Monday, August 1, 2011

Windy Day.

The Southern end of town copped a bashing a few days ago and it has been wet and windy here since.
We had the Grandaughter sleep here Sat night and thought we'd take her out for the day on Sunday.  Visiting family, having an *Adventure*  getting her out of the house...

We drove South, down Nannup way.  It was WET down there too.
We all had a wet and wooly time but it was fun and we arrived home in the dark so I was in the dark about this until I went awandering around the yard this morning.     

Spoke to the son this morning and he said that it was very wild and windy here yesterday.  I'm glad I wasn't here as me being the SookyLaLa that I am it would have scared me.   

Of course it's nothing like what other people copped but it's given me something to write about.

We, Hubby, will take the posts off and straighten them.  The bananas might ripen.

1 comment:

  1. Bananas picked ripe must be gassed in order for them to ripen. Put them in a paper bag with an apple in order that they ripen for you to eat. That was some wind. I hope your trampoline survives.