Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Summer Time

And the living is easy...

We finally have some HOT weather and it feels like Summer is well and truly here....not for too long I hope as I don't like the heat.  It means that I need to get my moving, all the watering, gardens, anything else that needs doing...all done before 8am.  When I need to leave here at 7am it makes it rushed and I am not good at rushing. 
It also means:
Swimming.  It is weather like this that I am glad to have the dam out the back.  When I am overhot and bothered it is great to be able to just walk out the back and dive in.  Sometimes there is a gasp of shock at how cold the water is but it doesn't last long.  Sometimes, after the dogs have been here, it is a bit more muddy than usual but the refreshyness of the water soon takes away the iffyness of that. 

Snakes.   We had our first a few days ago.  Well the first one that we have seen, I dare say that there have been others that have passed through while we weren't looking.  This one was a large Tiger, came under the fence into the chookpen we were in and started going out under the gate into a rather messy pen...where the daughters dumb dog was standing.  However we have netting that we put over the fruit trees to stop the birds and it stopped this snake.  While not too good for the snake I believe it saved the dog from being bitten and stopped us from walking into a pen where it may not have been seen until too late for us to avoid.  Husband hardly ever wears shoes when he is home and I had shorts and sneakers on so not much protection for either one of us.  Silly really.

We start to pick grapes during December.  These and Watermelon are fruit that make the heat more welcome..  No sign of Watermelon on any of the vines here yet though.  Planted too late, again.

Fishing.   Husband, daughter and friend have gone out the beach to catch some fish...hopefully.  They'll fish tonight, stay out in the caravan, fish again in the morning...   The warmer weather entices the fisherfolk out and if they are good enough I get to add to the freezer stocks.   I don't like fishing or the beach when it is hot so I get to stay home here, swim in the dam, eat grapes, and read a book under the trees.   Much better way to spend the day.

What about you, do you like the hot weather or are you a Cooler weather lover?


  1. I hope your daughter and hubby bring you back a nice feed of fish. My hubby better catch some blue crabs tomorrow too!

    Stay cool Barb :)


  2. It is 2 degrees above freezing right now. Inside, maybe it is a tad warmer. Right now, I vote for hot weather. Your day sounds like a good day!