Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fifty Years Old.

No, not me, oh to be that young again...
Harvey High, my old school, had an open day to celebrate being 50 so I went to see if it had aged as well as me.  It, and most of the people that I think I knew, have done a lot better!  My Social Studies teacher was there, he didn't look that much older at all. 

I read about it a couple of weeks ago while at work and thought that I might go down and see how much it had changed, then changed my mind then decided that yes I would go.  A few days ago it was a definate yes, I'd go early for a quick look then maybe go on out to the beach, maybe stay out there the night...but even that changed.

Son rang this morning wanting me to go check out some things at a garage sale.  That was a mistake.  So much really really cool stuff...I did get what he asked for but even though I wasn't going to buy much because we don't need anything, I'm trying to get rid of stuff...there was so much really really cool stuff!

Lots of vintage things...whats the difference between vintage and plain ol' old?  This old stuff was cool and just what I want to put in my vintage caravan...that I don't have and haven't as yet got the approval of the one that will be paying, picking up, setting in I didn't buy anything for that. 

Anyway, going to the garage sale put me an hour behind schedule.  And then I needed a favour so said I'd take the granddaughter down with me while the daughter picked up something from the sale for me.    Bigger car and a man to help lift it.  So I end up with having the grandie with me at my old school.  That makes one feel their age! 

It was good to see how the school has changed, we had an assembly, wandered around the different classrooms.  There is a gym there now and more classrooms but the whole school still had the nice feel about it.   The grandkid started whinging though so we left earlier than I wanted and I didn't get to catch up with a couple of people that I saw and recognised.   Must remember next time to threaten something I don't mind doing.  A "stop crying or I'll smack your bum"  "stop crying or you can't spend any more money"  "stop crying...anything instead of the "or we'll go home" bit.   That way I might not end up quite so cranky and disappointed.

I won't be around for the next one and I have only heard about and been to one reunion but there are a few people from my time there that I wouldn't mind seeing again.    I didn't see them there today and have no idea where they are today, even what their name would be now...sad but I wouldn't even know how to start looking...

Is anyone here still good friends with people that they were at school with?


  1. Barb,
    I am not still good friends with anyone I knew in high school. I moved from Memphis when I was 20-years-old. When I went back, it was to visit my mother and family. However, when I go back to reunions every five years, there are people with whom I take up where we left off...okay, we catch up.

    Yes, you should have threatened the child!

    I had an unusual experience. I went to the school my mother attended from 1927-1938. She had never even been back and had been dead for 20 years. I have never set foot inside my high school since I graduated in 1964!

  2. No not I. I think it had a lot to do with having none of my family living in the area. I have no reason to go back and the distance just makes it a pain.