Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Bought, I Planted.

The gardens are finally starting to look the way they should with plants planted and starting to grow.  I bought punnets last week, planted them out a day or so after that, they were still there and looking OK last night.  I have been out this morning, it is blowing a gale but most seem to be doing alright. 

 Bought and planted:
  • Spinach.  Looking forward to this getting big enough so I can make some Spinach Icecream.  Sounds good, aye?
  • Zucchini.  Two different types.
  • Lettuce.  Mixed punnets.  I have sprinkled seeds around the gardens as well but wanted something quicker
  • Capsicum.  We have 1/2 dozen plants growing and producing but they are 4 years old and looking tired.
  • Cucumber.  Not looking all that great this morning.
  • Rainbow Chard.  Was supposed to be Silverbeet but unfortunately I grabbed the wrong one.  We're not too keen on this but the chooks like it so it can stay for a bit.  
  • Tomato x 2 advanced plants.  Husband thinks I haven't enough growing and he likes them.  I haven't because I don't!
I need these and more so I can keep on with the Green Smoothies without having to buy stuff.    Unfortunaely a few of the punnets were rootbound, I'm hoping they'll be alright but the Cucumbers are not looking well and at least 2 seem to be half dead.   I have seeds in so hope they come up and do better.   None of the 3 lots of corn seed planted over the last 5 weeks have come up yet so I will plant more of that today, not in the ground but in a drum and  hope it does better.   The Watermelon are getting bigger but no flowers yet but there is some sort of melon growing in a drum garden that has flowers but I don't know what it is.
I will get more Beetroot seeds in today as I like that pickled and added to salads.  I pulled the last of the carrots a couple of days ago but bought a bag last week to add to the smoothies so have plenty left but will get more seeds of those in today as well.

I'm a long way from where I was with the gardens a couple of years ago but getting the mood back so soon food will be everywhere again.  There is still plenty to eat, we wont starve, just not much variety.   


  1. It all sounds delicious to me. You will eat well. You don't like tomatoes?

  2. No, homegrown Tomatoes taste too much like ...Tomatoes. They are OK chopped up in salads or cooked but not raw in big pieces.