Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother and Baby Are Well.

It has been so wet and cold here today and even though the husband and son kept telling me that cows have been having calves for years and they survive the cold I was still worried about the new one.  
I wanted the baby *protected* from the weather as it was pouring with rain and the wind was blowing but Hubby wouldn't go out and get them.   He finally decided to humour me and said we'd try and get the cows in the side paddock.  I think it was the tears that got to him.  We called them like we do when we are going to give them hay and the brown cow and big calf came running but the new calf wouldn't get up so black cow wouldn't leave it.  Eventually we got them over and in the smaller paddock.  It is still wet and cold out there but this paddock is better protected and doesn't have any drains with water in them so no chance of the calf falling in where it shouldn't.

The black mother cow has surprised me.  She doesn't usually like people but she has been very patient with us and has allowed us to get up close and touch her baby.  It is so soft.  And cute!!

If some bull is going to keep getting in and getting to our cows without us knowing then I really should probably do some reading up on cows and calves. 


  1. I'd hate to be a cow. For lots of reasons I suppose but the main one is that I hate to be rained on.

    Read your post about your friend who's REALLY going back to nature. Keep us posted with updates... it sounds interesting.

  2. Gorgeous little calf. Glad all is well with them :D)