Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back again... Need a plan.

Wow, 2 months since I have been here.  More than that really, how slack is that for a blogger that needs motivation and record keeping.

I have been busy with Vinnies but I have also spent way too much time reading about other peoples gardens and what other people are planting, growing, doing...What I need to do is get out there myself and plant, grow, do.

What is everyone else planting?  Growing?  Doing? 

This last week I have been trying to get my bedroom a bit cleaner, roomier, nicer...It's still a long way off all of that even though there have been bags and bags of stuff leaving the place.   Last night though I could walk down my side of the bed and not walk on anything.  No papers, clothing, bags, nothing to trip over in the dark.   I emptied the bottom shelf in my cupboard and found a mouse nest, that's pretty feral of me really but it's all gone and cleaned up now.  The shelf is no longer empty though as I have put the bags that were on the floor in there!   But the floor is clear!!   And I have more than 40 pairs of socks!  How does that even happen.  I threw out a few pairs but have others in the wash so more than 40 pairs of good condition socks that I mostly wear.   All too good to bin and seeing as they all fit into the drawer they will stay.   Husbands side has a box of *spare* shirts and shorts, good condition and may be needed one day in the distant future...I have asked him to go through them and see if he want to keep any of them.  They are too good to throw away but not good enough to be sold at Vinnies.  If he really doesn't want them I will take them down to the Really Really Free Markets.  He has 2 days to go through them or the box will be there for another month.  Not my side though so I don't really care.

I have been digging out grass, putting down mulch, digging, spreading, mowing.  Massive job that made me hurt but it looks good.  I have more grass to dig up, more mulch to spread....I'm hoping to get the rest ready for mulching by the end of the month and that's totally doable if I do.

I have Vinnies all day today, again tomorrow morning, RRFM on Saturday and may be out on Sunday.  Vinnies again 3 days next week...

I need to have a proper look in the gardens and see what needs doing and start writing things down as it looks like I haven't done much outside but know there was more than this.  Chooks legs were oiled so that's something else and they will be done again next week sometime...but surely there was more...

Hopefully I will start writing things down here more, it reminds me of what I have done so I don't feel like such a slacka and it tells me what I need to do so I don't be such a slacka!  I need a plan.   Will write one up when I get some time, and remember!