Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Buy Food, I'm a bit cranky.

Well we are 2 weeks in and I reckon we failed.  Husband ate cheese so I am a tad cranky. 

We (me) had more or less decided that it was alright to buy good specials this month as long as we didn't eat them.  This is the way I shop, there are a few things that I only buy if/when they are on special.  Cheese, marg, baked beans, icecream are some items bought this way.   Last week cheese was a great special, we had none so I bought a block so as to have it come August.  I didn't hide it well enough though and yesterday husband came in late, was hungry and wanted something quick and easy, I wasn't home to make he made himself a pizza.  With cheese!
Bugger!  Double bugger.  He says it's OK but of course it's not.  It is a fail.
I came home tired and hungry and cooked myself some fish and an egg, quick, easy and sticking with the plan.   I am the winner!   But we failed.

We have *discussed* this and we will still continue but I need to make things easier and have stuff that he likes ready and waiting for him.   Men! there's that saying, "they don't always follow the rules but they go out and collect firewood to keep the place warm and cull the roosters so you don't have to so are worth keeping around"    I need to remind myself that sometimes!


  1. and he takes the initiative to cook his own food and doesn't expect you to do it. I'd keep him.

  2. Barb,
    I don't really see it as a "fail." I do understand this project/experiment/goal. Obviously, you are the one who sees value that he does not. And, he was

    You could learn to make cheese. He could make the cheese press. Right, you don't have a cow!

    I have a friend who told me 20 years ago that she had to be home in time to cook dinner for her husband. He was retired on a disability, but he could still do heavy work, just when he wanted to. I asked her why he could not rummage around and find left overs in the refrigerator. (He could not cook.) She said that if she does not put his dinner on the table, he would sulk and go to bed hungry and she never wanted him to go to bed hungry. See, he would never open the refrigerator door to find the cheese. Isn't your guy looking better all the time?

    That is funny about getting firewood and culling roosters...and, he cooks for himself. yes, keep him. I don't need firewood or roosters culled, but I get the point. Maybe some day he will be as fervent about this as you are. It is always hard when there are two people to follow the rules. I suppose you coud put notes on the food not to be eaten.

    What I have done--leave a note on the counter with description of bowl and what is in it, how to reheat. We women should not have to do that if a man cannot find his own However, this guy would come by when I had left the house open for him, get hungry and open every Tupperware bowl in the refrigerator, open them and could not figure out how to get the lid back on. It drove me crazy because things would dry out, spill, and I would have to deal with closing 12 bowls. Of course, he put the lid on the peanut butter, never closed a cabinet or drawer or put dishes back in the kitchen when he ate in the den, so my kitchen looked like an explosion when I cam home. Okay, I digress.

    I think you both do really well in raising/killing what you eat. If you get off track, it is not a fail, just a little sidestep or misstep. With your husband and son to hunt and butcher, and all you do raise to eat, you are so far ahead of what I could aspire to.

  3. Many many many years ago I went to a shrink for a couple of years, He told me one of my *problems* was I was a perfectionist. I laughed at him but it does seem to me that why start something if you aren't going to do it right. I'm getting better but it's hard. lol. OK not as big a deal as this drama queen made it out to be . But

    I had tea all ready when he got home last night and he had crackers afterwards... without cheese, so yeah, I'll keep him.
    I sometimes make soft cheese but it's not as nice on pizzas.


  4. I think all experiments have setbacks so you can find the mistakes and do it better next time, it will also get easier. Your hubby sounds like mine, despite sometimes wanting to hit him over the head he is a keeper :D

  5. I posted a comment. Where did it go?

  6. Oh, I had your post open two times. Yes, I am the close-things-kitchen-drama-queen. My bouts of perfectionism come and go. I know nothing about making cheese or what kind you like on pizza. I was just being silly.

  7. Unreal challenge Barb. And I disagree that 'It is a fail'. I like using challenges to push my boundaries - but they are usually broken at least once. I find I learn most from challenges when I break them.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge. It's inspiring :-)