Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vet Visit.

I have had  a very interesting couple of hours. 

My cat was sleeping on my bed Friday night but was outside early Sat.  I heard him have a spat with the stray cat that comes around sometimes but didn't think much of it.  Went out Sat morn and when I got home I noticed that Roofus hadn't been in for his breakfast so went looking for him but didn't find him.  Looked and called throughout the afternoon and found him late evening sleeping under a bush.  I thought he was dead but he opened his eyes when I picked him up..  Now this is cat that doesn't like me and likes being picked up less but let me pick him up and carry him...Obviously there was something wrong so I brought him inside where it was warm.  He was still alive this morning and did get up and wobbled around a few times but he was walking like a drunk cat and he wouldn't drink or eat.  He did go outside when I had the door open but I brought him back into the sunroom where he went to sleep on the mat. 

Yesterday I thought he may have picked up a bait from somewhere, maybe rat poison but the symptoms didn't fit and so I rang the Son in Law this morning and got him to come have a look at him.  He used to be a vet technician so I was happy to take his advice.   He says he had an enlarged bladder so a blockage and would need a catheter.    He rang the vet for me and Ron,  the vet, said he'd meet me at the surgery. 

Usually when I take an animal to the vets I just drop it off and come back when the animal is ready to come home.  Being Sunday and no other animals or people there Ron was happy for me to stay and watch the procedure and I'm glad I did.  It was very interesting.   Roofus is still there and will come home tomorrow if he can pee by himself. 

I never though I'd ever spend part of my day watching some bloke stick a tube up my cats penis but I am glad I did.  We have been going to this vet for more than 20 years and his bedside manner does leave a lot to be desired but we have never had any reason to complain about him.  We do know people that don't like him though and say they will never go back to him.  But watching him today with my cat...He swears, tells it like it is, doesn't seem to like people and tells you why in words that let you know in no uncertain terms...But the care he took with my cat, how he answered all my questions and explained what he was doing and why...I was impressed.   And he gave me a Sniggers bar to eat while I watched.  What's not to like.

I know I will wince when I get the bill, it will be bigger than normal seeing as I called him out on a Sunday.  Fathers day to boot, sorry 'bout that.  But today...Thanks Ron. 

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  1. The vet obviously likes animals more than people. I suppose you all should be grateful he did not go into the people medical field! Hope the cat can pee soon and not run up the bill too high. It sounds like a lovely day you had, watching the