Monday, December 31, 2018

Next Year Tomorrow.

It's nearly 9:30pm, last day of December, 2018.  I'll be going to bed soon and when I wake up it will be next year.  How exciting is that!

2018 wasn't a bad year for us, in fact it was pretty darn good.  We didn't do much, didn't go anywhere, didn't achieve much at all but we are all reasonably healthy and reasonably happy and that is enough.

Next year though, 2019, I'd like to do more, go places, achieve stuff...still be happy and healthy but just add that little bit extra to life.   I wonder if we/I will.

I miss blogging and wonder why I don't.  My memory isn't much chop any more and blogging was a way of being able to see what I did do, where I went...haha,  maybe I did go exploring, had wonderful days out and achieved great things.  Maybe I did it all but just don't remember because I didn't blog about it all.  You think?  haha.  No, it didn't happen like that. 

The gardens aren't doing much, chooks keep getting out and scratching them up.  Grass keeps growing up and through them all.  We still have too many slaters.  I am still too lazy to get out there and fix it all.   I'm still volunteering down at Vinnies.  Still too scared to go on any adventures.  And next year it may all stay the same but I think there will be a few changes, we'll see.

Now though, it's bedtime.  How many reading will stay up to see the New Year in?  How will you spend the 1st day of 2019?   I hope you all have a great night and next year is good for you.