Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting There.

It's raining here again, absolutely poured down last night so because it is too wet outside it will be another day inside, tidying, cleaning... I am still in the decluttering mood and I *think* I'm starting to see a bit of a difference. The kitchen table has been clear since yesterday...well I just looked at it and it has 3 things on it. A bag that I am filling for Vinnies, a jewellery box that the grandaughter might want and 2 empty honey buckets...OK, the honey buckets are now out in the cupboard where they go. The bag is back on the bed, hohum...the jewellery box is in the box to go to daughters house. My table is clear again and it took less than a minute all up. Seems the idea is to deal with it right away, not put it down 'til later as *later* sometimes doesn't come. The bed has stuff that is waiting a decision on and that will be sorted after my coffee but the floor in there is better than it's been all month. The living area floor is clear, apart from the sewing maching because I can't lift that up to put it away, and it's even been vacuumed and washed. There are a few dishes from last night that will be done after lunch, 1 bench needs clearing and if I don't look at the computer area it looks alright. It was certainly OK for a visitor yesterday. She could sit at the table or in the lounge area and that is not ussual at all. Well, back into it. Bench, bed and vacuum bedroom before I start on something else.


  1. Whooo you are on fire...
    (argh quick put it out put it out!!!)

    Little by little is the way to go. One drawer or table or bench or shelf at a time. And eventually you will only have what you love and need (and maybe a separate cupboard in the shed for spares or just-in-cases... because you need to balance between minimalism and preparedness I reckon)

  2. You seem to be doing really well at this. Keep it up.

    Today was a decluttering day here, too. I brought out a small folding table over a year ago on which to sort books. Well, the sorting happened a little bit, Then the table was filled with other things and finally stacked with other things. I cannot stand and clean it off. So, I sat in my chair and put things that need to go away into a small box. Exbf came to help me today. I don't think he was impressed with my progress, but I was. The cleaning up around here is happening.

    One day, I asked him if he could see any difference. He could. So, now I need to get it where he sees more progress. There is not a horizontal surface right now that is clear! I did take a bag of things, well four things, to someone who can use them.

    Well, it is finally my birthday. Me, 67 years old.