Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today I Will...

Well I will probably not get as much done inside as I want because it looks like the sun is going to shine.  How nice will that be after all the rain we have had.   Plus I will not be here for a good part of the day and when I get back Husband should be home.

I do have a basic list though.
Bed.  Make and put clothes away off it.
Sink clear and clean.  It's not too bad but should have been done yesterday.
Vacuum.  Yes! today I WILL get to this.
Washing.  Need to get husbands work clothes from last week finished before next week...
I need to cook him a proper meal for tonight so will think on that.  

That will do for a start.  At least with that done the place will look OK when someone walks in the front door.  But!
I also want to:
Put bee boxes away somewhere...Maybe the back shed...
Shoe basket.  Yep, still haven't got this done.
Front verandah/sunroom.  I need to get that table cleared off so I have somewhere to sit on nice days.  And what should I do with the old and clunky but still works monitor out there?   Might try Freecycle but don't hold out much hope for it going...

Make bed and put a load of washing on before I have breakfast.


  1. Hi Barb, looks like you have been a busy bee. I love writing lists and crossing things off. So satisfying. Hope you and yours are well again... always scary to have someone in hospital.

    1. Hi Jo. Yes it seems that the list thing is the only way that I can get stuff started and done. Even the basic stuff...pity I don't write them out more often...