Saturday, September 7, 2013

Not Been Mowing.

I had a plan. A great plan. I planned to ride into town to vote, ride home again and then, as another get fitter activity, I was also going to mow the 10foot high grass before I get lost in it...OK, it's not 10foot high but it is getting up there again and I did plan to mow it...I was going to use the ride-on to get it down a bit then go over it with the small mower that needs pushing. The ride-on is now sitting out in front of my car and I cannot get it started again. I cannot get the push mower to start. If husband was here he would give it a few decent pulls and it would be roaring but me...for some reason I have a lot of trouble getting it started from cold. I have no idea why the ride-on want start. It started no trouble, I reversed out of the shed, drove it to in front of my car, got off to shut the shed door down...and it won't start again. The other stupis thing, even with all my *tricks* I can't get the push mower going...Looks like I'm meant to be cleaning up and sewing instead of mowing today so I will get started on that...soon...after a 'stop the crankyness' coffee...


  1. I never could get the push mower started without injuring myself in the process. One day, the mailman came just as I was struggling. He looked shocked when I asked him to help me. Another time, I asked a jogger to start

    THEN, I got a reel mower--no motor, no oil, no gas, no noise, no struggle to start it. Just push. Of course, the grass cannot be very high. I could hear birds, not smell the mower, and my hands were not vibrated to death.

    I understand the frustration of mowers that do NOT start. I'd rather sew.

  2. I didn't sew or clean up. Son came out, the ride-on got started, I mowed. We used to have a mower like you describe, a daughter has it now. I like them but they are no good for our large uneven areas.

  3. I, too, find it INCREDIBLY frustrating having to depend on RMan to do simple things. I am not patient. And, if I want to do something, I want to do it NOW!

    Like our reserve water tank, which has a whole clever contraption thingy which RMan knows how to start (switchong this on, and that off, and that on, etc), but I haven't a clue! Grrrrr! If I need to start it in order to have a shower, I want it to work now - not when RMan saunters over.

    Sometimes it's very annoying to be a female!