Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waroona Really Really Free Markets Turn Two.

Really Really Free Markets.  Markets where everything is free.  If you don't want it take it to these and someone else might take it home with them.  You may find something to take back home with you.  How cool would that be?  And free.  You could also have a cup of coffee or tea if you wanted to.  For free.  Sometime they have yummy cake or biscuits.  All free.  And lunch.  Free. 
There is sometimes a lady there that does Reiki and card reading.   Sometimes other people that do different things.  And did I say that it is all free

I firs went to some Free Markets in Perth.  Took the train up and walked miles to where they were so I was mighty interested when I heard that there were going to be some close by.   I went to the first of these when it was on down at the local park.  I decided then that if they were going to be a regular thing then I would use them as an avenue to declutter my house.  Well this Saturday they have been going for 2 years.  Two years!  So of course my house is lovely and tidy with no unloved or unwanted stuff anywhere right?  Errr, No.  A big fat NO.  I have been to most and taken boxes and boxes of stuff but not enough.  We still have way too much stuff here.

 I have been doing a bit of clearing out over the last week and have a bag and a box of stuff to take to this one but still could find more if I looked hard enough.  Actually I wouldn't have to look very hard at all and I would see stuff that could go. I will bag up more stuff to take down..

The markets have shifted to the local hall, there are tables set up to put your stuff on.  They do ask that you take home with you anything that is still there at 3pm when it ends but you may not have anything left.  If you have it wouldn't be much.  There have been loads of times when I have come home with none of the stuff that I took down.  That's not saying that I came home with nothing though, I have heaps of cool stuff here now but as it is wanted and loved it will be staying here.

On nice days I like sitting outside the hall with a coffee and lisen to the music.

These markets are in Waroona, 3rd Saturday every month.  Doors open at 1PM and it shuts at 3PM.
There are a few people that stay around to help pack up, wash dishes and sweep and I know their help is greatly appreciated.

There is a Facebook page if anyone likes the concept and wants to join. 

Maybe I will see you there sometime.

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