Sunday, September 1, 2013

Three Weeks Old Already..

The baby that we saw being born is doing well and is now 3 weeks old. Gosh, that seems to have gone quick! As far as we know the mother is doing fine too. The baby is small, she was weighed and we have been told that she was more than 7lb...but she is so tiny and I reckon she was a 6 pound baby. But scales are probably more acurate than my eyes. My scales here at home weigh me heavier than I think I look so it is probably me that has it wrong...
Two week old here.

She's frowning at something!

I want to kidnap that dog, She can keep the kid!
And these photos show why I need to keep up my Fitter By Friday blog...I'll get onto that today...

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  1. That baby has very fat cheeks right now. My 6 lb baby did not have fat cheeks at three weeks! But, I am not judge, either.