Monday, September 17, 2012

Successful Markets.

I must say the Really Really Free Markets seemed to be a great success. 
I went down early to see if they wanted a hand to set up and by the 1pm opening time there were crowds of people waiting outside.  We opened the doors and it was like one of those Myers sales that you see on TV.  People just swarmed in...It was great.    So much stuff, a newcomer asked what happened to all the stuff left over, I explained that the people were supposed to take it home with them afterwards but there wouldn' be much left...This lovely women volunteered to help do dishes and when she walked back out into the hall afterwards seemed very surprised that most tables were empty.  So much stuff found a new home and I often wonder just how much is being saved from landfill. 

I didn't get much from this one.  No books which is what I look for first  A jumper that will go back if I decide I don't want it, a kids jigsaw for the kids I care for, a billy type thing for camping.  There wasn't much else there that caught my eye...until halfway through.  I was standing around talking with someone when right in front of me was a cool looking thing.  I excused myself and quickly walked over to it and then snatched it up.  It was mine!   
 Isn't this a great bickie tin.

 I've collected a few now.   One day I will find somewhere to display them and think of a use for them all.   In the meantime they are in a bag next to my bed...but I love them and want them and they make me smile so I will keep them and one day they will have their own proper place so everyone that comes here can see that I am a woman of taste and refinement.

This cute little man will hold my flavoured coffee sachets. 

A couple of markets ago I scored a breadmaker but the people had left the booklet for it home and were too far away to go back for it.  They said they'd drop it off at my place next week when they were in town but I didn't see them and even though I looked up on-line I couldn't manage a decent loaf of bread for the husband with it.  Yesterday at the markets I felt a tap on my shoulder and there they were with the book.  I will try making a loaf sometime this week when husband gets home.

At the August markets there was this strange looking
 black figure thing that looked a bit like a man skiing.

It  wasn't 'til halfway through the day that I went and had a proper look at it and as soon as I realised what it was I grabbed it.  Isn't this just the coolest thing you have ever seen?

I love it!  Others love/like it too but some think it is freaky.  What do you think?


  1. That is a really creepy knife holder. I would not have it in the house, fearing it might give someone ideas about stabbing someone.

  2. it's way to creepy for me too...I don't like knives on display ...they need to be put away in my house..
    I feel a bit similar to Linda at Practical Parsimony ...