Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Raining...

Again.  The last week of Winter was like Spring, lovely sunny days, not hot, perfect to be outside and get everything that needed doing done.  So why didn't I!  This week it's rained and rained again then rained some more.  The land it saturated, the chookyards are nothing but mud, poor little chookies probably are out there now waiting for me to let them out into the paddock just so they can wipe the squishyness from the poor mud soak toes...

If I *remember* I will do that before I leave in a half hours time.  I have no food left for them so hope I also remember to buy some on my way home this afternoon but I may be too late to get to the shop. Bad chook mummy should have gone into town last week and bought bought some.   When it was sunny and nice!

Husband left for work on Monday, said he's be back in a week, maybe 9 days.  Great me thinks, lots of time to get everything I didn't do last week done.  Hmmm, he got home last night.  I know the *joys* of not knowing from one week to the next when he will be here so should have got everything done over the weekend but hey, I had a book to finish, a grandkid to look after, blogs to read...when was I suposed to find the time for tidying up. 

I'm out for the next 2 days so maybe Friday might see something done.  But if it stops raining I have places I want to go.  Somewhere that sells freshly made icecream.  that will be way better than mowing lawns or sweeping floors.

Oops, gotta go.  Roosters are telling me it's time to let them out and I still need to get dressed and get ready for work.  I need to leave in 15mins so better get a move on!

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  1. I do feel sorry when my hens are walking in mud. Their feet get caked. I, too, imagine they like to wipe their feet in grass, ridding themselves of the ick.

    Books, grandkids, blogs--all good use of your time...lol. Housework never just gets up and leaves because you ignore it!