Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's Happening Here...

We've had no more animal dramas but nothing new or exciting has happened here since the poor cow episode.  We do have a cow somewhere out the back that hasn't stopped mooing since last night.  I have been out and checked on ours and they are all OK but I hope this mooing one is OK too and just in a chatty mood.

Yesterday was spent mowing in the morning, then inside when it got too hot out there but not much was achieved anywhere.  And once again it shows.  How can two people, usually only one, make so much mess! 
I did go for a walk and a ride so the day wasn't a complete loss.

I'm out for the next 2 days but must get the grass down on Thursday as with this warm weather we are bound to get a snake or 2 passing through.  I want to see them before I step on them and I want to know what areas to avoid.   Do you get snakes at your place? 

Oh!  I think we nearly had another fox in the trap.  One night I heard some yipping but it stopped each time I went outside and I wasn't going to go down the back in the dark by myself...but in the morning I went and checked and the trap had been set off but the door hadn't closed properly because of too long grass.  I think I did get one but it managed to get out through the small gap where the grass had stopped full closure.  I got the son to lift it so it could be moved, I mowed the area and reset it...It needs fresh bait in there so will do that this week sometime.

The gardens all need lots done to them to get them ready for something to be planted and will work on that this week too...though it is suposed to rain again...I have decided we have too many chooks but husband will deal with that one day when he is home long enough....not much else happening...

We haven't bought vegetable for the last couple of months.  Have had a few feeds of close to use by date meat from the butcher son so our food bill has been nil again.  I love having nil food bills.  

I had a lovely day down in Nannup on Saturday, went to the markets while there then out to daughters place for lunch.   She made a salad...mmnnn yum?  not quite!
Lots of *pressies* from that daughter and I will let you know what I got soon but for now I need to get ready to leave...I have 15min before I need to be out of here and haven't started yet!

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  1. It would be so disappointing to lose an animal that was trapped. Now, he will be wary of the trap, but food will overcome fear!

    I found a snake after I was accusing the hens of eating eggs. It also got the ground squirrels that i hate, so I decided to let it live.

    The plumber pointed out the shed skin up high from one window to another. Aack!