are eating the Strawberries!  Bloody things, they are such a pain and I need to get on top of them again.

Everything needs mowing again, trees need pruning, grass and weeds needs to be removed from under a  couple more trees, I have a pile of Garlic, left in the ground last year and it has come up in clumps.  I need to thin that out and put some in different areas.

Lots to do but I am out all day tomorrow and am hoping to get out the beach for a bit sometime over the next week and I was also hoping to get a bushwalk in somewhere...I need to start training for a BIG challenge we have set ourselves.  Will tell about that soon but it means I really need to get up off me bum and move more.   But when I do move more, like today, I hurt.  Bad...Or do I just think I do to give myself something to whinge about...

Oh, I got a pile of magazines in the mail today.  Twentyfour of them so of course I need to find time to read those...maybe when I finish the book I started a couple of days ago.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Raining...

Again.  The last week of Winter was like Spring, lovely sunny days, not hot, perfect to be outside and get everything that needed doing done.  So why didn't I!  This week it's rained and rained again then rained some more.  The land it saturated, the chookyards are nothing but mud, poor little chookies probably are out there now waiting for me to let them out into the paddock just so they can wipe the squishyness from the poor mud soak toes...

If I *remember* I will do that before I leave in a half hours time.  I have no food left for them so hope I also remember to buy some on my way home this afternoon but I may be too late to get to the shop. Bad chook mummy should have gone into town last week and bought bought some.   When it was sunny and nice!

Husband left for work on Monday, said he's be back in a week, maybe 9 days.  Great me thinks, lots of time to get everything I didn't do last week done.  Hmmm, he got home last night.  I know the *joys* of not knowing from one week to the next when he will be here so should have got everything done over the weekend but hey, I had a book to finish, a grandkid to look after, blogs to read...when was I suposed to find the time for tidying up. 

I'm out for the next 2 days so maybe Friday might see something done.  But if it stops raining I have places I want to go.  Somewhere that sells freshly made icecream.  that will be way better than mowing lawns or sweeping floors.

Oops, gotta go.  Roosters are telling me it's time to let them out and I still need to get dressed and get ready for work.  I need to leave in 15mins so better get a move on!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of No Buy Food Challange

The month of not buying any food is over and I think the husband will be glad for it.  Me, I'm not too fussed and could happily go without buying anything for another couple of months... if I had to and if I allowed some hot chips on outings. 

If we needed to, like if suddenly we had no money and he lost his job, we could still eat pretty good for a long time.   There would be things that we wanted but we wouldn't go hungry at all.

There are a couple of things we have run out of and some things are getting low but we don't have have any shopping trips planned for anytime soon.  There is maybe a dozen things on the shopping list and once they are bought then we'd be right to go for another few months...But we wont! 

We didn't really need anything over the month though cheese would have been nice and SR flour would have been handy.  We ate quite a bit from the freezer but a lot was added there is not much more room than when we started.  The fridge has plenty of food in it still and the big pot of stew that the husband made today hasn't made much of a dent in the vegetables even though he added heaps.   

I just asked husband if he has missed anything over the last month, thinking that he'd say chips and cooldrink.   Hmmm...It seems it was a lot harder for him than me and I was surprised but probably shouldn't be that he has a long list of stuff that he went without because I wanted to do this so I thank him for that.    It looks like it is easier for people who aren't that fussed about eating crap than for the ones that have it every week or whenever they want.   Another good reason I think to learn to like and want homegrown unprocessed food.   There probably wont be much crappy food around when the zombies get here so I think it would be a good idea to see how you would go without buying any food for a bit though I know things are easier when the choice is there and you know it is only for a short time and not forever.

I'm glad we did this and though we did end up buying hot chips a couple of times while we were away I'm still happy with how we went.

Friday, July 27, 2012

No Buy Food...Date Day

You know how I was kinda thinking that buying coffee and cake on our Date Day maybe wouldn't be the right thing to do...well Darling Daughter T made us a cake to take so I wouldn't feel guilty about it.  How lovely was that!   And taking the small camp stove would have made sure that there was no whinging  saying on my part about how the coffee was made.  Best solution all round.

Except that I forgot to take the small pot to heat the water in.  The cake was nice though! 
This isn't the first time that I have forgotten to take this pot and after the last time I put a bag together so I wouldn't forget again.   Yeah, that worked well..  
In this *coffee bag* I had a container with mugs, spoon, tea, coffee, milk.  A pot to heat water.  A snaplock bag with a few sachets of flavoured coffee.  A box of cupasoups.   Some rags A teatowel and cloths.
We took this bag with us way back when when we were down in Nannup and discovered then that the mouses like cupasoups and flavoured coffee too.  And nesting in said rags cloths. 
It was my job to empty, clean, repack this bag so it was all ready for when we next wanted it.  Well, I didn't.   (So there!  You can't tell me what to do)   Hence, no water heating pot for a coffee with our cake.  I did grab the container with the mugs and coffee stuff  and a bottle of water...Probably doesn't count though without the water heating utensil. 

This is it.  Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate biscuits around the edge.   The only thing it *needed* was some whipped cream but as we try to mostly eat healthy we didn't have any

We are going away this weekend, down to Nannup! so I will endeavour to have this coffee bag clean and fully packed.

And notice there is no mention of the hot chips we bought on this date day.  Now, I'm not saying it was my idea to buy them, after all, I was the one that packed some boiled eggs, fruit, tins of tuna for lunch.  When I got back to the car after a loo stop they were just there.  Must have been the hot chip fairies I think.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fox Season.

The weather here lately has been more like Spring than Winter and I have seen 3 foxes dead on the side of the road in the last 2 weeks so kept thinking that I better start locking the chooks in their sheds at night...but of course didn't.  I think I was lucky though as the foxes are around...Spring seems to be the time that they come out more, the mothers come in to teach their young how to hunt and people can lose all their flock.  It has happened to us a couple of times and if I don't want it happening again then I need to remember the lockup at night routine.

How do I know that the foxes are here already?  Well remember that foxtrap we borrowed last year?  We have had it set up out the back near the dam and every now and then we put fresh meat in it.  Some of the remains from the roosters were used after the last culling.   I try to remember to go out and check that there is nothing in it but hadn't for a couple of days.  Lucky Hubby was home as he noticed a cow looking at the trap.  

Gotcha!  One less fox to worry about but we will need to be consistent with locking up at night and checking and rebaiting the trap throughout the coming months.

We will bury this somewhere but I wonder if we left this hanging somewhere if it would act as a deterrent to others.  What do you think?  Bury or hang somewhere?  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Really Really Free Markets.

The Waroona Really Really Free Markets are on again this afternoon and from what I have heard there will be quite a bit going on.  I'll be taking in some lemons and sprouting Chokos and a box or two of unwanted stuff.   I'll be looking for some wool jumpers as I want to try *felting* them.   And I want a few photo frames for an idea that I have.  More books, of course.  They will come in handy for when I start work again and the kids are asleep.

They can be found on Facebook too so if you are interested in this concept (free markets not facebook) go join up.  Help save the world from stuff being dumped.

Free Markets this afternoon from 1 to 3.  Memorial Hall, Waroona.   If you come, come say hello. You can help me wash dishes!

Friday, July 20, 2012

No Buy Food Challenge. I ate cheese...

Yep that's right.  I got cranky about the husband eating cheese then I ate cheese.  But it's OK because the cheese I ate wasn't bought, it was leftovers from his work and if we didn't get it it would have been binned.  So our eating it saves it from the waste pile and because it wasn't bought it's OK.   Yes?   Maybe I'm making up the rules to suit myself as I go along but it's my challenge and that's what we challenge setters get to do.

It's 3 weeks in tomorrow since we started this and despite not buying any food, due to more rooster culling, food from his work, fruit that needed picking and plenty of garden produce, we have more stuff in the fridge and freezer than when we started.  We won't be needing to go to any shops anytime soon that's for sure.

And speaking, or in this case writing, about making up the rules as I go along...Is it cheating if we go out for a date day and buy coffee and cake somewhere?   I kinda think it might be...but maybe not...What do you think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Garden.

Over the last couple of days I have been outside clearing some of the back tank gardens out.  The choko has died back and that in itself was a big job to remove.  It was all tangled between the wire of the fence and was a bugger to pull down.  I now have piles of the dead stuff around the place and need to decide whether to burn it or throw it in the chook pens.  I will finish that job today.  So many of the chokos that fell off have rooted in the garden and I am deciding whether to leave a couple or pull them all out...Husband will want me to pull them out and I probably will but may *miss* a couple.  I will plant a few more in different areas as I only have them in one other place and want to get a few more plants established.

I dug up the peanuts that were hidden under the lower bits but was very disapointed with them.  I have a small handful and don't know if the slaters ate them or mice or they didn't grow...They looked alright above ground.  Anyway I won't be making the peanut paste that I wanted too and will maybe eat them raw.  I don't think I'll plant them again, but might, depends, I might just shove these ones back in the ground and let them be.

The Asparagus out in the tank gardens was hidden by the choko vine and has now been uncovered and cut back.  I still need to put a layer of mulch over that, again a today job.  The stuff in the drums out the front was cut back and mulched a while back and is starting to shoot.  I could probably get a few spears a day from out there if I wanted to but will just break one or two off now and then when I am out there to munch   on while passing as that is what I do.  I don't think I have brought any inside yet and none has been cooked up.  One drum is only young and the spears are thin so that one will be left alone until next year. 

The Brocolli is heading up nicely and I could eat them now if I needed to.  I will need to keep an eye on them and not let them get passed their prime.  There are flowers on the peas.  I noticed some sweet potatoes poking above the ground when I was out there the other day but have a bag of big ones that were given to us last week that will need to be used up before I go digging ours up.
We are picking oranges and bananas, getting a few strawberries but the slaters are building up out there again and getting to the ripe ones first.  I need to get back onto them.  Heaps of capsicum and chillies still.  Still getting some small tomatoes.  Husband hates these, he says they are too small for anything but he likes tomato on toast so I will keep growing them as they are the only ones I can keep going when it is cold and if it saves having to buy them again I will make sure I have more plants going next year.  I pulled a lot up this year because he didn't want them but I wasn't happy when he then bought some so in my book...Small is better than buying!  If I had a hothouse though...

We culled 5 roosters last week and have another few to do.  The pig is in the freezer, we still have heaps of fish, the chooks have started laying again so plenty of eggs.  Simple fresh food and plenty of it.  We are so lucky to live where we do with sun, water, knowledge to grow stuff.  I know I whinge a bit a lot  but do know that we have it a lot easier than some.

I hope some of you have it easy too and those that don't, I hope things aren't too hard but I do know that for some it is.  Take care.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Buy Food, I'm a bit cranky.

Well we are 2 weeks in and I reckon we failed.  Husband ate cheese so I am a tad cranky. 

We (me) had more or less decided that it was alright to buy good specials this month as long as we didn't eat them.  This is the way I shop, there are a few things that I only buy if/when they are on special.  Cheese, marg, baked beans, icecream are some items bought this way.   Last week cheese was a great special, we had none so I bought a block so as to have it come August.  I didn't hide it well enough though and yesterday husband came in late, was hungry and wanted something quick and easy, I wasn't home to make he made himself a pizza.  With cheese!
Bugger!  Double bugger.  He says it's OK but of course it's not.  It is a fail.
I came home tired and hungry and cooked myself some fish and an egg, quick, easy and sticking with the plan.   I am the winner!   But we failed.

We have *discussed* this and we will still continue but I need to make things easier and have stuff that he likes ready and waiting for him.   Men! there's that saying, "they don't always follow the rules but they go out and collect firewood to keep the place warm and cull the roosters so you don't have to so are worth keeping around"    I need to remind myself that sometimes!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Fridge.

As a follow-on from my *House with no fridge* posting I got to thinking about our fridge...
It is one of those big fridge freezer side by side things.  Bought new a few years ago, Husbands choice...

I use it though, sometimes I have so much crammed in there nothing else will fit and I have to move things around and take stuff out to fit that bottle of Coke in.   Because I have it so crammed there is stuff that ends up being pushed to the back and then ends up having to go to the chooks. 

 To the left is the inside freezer  To the rght is the inside of the fridge. This is what it looked like a couple of days ago.  As you can see it is chockers.  Notice all the eggs?  Four dozen went that afternoon but I have collected more since then and there is 6 dozen in there now.

I like to think that with a bit of rethinking I could do without it, if I lived here, alone.  I would eat more eggs and it would encourage me to plant more.  I would just cook what I wanted as I wanted it, eat more salad stuff and buy and eat more dried beans and the like.  So maybe I could if I had to but probably wont choose to any time soon.  

But if I didn't have a fridge where would I put all my reminders and pictures from the grandaughter?
                                                  Where would the magnets that I made go?
                                           And the really cool shopping list holder that I made?

Where would I keep our calender of work days?  (More his than mine.)  And the really great spider magnets that I bought?

Because I am a lazy bit** I like to cook up a lot and keep it in the fridge to save on cooking every day so at the moment a fridge is needed. for my soups and stuff.  And all the veg that other people bring out here.  And the food that husband has brought home from work...pack of sausages, chops, bread, salad stuff...
We need a fridge.

What's in and on your fridge?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

No-Buy. Grow. Eat. July, First Week.

Sunday was the first day of our no-buy food challenge month but with a fridge and freezer full of food eating was as normal.   With a pot of  Rooster and veg soup in the fridge that was breakfast and lunch sorted.   I added  some homemade pasta from the freezer to make it different for tea and there was then enough left for Mondays breakfast.  Add in a couple of Oranges and some melted cheese on flatbread, a few coffees and a hot milo...Done.   Husband rarely eats breakfast or lunch but tends to snack on whatever throughout the day...and into the night.  He made himself a few flatbread pizzas and had a bowl of custard, made with eggs.

Monday.     Breakfast was a bowl of rooster and veg soup and later on an orange.    Made up a big pot of Manky Vegetable Soup.  It used up the old carrots but had chokos, onion, pumpkin, capsicum etc addded.  Added a couple of bags of old veg grown here and frozen some time last year...That's lunch for a few days.   I cooked up a pile of old apples, froze a couple of cups, ate some and made an apple  meringue pie.   I had a bowl of soup before  the fish and squid Husband cooked up for tea.    I *forgot* and gave daughter some coins to get some hot chips to have with the fish even though I had  cut and precooked some potato wedges that afternoon.   After remembering we used the excuse that we didn't have enough room to cook them with the fish as we only had the one pan.  So 2 days in and I failed.  HoHum.  Start again, from now.  The wedges are now in 2 lots in the freezer.

Tuesday.  Hmmmm.  Breakfast was going to be oats but I opened the fridge and there was a plate of leftovers from last night, so fish and chips for breakfast!   Had an orange midmorning and a couple of cups of soup over an hour or so around lunch time.  A few small mandarins during the afternoon, not ours but nice.  Tea was soup and a couple of eggs with some stewed apple later on.
Hasband came home unexpectantly so I had to feed him.  How rude!  He had the rest of the soup and some wedges.

Hmmm, so much for getting the freezers emptied.  Son went out to get a load of wood and we now have a pig hanging in the coolroom.  I have a week to make room for it.That's a lot of eating!

Wednesday.  No soup left so had the rest of the wedges, some apple and 2 small mandarins for breakfast.  Chicken from the freezer for lunch and Liver and veg for tea.   Was going to have fish but need the iron boost.    Orange, banana and oatmix, popcorn for snacks, not all at the same time!

Thursday. Sm bowl of Liver for breakfast with an orange and the same for lunch.   Egg and veg omelet with cheese for tea.  Fruit and oatmix throughout the day. 

Friday.  Old oatmix from the cupboard for breakfast.  It tasted old!  Cooked some veg and added that to the last of the liver, divided it into 2 and had some for lunch and some mid afternoon.   Eggs and cheese for tea.  Orange, banana

Saturday.  Oats for breakfast.  I have taken a bag of fish out of the kitchen freezer for lunch and tea.  I will cook up some vegetable tonight when the fire is going but will have salad with it at lunchtime.

Last Sunday daughter brought out a big bag of vegetables that she had bought but wasn't going to use.  They were all still good enough for us so some were added to the soup, some have been cooked, mooshed and put in the freezer for next weeks soup, some are still in the fridge.  There were a lot of veg in that bag!

The flatbread was bought during June because it was too cheap to not to at 99 cents for a pack of 5 but we can, and quite often do, make our own simple version with flour and water to go with soups and stews.

Week 1, Bought...Hot chips.

A House With No Fridge.

During June I was away for quite a bit of the time housesitting.   I was given the key and instructions a few days before I went down there but I have been to this house before.  It is always clean and tidy.  I get there, fiddle with the key, push the door open and go into the tidiest kitchen I have ever seen.  Every bench was clear, nothing on them at all.  The middle bench did have the flour mill on it but that stays there all the time.  Oh, the sink had some Castile soap on it.  Soap that I helped make so that made me smile.
It was also one of the coldest kitchens I have ever been in.

My first job was going to be cleaning the cat litter boxes so I brought my stuff in, put some food I had brought onto the bench, dumped my bags in the loungeroom, went outside to let the chooks out as they had been locked up for a couple of days, had a walk around the place, just to make sure that it was still there then back inside to find the cats and say hello and tell them that yes, I was getting to their boxes.
Once the boxes were cleaned I made myself a coffee and went out the front to sit and sip while watching for some wildlife.

I finish my coffee and walk in the front door and think "Bugger, that didn't take long"  The lovely tidy house that was was no more.  It looked just like home.  How sad!

I lit the all ready to go loungeroom fire and made up a bed.  Sorted. 

I knew this house had no fridge, no freezer, no TV, no internet, no lounge suite to sit on but I knew that there  would be plenty of books to read so that's what I planned on doing.   Because I find it hard to read when it is dark I did turn a light on even though it made me feel a bit guilty.  Why?   The last electricity bill from this house was under $15 for the quarter, I didn't want to be the one that brought it up to $17.

So it's dark and I'm hungry but there was no going to the 'fridge and just getting something out to eat.  It was prepare and cook from scratch, just enough to eat.  And do the same for each meal.   It was a lot different from home where I like to cook up enough to last a few days then grab some when I wanted it and bung it in the microwave to get hot.  None of that happening here, being in the house with no fridge took planning and a different way of eating.  It wasn't hard though as this is a vegan house with no fridge so there was no meat to go off.  I didn't take any cheese, yoghurt or anything perishable.  I ate dried beans, lentils, vegetable and fruit.  Oh and eggs, I took eggs because they are easy and they don't need a fridge.   And the kitchen was cold! so I could have left a bowl of icecream on the bench and have it still frozen the next day.   Well, OK, the icecream would have melted but it was cold enough to not have to worry about the fruit, veg and eggs coming to any harm.

This house with no fridge has no fridge during Summer either and it does get warm there.  I supose being a vegan household there is not the need for one but I think it would make life a lot easier.  Some things aren't about easy though are they.  Millions of people in the world manage fine without a fridge.  I managed fine, the woman who lives there manages fine. 

Could you live in a house with no fridge?  Would you want to?  Tell me why.