Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tidy and Clean? Not Yet...

Yesterdays *get it tidy* mindset didn't last too long. It never does which is another reason my house is a tip. It is now 5.30PM, the sink has the days dishes, the table has a pile of Passionfruit added to todays Oranges and the bench is covered in the skins of all last weeks Oranges that I have juiced. So many Oranges...will eat another one later but that want put much of a dent in them. Tomorrow there will be more, haha, you gotta laugh don't ya. I will juice more tomorrow but as I only have a hand juicer and dodgy hands I cannot do the lot in one go and if I do them early like today it mucks me up for the afternoon. I am a whinger, I know. It's all good fun though and I know (too well) how easy I have it compared to some others. I will fill the sink and get the dishes soaking. I will then bucket all the skins and get them outside for the chooks. While outside I will chop some wood and bring in a few armloads, big and small stuff. Armloads because the wheelbarrow is full of pumpkins that I need to cook up and freeze. One day soon... Once back in I will wash the soaking dishes and get the sink clear and clean and bag up some Oranges and put them in the freezer. Then shower, tea, nothing else. 8PM Then things change...Grandaughter has not long left so not much of any of that was done. Tomorrow, I will start early.

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  1. At least it sounds like you are on your way to clean with a plan. I would love to have the problem of too many oranges in my yard and on the counter.