Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where is time going.  I can't understand how this time a week ago I was at the vets with Roofie and I've hardly done a damn thing since.  All the *I'm gunnas*  have disappeared into the night and I'm still here with a messy house, grass that needs mowing, clothes that need washing, even the every day jobs haven't been done.  For a week!  And I promised myself that this week would be different.    Blimey!   There has to be something wrong with me.  I don't know anyone else that lives like this and I have no idea why I choose to.  My mother taught me better.....I should respect her, and myself, more and show it by being less slovenly.

It's not because I'm having a bout of depression either.   I'm sad sometimes but Roofie was never a friendly cat so I miss him but not in a *cry too much can't see to do the housework* kind of way.  I'm just a friggin' lazy bit** that needs a swift kick to get me moving and doing.

So!  I'm gunna make a list.  And this time next week things will be different.  Yeah?  Yeah.

Right now I will be off to clear and clean the sink.  That means do dishes, wash, dry, put away.  Wipe over.  Do something with the bottles and the oranges.  Will leave the oranges as they need juicing and that will make more mess..  Maybe I should do that first?   The juice can then go in the bottles for the freezer so that will fix those two things then I can clean up and wash everything that is there and it will be one job done...'til tomorrow anyway...


  1. Gosh Barb, you sound like me or I sound like you ...I had big plans last week to do so many things...and a big fat nothing ...well close enough..was at Jack's school all Friday at his faction carnival and celebrated his birthday party yesterday with 8 of his friends...made lolly bags from scratch as I usually do, made him an ice cream cake, the day was a great success..Hope like you Barb next week will be more's hoping...
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. Oh Barb this is not good. I swear you have spent the week at my place. Wish you had then at least we could have sat down with a cup of coffee and shared stories. Thank goodness there are others going through the same thing! Love your blog.

  3. Sounds like me at the moment....well for the last few years....gonna try and pull myself out of sucks enough without adding not even liking myself into the equation

  4. Did you spend the week in my body, and I missed you? You described me fully. I hope you at least read books, watched tv or took naps. Those count as Lists are so good to keep me on track. They also remind me I have done something when I think I have done nothing. Of course, dishes in the sink and all over are pretty good signs I have not done them.

    Fnally, the oppressive heat and humidity have dropped so dramatically that not only am I NOT suffocating, I am chilly--53 degrees at 8 am. So, getting things done will be soooo much easier. Yes, I need a list after the dishes. However, dishes go on the list so I can mark "dishes" off the list.

  5. Sometimes we just need to take a break. Take it easy on yourself , it's ok to do nothing sometimes. I am sure your mojo will return!

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone. It seems I'm not the only one that has these weeks.
    I did get some things done yesterday and the house was looking OKish last night.
    Needs a good going over really but I will potter through today and see if I can find that mojo. And the battery charger and the strap from my *used once then lost this* heart monitor.

    Carol, coffee and stories sounds like my kind of day. Raincheck? lol.