Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Garden

I was outside wandering around yesterday and as I had the camera in my hand taking photos of the trampoline I thought that I'd take some of some of the gardens while I was there.

Hearting lettuce.  There are lots of these out there but I cannot get them to grow during Summer which is the only time the husband wants to eat them.

Beetroot and assorted lettuce.  I like the leafy lettuce that I can pick a few leaves from as I want them and these are the type that I can grow when it is warmer so I like to always have lots of these around in different areas.

These are Cauliflowers...and more lettuce.   The caulies seem to be taking ages to form a head.  I am wanting them now!

We pick the main Brocilli head but leave the plant in to grow smaller heads.  This increases the yeild quite a bit and I am happy to let them take up the space.

Tomatoes, they have flowers on.  These plants were rescued from the pig-pen.  

Potatoes in one of the fridge gardens.  I need to remember to keep topping them up with *stuff*  I have put a layer of shredded bank statements on these then some more dirt.  Next will be a layer of old hay from the chookpen.

These are a pile of peas, all grown from old plants that got buried by a pumpkin that used to be in this pot.

Spinach, Silverbeet, more lettuce and some asian thingy going to seed.  I never buy these anymore as I let a few go to seed and they do the rest themselves.

The choko vine is on it's last legs but plenty more are sprounting so I'm hoping that I will always have these.

Dwarf peas.  Not getting many from this lot so will go back to the old normal pea next time.

Middle of Winter and we are still getting a few Tomatoes.

This is the group of Bananas that the trampoline landed on.  Luck only a few got knocked off so these might get a bit bigger.

The same group of Bananas from a different angle.

Brocolli and Cauliflower.  Some of the caulies are starting to form so we should be eating them this month.

The grass that was mowed last week already needs doing again...But it goes to the chooks then back on the garden so I try to whinge only a little bit about mowing it.

Everything that is out there seems to being doing OK.  The gardens are still feeding us and that is the main thing.  I have a lot of work to do out there to get ready for Spring but at the moment it is too wet.  Whenever it is not raining though I go out and do something somewhere.   And with that being said...I better go now.

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