Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today's To Do's

Unless I pull my finger out and get moving there wont be any decluttering done today. Husband is due home and there are some jobs that I need to get done before he does. So I have until this afternoon, until 6ish, until 9ish. Or I have until tomorrow...Who knows. 

What I want to get done: 
Sink clear and clean.  Been done twice!  Should clean out fridge and cook before doing dishes.
Bedroom dusted. 
Battery put back in van and van moved. 
All FreeMarket bags in van.  Apart from the one still being filled.
Mattress back in van and bed made up. 
Cook something and have tea ready before he gets home.  Chicken, vegetables, quinoa. 

Chop small wood for the fire and refill inside box
Clean out fridge.  Near enough so I'm counting it as done.
Sweep verandah. 
Clear off verandah table.  Luffas away.  Box in shed.  Battery in van.  Seeds away.
Pay bills. 
Pick all vegies that need to be picked. 
Cook said veg and have them ready in the cleaned out fridge.
Give crates of chook scraps to chooks. 
Daughter T just rang and I now need to fit in a bike ride.   And I walked as well.  Yep, I am awesome.
This list will do for a start but I know there is more....Breakfast first but I will forgo my second coffee until after the ride. 'Cause I'm good like that!

That's it, I'm calling it a day.  Showered and now need food.  The rest will go on another list, when I will have a whole day at home, maybe Tuesday.

After our ride T mucked around on here and it looks like she has it fixed.  Thanks T.


  1. That's a lot to do in one day. But, a bike ride is really necessary.

    1. I have had all week to do most of it but didn't. Now need to...At least get a few more things crossed off. The bike ride was fun. Kinda.