Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Fridge.

As a follow-on from my *House with no fridge* posting I got to thinking about our fridge...
It is one of those big fridge freezer side by side things.  Bought new a few years ago, Husbands choice...

I use it though, sometimes I have so much crammed in there nothing else will fit and I have to move things around and take stuff out to fit that bottle of Coke in.   Because I have it so crammed there is stuff that ends up being pushed to the back and then ends up having to go to the chooks. 

 To the left is the inside freezer  To the rght is the inside of the fridge. This is what it looked like a couple of days ago.  As you can see it is chockers.  Notice all the eggs?  Four dozen went that afternoon but I have collected more since then and there is 6 dozen in there now.

I like to think that with a bit of rethinking I could do without it, if I lived here, alone.  I would eat more eggs and it would encourage me to plant more.  I would just cook what I wanted as I wanted it, eat more salad stuff and buy and eat more dried beans and the like.  So maybe I could if I had to but probably wont choose to any time soon.  

But if I didn't have a fridge where would I put all my reminders and pictures from the grandaughter?
                                                  Where would the magnets that I made go?
                                           And the really cool shopping list holder that I made?

Where would I keep our calender of work days?  (More his than mine.)  And the really great spider magnets that I bought?

Because I am a lazy bit** I like to cook up a lot and keep it in the fridge to save on cooking every day so at the moment a fridge is needed. for my soups and stuff.  And all the veg that other people bring out here.  And the food that husband has brought home from work...pack of sausages, chops, bread, salad stuff...
We need a fridge.

What's in and on your fridge?


  1. My refrigerator is the repository of pictures, magnets, coupons, and reminders. On the side people cannot easily see from other rooms and most of the kitchen, there is a bumper sticker I cannot put on my car, a yellow, cheap, plastic lei, and junk. I cleaned the refrigerator of junk on the outside, but I think it needs another sweep.

    Inside? Last Friday, I started the purge in there. I cannot bend or stand long, so it is going to be a long, slow process. The jar of mint jelly goes if I cannot find someone to take it. The bag of rice I don't like will be cooked for the hens.

    When exbf was here last Friday, we used all the Italian dressing for our salads. He replaced the bottle in the refrigerator. ??? Now, I have to bend far to get it and throw it in recycling bin.

    I have let the refrigerator go far too long, so when I get the extraneous stuff our, he is going to help me clean it. He does not know this

    Another Coke I was trying to cool quickly exploded in the freezer, so it looks nasty!

    I suppose I described a disaster!

    1. We've had exploded coke too. Not a good look. lol.
      Husband hates it when I put empty jars back in the fridge but I do it because I intend to rince them out and use for flavour in something else. Sometimes it tkes a while though. lol.


  2. Our fridge is also packed and there are things living and dancing in the back there somewhere I swear, well, maybe not that bad but still. I always end up with the small stuff getting pushed back and something large in front.

    I am glad to say I have a fair amount of homemade chutney's and pickles and hubbies homemade chilli concentrate (the only thing he thinks is worthy of his time and he puts it in everything).

    I do need to keep it more under control though.

    We also keep our son's school assignment sheet and timetable on there, more for us than him, and various magnety things.

    Yeah, we need a fridge too :)

  3. My fridge door is mostly clean these days, when hubby had his heart attack and was in Adelaide it was covered with writing (straight on the fridge door) with all the details of where he was and how to contact him, the names and numbers of all the specialists....when my SIL was found to have breast cancer (she is handicapped and her parents were not contactable as they were on holidays) it was covered with all her details of what was happening (you can tell things are settled down when my fridge is not covered in writing of names, numbers, places etc) at the moment there are a few fridge magnets, some gym timetables my kids use, netball umpiring schedule for my kids, on side of fridge are rubbish collection in my some leftovers in a few containers, some fruit and veg, yoghurts, eggs, soup, milk, tim tams hmm oh and lots of chutney, dressings, and that sorta stuff

    1. Katrins, I hope your fridge stays clear for a long time time. Sounds like you've had an awful time.

      Bet the TimTams aren't still there.


  4. Barb,
    I meant to say, I think cooking lots at once is smart. It saves prep, cooking, and general kitchen time. That time can be used for other endeavors. Even in the winter when the heat is welcome, I would rather cook apples on the stove or bake goodies in the oven than cook one meal at a time. Right now, it is blazing hot here, so my chore right now is to find some frozen turkey that I baked for dinner when exbf comes. I warned him he would get salads for dinner until I get a larger ac, not the teeny one in the other room, but a larger whole house window ac. He likes salads, so it's okay with him.

    1. I always smile when I read how hot it is somewhere when we have our cold times.

      Yes, Linda, cooking lots at once saves a lot of mucking around.

  5. The comment from Linda is Practical Parsimony.