Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plant Seeds or Eat Pig Food.

It looks like it is going to be a lovely day here today so I might be able to get some outside jobs finished...That does mean that the inside jobs probably wont get started though.  I am out tomorrow but choosing to be so maybe I should stay home instead and get some things finished...Nah, not gunna happen.

Every time the sun shines I think that I haven't got enough planted yet, I go outside and look at the weed filled garden beds and know that I have a big job to do before I can plant anything and not enough gets done with either. 

This week I must plant some more Tomatoes, Watermelon seeds, ummmm..other food stuff so we don't starve over the coming months.   But if son keeps bringing out crates of stuff from where he works and I get to them before the daughter we could eat well forever.   He has been bringing home lots of crates and we give them to the chooks or cows but a lot were mainly potatos so I stopped looking.  The last lot he had on the back of his ute ready for the cows, I wasn't fussed about them as I still had a crate of manky stuff left out there.  Daughter has a look and gets excited so I too have a look at what he has.  Wow, Cool, get out of my way Daughter that's mine.  Give me back those bananas. Push, shove, push harder.  We decide to share...but I know she took more bananas than me...I got more grapes though and heaps of onions and tomatoes too.   This was good stuff.  It always kinda makes me sad knowing that this good food is being thrown away because the shop thinks it can't be sold.  Or as son says, it's easier to throw out the lot than pick out the manky ones and sell the better ones.  Easier to just put all the fresh stuff out when it comes in than to sell off the older stuff cheaper.  Easier for the shop to waste it all.  It does benifit us but if son didn't know that we are more than happy to eat *pig food* then it would all be binned.  There used to be another bloke that picked it up but he hasn't done so for a few weeks so we will get it until the other bloke is well enough to start again.

Knowing that this is not a forever thing should get me out planting.  The sun shining brightly should get me out planting.  Being too tight to buy food will get me out planting.  Today.  Soon.  Right now...after breakfast.


  1. When I dumpster dived, they put out whole crates of food that never saw anything but the back of the store. It was find, just never needed to be put out. It was sinful how much was thrown out. A dehydrator would come in handy about now for you. I can just see Mama and daughter shoving to get the

    I found somewhere near to two dozen cartons of eggs. I took all the whole eggs and made seven whole, perfect cartons of eggs--7 doz eggs, most cartons still in date. It is sinful for people not to be able to eat it.

    1. I did not mean to post. I had several friends that I shared with. One friend did not tell her husband and son it came from a dumpster.