Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Want Tos'.

Another wet and cold day so no garden work will get done, again.  I'm out for a bit this afternoon so need to get a few things done this morning but haven't even started yet.  Well, that's not quite true, I have been through a basket of clothes and gotten rid of a few more things.
I'm liking the list thing as it does get me doing stuff so will do another for today.

Today I want to:
Fish tank.  MUST DO this today.
Sink clear and clean.
Bed made.
Sweep floor.
Vacuum.  Yep I sweep before vacuuming.  It saves the vacuum cleaner from getting too clogged up with big stuff.
Clothes away.  I pulled stuff out to go through but want to go through it again before putting it away again.
Wood box.  Again, this is a daily thing when I have the fire going non-stop.
Freeze some of the soup from yesterday.
Juice more Oranges.  I will find a not-new small electric one soon then this job will be much easier.
Chop more small wood.
Benches x 2.
Bills.  Pay the few that are due.
Pick and prep any veg that need picking.
Washing.  I have a load of husband's work stuff from last week...but it's raining still and cold out there...
Moving of some sort.  Ride, walk, Youtube vids...

Oh well, that will do for a start.  I have an appointment at 2 so I need to be ready to leave here by 1.45.

The mattress' have been put back in the van.   Not made up to sleep in yet but at least they are in there.


  1. Lists work for me, too. I can see what I need to do and then can have the satisfaction of marking it off.

  2. Yes, It seems without a list nothing gets done. As proven over the last few days. Though I have been busy in other ways...