Monday, September 23, 2013

Wet Monday At Home.

I'll be spending this wet Monday home here with the sick grandaughter.  She was suposed to go visit her mother in hospital later on but as she is throwing up I wont let her go.  T is upset about that as she misses her little girl so much but these things happen.   I will need to ring and let the other volunteer at Vinnies know that I wont be in and also the doctors surgery to see if my appointment can be changed. 

It might all work out for the best that I am home as we had a visit from swear word fox last night.  Should say early this morning as I heard a noise around 4 and nearly ignored it as it was such a stormy night but got up anyway as I would have felt bad if something was wrong and I never bothered to check.  Four chooks dead but I managed to get all the others picked up and locked into a shed.  I should have done that anyway when it got dark as I know it is fox season but with the kid here I *forgot*   I will get the trap set up before tonight using one of the dead chooks as bait but foxes are pretty smart so don't know what the chances of catching one will be. 

Being home today will give me a chance to work on the clown costume so that is good but husband will be home this afternoon so I need to get a proper meal ready for tonight.   And maybe a quick tidy-up wouldn't go astray.

And of course the woodbox needs filling again.  It is cold and windy and raining out there but if I don't want it to get cold in here too then I better make a start. 

Ha!  Just had a thought...could I clean one of the dead chooks and cook it up to eat...or have they been dead too long...Anyone know?  For next time.

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  1. Really, it is not up to you or daughter as to whether she visits the hospital. If they hospital personnel found out the g-daughter was ill, they would kick you out.

    I have started disliking your foxes as much as I dislike my raccoons.

    Sorry she is ill. I just got a text from daughter and her daughter is ill.

    No, I don't think you ought to eat the chicken. Maybe Wendy in Canada would be a better person to tell you that--Little House in the Big Wood on my blog. She eats bear killed on the road but gets it still warm.