Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mowing and Marron.

We have had a productive day with mowing and whippersnippering getting done.  We are having another get-together here next Sunday and even though we had one at the beginning of December and I managed to get it all done then it was still a big job today.  Husband used the ride-on and did the dam area while I used the self propelled mower to do around the house and whippersnipped the edges.  This mower mucks my hands and arms up big time and I am real sore tonight but daughter and her fella were out here earlier and it gave her something to make fun of so it's not all bad.  

They, everyone but me, spent the evening catching marron and putting them in the purging tank so that they will be all clean for eating next week. We then had tea, supplied by T and a big thanks to her for that and then a few hands of cards before they left.  A good day.    Husband has just come in after a last pull of the nets and says that there are heaps of different sized marron out there so that's good.  He says that there are heaps of frogs around the dam too so it shows that the place is good and safe for wildlife and that is a main reason  I don't want to use poisons...I love having all the frogs in different areas even if they do make me squeal when they jump in front of me...Another reason for keeping the grass mowed short, when snakes come in for a feed of frog I want to be able to see them...

We're away for a few days soon so I am a bit worried about the seedlings I have planted...I will water and mulch before we go and keep my fingers crossed they survive a couple of days without a drink...With a bit of shadecloth over them they may be alright.  Fingers crossed anyway.  I'm hoping the new chickens will be OK too but will have to remember to set up extra water for them before we leave.  They should be right for food as they all have outside areas to scratch in and I will put out food for them but water is the important thing for them.    Might have to call on T to come out and check on things...If she reads this I might not have to call...

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