Friday, July 27, 2012

No Buy Food...Date Day

You know how I was kinda thinking that buying coffee and cake on our Date Day maybe wouldn't be the right thing to do...well Darling Daughter T made us a cake to take so I wouldn't feel guilty about it.  How lovely was that!   And taking the small camp stove would have made sure that there was no whinging  saying on my part about how the coffee was made.  Best solution all round.

Except that I forgot to take the small pot to heat the water in.  The cake was nice though! 
This isn't the first time that I have forgotten to take this pot and after the last time I put a bag together so I wouldn't forget again.   Yeah, that worked well..  
In this *coffee bag* I had a container with mugs, spoon, tea, coffee, milk.  A pot to heat water.  A snaplock bag with a few sachets of flavoured coffee.  A box of cupasoups.   Some rags A teatowel and cloths.
We took this bag with us way back when when we were down in Nannup and discovered then that the mouses like cupasoups and flavoured coffee too.  And nesting in said rags cloths. 
It was my job to empty, clean, repack this bag so it was all ready for when we next wanted it.  Well, I didn't.   (So there!  You can't tell me what to do)   Hence, no water heating pot for a coffee with our cake.  I did grab the container with the mugs and coffee stuff  and a bottle of water...Probably doesn't count though without the water heating utensil. 

This is it.  Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate biscuits around the edge.   The only thing it *needed* was some whipped cream but as we try to mostly eat healthy we didn't have any

We are going away this weekend, down to Nannup! so I will endeavour to have this coffee bag clean and fully packed.

And notice there is no mention of the hot chips we bought on this date day.  Now, I'm not saying it was my idea to buy them, after all, I was the one that packed some boiled eggs, fruit, tins of tuna for lunch.  When I got back to the car after a loo stop they were just there.  Must have been the hot chip fairies I think.


  1. You are oh, so lucky to have a hot chip fairy!

    Can you pack your little bag except put it in a metal case and find a bag to place that in o make one? In the US at Christmas it is all the rage to buy a huge tin of popcorn. They must me 3 or 4 gallon metal wth lid containers. I love those tins, but I get mine at yard sales or thrift shops. Carrying one would be cumbersome, but putting it in a bag made from a pillowcase would make it easier to carry. It would have to be a very determined rodent to breach these tins. Surely in AU there are these ubiquitous popcorn tins? Or not?

    That is a very pretty cake your daughter made you. And, it looks delicious. Are you going to share with me? Crumbs? Okay, how about the recipe?

    1. lol Linda, she came out the next day expecting a piece but some gutsy people had already eaten it all. So...Sorry!

      If I pack the soup and flavoured coffee again I will put it in a biscuit tin, I'm sure to have one of those here somewhere.


    2. LOL, you leave chocolate anything with me and expect there to be anything left? So...Sorry.
      That equipment sounded like more than would fit in a cookie/biscuit tin. I was thinking about getting the pot in there, too, so mice would not get in the bag and walk on cooking utensils AND it would not get left behind.