Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Must do today...

T came home from hospital last night so grandaughter has gone from here.  All  her stuff is still here though and slowly being bagged up to be taken in to her place.  It is another stormy day so more wood needs to be chopped and big stuff brought in...

I need to:
Move van...Battery might be  is flat again which will make it a bigger job than it sounds!
Sink, clear and clean.
Table Cleared.  Done
Doctors appointment.  Done.  Now need to make appointment with specialist.  Done
Bed.  Make   Done.
Vacuum bedroom floor.  Have swept.
Dead mouse behind fridge.  Get rid of it somehow...  Done.  Thanks Husband.
Put solar lights back outside.  Done  Really should do this at the start of the day...
Take back all the kids things to her house.  Ready to go.  Done
Finish clown costume.   Just about, needs trying on.  Done.  Looks OK, photos to come.

Clown Costume.
Shoes. Sew on bows.  Done
Hat.  Done
Pants.  Done
Hair  .Done
Shirt.  Sew on pompoms. Done   Make neckline smaller. Done    Put in hoop?   Oops, forgot this bit.
Undershirt.  Long sleeves needed if cold, Done

So, the sink still needs doing and the floors were swept but not vacuumed.  The van?  Wouldn't start, husband thinks my jumper leads are faulty .   Waiting for son to bring his out .


  1. I have a dead rat behind things I cannot move. It stinks to high heaven! Exbf won't be here until Thursday! Maybe you could post a picture of her in the clown costume. I need a list for tomorrow.

  2. Dead things do seem to get a bit pongy don't they. Clown photos will come. I'm loving the lists and am interested in what will be on yours.