Saturday, July 7, 2012

No-Buy. Grow. Eat. July, First Week.

Sunday was the first day of our no-buy food challenge month but with a fridge and freezer full of food eating was as normal.   With a pot of  Rooster and veg soup in the fridge that was breakfast and lunch sorted.   I added  some homemade pasta from the freezer to make it different for tea and there was then enough left for Mondays breakfast.  Add in a couple of Oranges and some melted cheese on flatbread, a few coffees and a hot milo...Done.   Husband rarely eats breakfast or lunch but tends to snack on whatever throughout the day...and into the night.  He made himself a few flatbread pizzas and had a bowl of custard, made with eggs.

Monday.     Breakfast was a bowl of rooster and veg soup and later on an orange.    Made up a big pot of Manky Vegetable Soup.  It used up the old carrots but had chokos, onion, pumpkin, capsicum etc addded.  Added a couple of bags of old veg grown here and frozen some time last year...That's lunch for a few days.   I cooked up a pile of old apples, froze a couple of cups, ate some and made an apple  meringue pie.   I had a bowl of soup before  the fish and squid Husband cooked up for tea.    I *forgot* and gave daughter some coins to get some hot chips to have with the fish even though I had  cut and precooked some potato wedges that afternoon.   After remembering we used the excuse that we didn't have enough room to cook them with the fish as we only had the one pan.  So 2 days in and I failed.  HoHum.  Start again, from now.  The wedges are now in 2 lots in the freezer.

Tuesday.  Hmmmm.  Breakfast was going to be oats but I opened the fridge and there was a plate of leftovers from last night, so fish and chips for breakfast!   Had an orange midmorning and a couple of cups of soup over an hour or so around lunch time.  A few small mandarins during the afternoon, not ours but nice.  Tea was soup and a couple of eggs with some stewed apple later on.
Hasband came home unexpectantly so I had to feed him.  How rude!  He had the rest of the soup and some wedges.

Hmmm, so much for getting the freezers emptied.  Son went out to get a load of wood and we now have a pig hanging in the coolroom.  I have a week to make room for it.That's a lot of eating!

Wednesday.  No soup left so had the rest of the wedges, some apple and 2 small mandarins for breakfast.  Chicken from the freezer for lunch and Liver and veg for tea.   Was going to have fish but need the iron boost.    Orange, banana and oatmix, popcorn for snacks, not all at the same time!

Thursday. Sm bowl of Liver for breakfast with an orange and the same for lunch.   Egg and veg omelet with cheese for tea.  Fruit and oatmix throughout the day. 

Friday.  Old oatmix from the cupboard for breakfast.  It tasted old!  Cooked some veg and added that to the last of the liver, divided it into 2 and had some for lunch and some mid afternoon.   Eggs and cheese for tea.  Orange, banana

Saturday.  Oats for breakfast.  I have taken a bag of fish out of the kitchen freezer for lunch and tea.  I will cook up some vegetable tonight when the fire is going but will have salad with it at lunchtime.

Last Sunday daughter brought out a big bag of vegetables that she had bought but wasn't going to use.  They were all still good enough for us so some were added to the soup, some have been cooked, mooshed and put in the freezer for next weeks soup, some are still in the fridge.  There were a lot of veg in that bag!

The flatbread was bought during June because it was too cheap to not to at 99 cents for a pack of 5 but we can, and quite often do, make our own simple version with flour and water to go with soups and stews.

Week 1, Bought...Hot chips.


  1. Sounds like you're going fine Barb :D)

  2. how do you make flatbread with flour and water? Do you have it in a blog post anywhere?