Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who Let The Chooks Out?!

Gardens were going great guns then *someone* left a gate open when they went away overnight and we came home last night to all the Hylines out.  Bugger!!  Not many Silverbeet left, most of the Zukes were dug up, the Spinach and Lettuce have been half eaten...

I did have a sheet of weldmesh over the lettuce gardens so they and the spinach are still in the ground so that is something.  The 4 zuchinni plants that I had a potplant around survived the other 5 have been dug up and eaten.  The peas are gone...Strawberries have been eaten but the plants are pretty thick so they haven't been dug up.  A few small banana plants that husband had transplanted are gone...A couple of lots of potatoes had been uncovered but still there and I have recovered them this morning.

I will get more weldmesh and put it over some of the other garden beds in case some idiot leaves another gate open....

I was a tad cranky with myself.

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  1. Chickens will eat the most nutritious food first, or what they consider dessert. At least they left the strawberry plants so more can strawberries can be had.

    I really hate this happened. It's terrible your husband's banana trees were gone! Can you put a cirle of something like hog wire or a tomato cage around trees?

    After all my efforts to fortify my hens' pen, some nights I don't close the gate. ack! I awake in the morning to hens clucking under my window, all the way on the opposite side of the house from their pen. It's a miracle the raccoons have not eaten them all.

    Maybe we will both find a way to remember.